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Articoli del 23/07/2012

L'assenso al pacchetto di aiuti alla Spagna da parte del Parlamento di Helsinki rappresenta inoltre un voto di fiducia per la coalizione di governo guidata dal primo ministro Jyrki Katainen, duramente criticata dai partiti dell'opposizione.

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Il Parlamento finlandese ha approvato il sostegno al programma europeo di assistenza al sistema bancario spagnolo, con 109 voti favorevoli e 73 contrari, a seguito di un acceso dibattito.

L'assenso al pacchetto di aiuti alla Spagna da parte del Parlamento di Helsinki rappresenta inoltre un voto di fiducia per la coalizione di governo guidata dal primo ministro Jyrki Katainen, duramente criticata dai partiti dell'opposizione, che ritengono che il programma di assistenza al sistema bancario iberico avrà forti ripercussioni sui contribuenti finlandesi.

Katainen ha dichiarato che un voto negativo al pacchetto di aiuti alla Spagna avrebbe fatto crollare il Governo di Madrid, scatenando un contagio che in ultima istanza avrebbe potuto colpire anche l'economia finlandese.



Fotografie del 23/07/2012

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There's lots of anecdotal evidence of THC/cbd actually curing cancer. The beauty of cb1 and cb2 receptors.
03/04/2014 @ 13:35:53
By Craig Daniel Smith
That is a very good point... read my comments and message me or comment on your ideas about my comment. Lets do something about this.Sounds like a stoner fundraiser needs to take place. These studies ...
03/04/2014 @ 12:29:32
By Brandon Smith
I concur, Ginamarie. I was going to say pretty much the same thing.
03/04/2014 @ 12:27:16
By Higino Alexandre
our best focus - in my opinion isn't focusing on paying for the funding for research - but freeing the system up to do the research - we need to get it out of schedule I - get it off the hit list so t...
03/04/2014 @ 12:26:30
By Ginamarie Pezzi
understanding the miraculous mechanics of how cannabinols work truly at the heart of nature's beautiful way
02/04/2014 @ 23:26:12
By Doc O'Zee
Scientists studying the benefits of cannabis are just finding out now what most pot smokers have known about for thousands of years. Of course, this is due to the prohibition of cannabis of the last 7...
02/04/2014 @ 20:48:14
By Higino Alexandre
Marijuana is a miracle plant.
02/04/2014 @ 18:46:17
By Mark Garnett

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It's common for people to use marijuana before bed time, whether out of habit or necessity. And decades of research on marijuana and sleep may help explain why.

Researchers from the University of South Carolina are exploring the potential of marijuana compounds to fight disease through gene-modifying activity.

New research suggests over-the-counter painkillers may reduce some of the side effects associated with medical marijuana, and without reducing its potential to treat conditions like Alzheimer's.

New research suggests that chemicals in marijuana may help patients who suffer from a severe form of lung disease.

A lack of training may be why most doctors still hesitate to recommend medical marijuana, according to a recent study out of Colorado.

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