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Articoli del 24/07/2012

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A video has recently exploded on the internet of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaking about the potential worldly benefits of veganism. In it, Gates discusses a future in which science will allow the production of vegetarian “meat”.

Gates notes that the product will likely be cheaper, more efficiently produced and better for the planet.

Examining our issue-ridden food system from a business-oriented perspective, it’s interesting that Gates comes to the same conclusion that many ethically-minded vegans and vegetarians come to: eating meat is harming everyone and everything, and a meat-free diet will help the world tremendously.



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sir are you encouraging people participate in some kind of game? ...where people give up their power? It never worked before .... that’s why I suggest instead of give up your power, exercise it from y...
05/10/2014 @ 08:45:09
By James Smith
Asta e marihoana nu?ei cine te poate opri so faci ,eu nu prefer astfel de fistractie deoarece am vazut ca dupa nu mai faci altceva fecit ca dormi bine,nu am incercat nu incerc dar nu opresc pe nimeni ...
30/09/2014 @ 09:34:56
By Miulesvu Corina Lucia
tovaraseilor .. nu confundati un sifonar sau turnator cuun ofiter sub acoperire.. e o mare diferenta ...
29/09/2014 @ 13:07:51
By Alex Andu
... deci şi Toma e securist, logic!
27/09/2014 @ 15:49:04
By Bogdan Sith Huşanu
Mai voinicilor,voi nu stiati ca inainte de 89,securistii erau omul si copacul,,ei acum sint si mai multi,cred ca au dat si lastari,ce naiba..!..
27/09/2014 @ 15:45:01
By Toma Pasculea
E greu de crezut că mişcă ceva de calibru în massmedia din orice ţară care să nu aibă vre-o treabă cu 'serviciile'. Cred că massmedia, instituţiile me...
27/09/2014 @ 15:41:52
By Alterul EgoulMeu
Manipulare, marca Basescu.
27/09/2014 @ 15:38:18
By Stela Andreica


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