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For thousands of years human beings have used mushrooms to transcend ordinary waking consciousness and contact the gods. Nowadays shrooms are amongst the most popular items sold in smartshops. 

Here you will find different magic mushroom grow kits for home growing. You don't need a lot of space or special lighting equipment. There are ready-to-grow kits for beginners to which just need to add a little water, and kits for experienced growers which allow you to choose the mushroom spore strain yourself. All our grow kits include detailed instructions so you can start growing your own shrooms at home in no time!


Mushroom Grow Kit 'Master'
For bumper harvests! The Grow Kit Master is based on a simple and proven cultivation method. Contains all necessary materials to grow 1 kilo of fresh magic mushrooms, except for the spores. This kit can be used to grow almost any cubensis variety.

Mushroom Grow Kit 'Ready-To-Grow' XL

The XL version of the Ready To Grow kits is just as easy to use as other grow kits based on the same method, but it yields up to a massive 1 kilo in magic mushrooms. All that's required is water and a little bit of patience.

The XL mushroom grow kit contains mycelium from the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. The mycelium in this box has been developed on a rye-based substrate with a layer of vermiculite on top.

XL mushroom grow kit features

Extra large 2100 cc cultivation box
Produces multiple harvests
Yield: up to 1000 g
From start to harvest: 3 weeks

Mushroom Grow kit 'Easy' Cambodian
Ready-to-grow in 3 x 5 minutes. This cubensis grow kit contains all necessary materials to grow your own magic mushrooms. Included: spore syringe, Mushbag with sterilized rye, vermiculite, perlite, filterbag, filterbox and growing instructions.

Mushroom Grow Kit 'Easy' Ecuador
Magic mushroom growing made easy. Contains all materials to prepare a ready-to-grow cultivation box in 3 easy steps. Requires minimum care once set-up. All you need to do is water the kit once and wait for the mushrooms to grow.


Magic Mushroom Grow kit 'Easy' Thai
Go from spores to a ready-to-grow cultivation box in just 3 steps. From then on your work is almost done. Just add water to the growbox and wait until the magic mushrooms start growing. It’s that easy!

Mushroom Grow kit 'Easy' B+
This magic mushroom grow kit provides all necessary materials to grow your own shrooms in three steps. Requires very little maintenance once set-up. Add water once, put the kit in the grow bag and wait for the shrooms to pop-up.


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We, from TurismoAssociati, have begun to create free apps for WP8 (here is the LINK to our Store). Here are all the information you need to create, insert and post a Windows Phone application with ads:

The Google Mobile Ads SDK allows developers to easily incorporate mobile-friendly text and image banners as well as rich, full-screen web apps known as interstitials. An ever-growing set of "calls-to-action" are supported in response to user touch including direct access to the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone 8 Marketplace, iTunes, maps, video and the dialer. Ads can be targeted by location and demographic data.

For Windows 8 you will need to meet these requirements:
Windows Phone SDK 8.0
Visual Studio 2012 or later

You can get the SDK by downloading the zip.

Incorporate the downloaded DLL

1. Right-click the References node in Solution Explorer and choose Add Reference. 
2. Select the Browse button to find the unzipped Google Mobile Ads SDK.
3. Choose the downloaded GoogleAds.dll file and click Add.
4. Make sure that GoogleAds.dll is selected and click OK.

Selecting capabilities

With the SDK, you will need to select mandatory and optional capabilities for your app.

Windows Phone

You can modify your app's capabilities by opening WMAppManifest.XML and selecting the Capabilities tab.

Mandatory Capabilities
ID_CAP_NETWORKING Access to network services is required when requesting ads.
ID_CAP_WEBBROWSERCOMPONENT Required since the AdView is a web browser.
ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_PLAYBACK Provides access for currently playing media items.
ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_AUDIO Provides read access to audio items in media library.

Here is the LINK with details.

Banner ads use a small portion of the screen to entice users to "click through" to a richer, full-screen experience such as a website or app store page. This guide shows you how to enable your app to serve a banner ad.

Windows Phone 8 apps are composed of controls the user sees, such as text areas, buttons and other UI elements. AdView is simply another control displaying ads that respond to user touch.

Adding a banner ad

Locate the AdView control in the Toolbox menu. Note that this is different from the AdControl control. Skip to step 2 if you've already got the AdView control in your toolbox.

Right click in the Toolbox and select Choose Items.... Click Browse on the menu that pops up and select the GoogleAds.dll file you previously downloaded (if you downloaded the package using NuGet, you should be able to find it in the packages folder in your project). Make sure the AdView control is selected from the GoogleAds namespace, then click OK.

Like many controls, AdView is most easily specified in XAML markup. One way to do this is to drag the AdView control from your Toolbox into the pane that shows the output of your XAML markup.

Here is the LINK with details.

How to modify the app manifest file for Windows Phone 8?

The app manifest file, WMAppManifest.xml, contains properties and settings that are required when you submit your app to the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone SDK 8.0 includes a Manifest Designer that is integrated with Visual Studio. Manifest Designer makes it easy for you to update the manifest file without editing the raw XML of the file.
You can use Manifest Designer to modify the manifest file for apps that target Windows Phone OS 7.1 as well as apps that target Windows Phone 8.

How to modify the manifest file in Manifest Designer?

To modify the manifest file you use Manifest Designer.

1. In Visual Studio, close the manifest file if it’s already open in XML code view.
2. In Solution Explorer, expand the Properties node of the open project.
3. Double-click the manifest file, WMAppManifest.xml. Or, right-click the file and select Open or View Designer from the context menu. If the manifest file is already open in XML code view, Visual Studio prompts you to close the file. Then Manifest Designer opens in a new Visual Studio tab.

Here is the LINK with details.

When adding a reference to the Analytics monitor from a project in Visual Studio, an error may occur on Windows 8:

"A reference to a higher version or incompatible assembly cannot be added to the project"

This is likely due to the file being blocked by Windows, as downloaded content is deemed unsafe for. The solution is to right-click on the unpacked monitor file, select Properties, and click Unblock.

Here is the LINK with details.

Ford Turani for

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By Admins (from 20/07/2014 @ 06:02:04, in en - Science and Society, read 26 times)

As you noticed already, in Windows 8 you did not find IE in the Programs and Features so you can downgrade it like you did in Windows 7 and still test and use websites and interfaces that in IE8 won't work...

What do I do to still use Internet Explorer 8 instead of IE 11? Our blog, for example, requires IE8 for the citizen journalists that post their original articles free of charge on our dBlog Open Source CMS. If you have any other version of the Microsoft Corporation's browser like IE 9 or 10, the HTML Editor (visual WYSIWYG) just will not load.


So, you want to know how to emulate any other older version of the IE browser?

First, you have to open Internet Explorer in desktop mode and press F12 to bring up the Developer Tools at the bottom of the page.

How to open Internet Explorer 11 in Desktop Mode on Windows8? Well, the desktop mode gives you visible tabs, the address bar and easy access to the IE options. Contrary to the Desktop mode is the New User interface (Metro mode), called a Chromeless mode because it uses all the screen and is without borders. From within the New User Interface, to pass to the Desktop Mode, go to Control Panel (just start typing it), and select Internet Options. Go to the Program tab, and from the drop down box, choose how you open links: Let Internet Explorer decide, Always in Internet Explorer or Always in IE on the desktop.

In the Developer Tools, after pressing F 12, down on the left you will search for the Emulation (Ctrl+8) Tab. Just select Document mode: 8 and the USer agent string: Internet Explorer 8.

Of course, you can emulate as a User agent string: Internet Explorer 10, 9, 7 and 6, IE10 - Windows Phone 8, IE9 - Windows Phone 7, IE - Xbox One, IE - Xbox 360, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari (iPad) and Big Bot. As Document mode you can choose: Edge, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 5.

That's all folks!

Arturo Find for

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Estimated Time: 2 hours

Serves: Makes 1 Apple Pie

Crust Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour I teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar 6 tablespoons cannabutter (marijuana butter) 6 tablespoons shortening 6 to 8 tablespoons ice water

Crust Instructions:

1. Warm the cannabutter in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften it (not melted).

2. Combine all other ingredients into a large bowl. You may use your hands or a Dough Blender here.

3. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Apple Filling Ingredients:

5 Tart Peeled Apples 1 Cup Sugar 2 Tablespoons Flour 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1/4 Teaspoon Salt 1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

Apple Filling Instructions:Peel and slice apples and soak in water with a tablespoon of lemon juice for 10 minutes. Mix everything except the apples in a large bowl.Remove apple slices from water and place in the bowl with with the other ingredients. Mix them around in order to coat the apples as much as possible.
Putting it all together:Divide dough into 2 equal portions. Roll one portion into a flat circle 1/8 inch thick.Place and shape into baking pan. Put apples in crust and top with some butter to enhance the flavor of the apples (you may use cannabutter here if you'd like). Roll out the remaining portion of dough and place on top of pie. Use the back end of a knife to press the top to the bottom crust. Wrap tinfoil over the pan so it covers just the other portion of the top crust, so the edges do not burn. Bake at 400°F for 55 minutes or until the crust is a golden brown. Enjoy!

Serve with hot apple cider! Mmm.


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It's still illegal in most areas of the world, but the cannabis plant boasts some incredible benefits – not just as a healing medicinal, but as an eco-friendly source for clothing, energy, and even food.

But the legalization of the plant is still a highly debated topic – despite the many case studies that support its use in treating cancers, including Leukemia. Social stigma is now the predominant factor inhibiting its use and legalization, but that perception is being changed by the many pro-cannabis supporters speaking out from various fields.

Insight into how THC (the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) cures Cancer is explained by molecular biologist, Dr. Christina Sanchez, in the video above. A scientist at the Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, she relayed her long-time studies and enlightening findings with Cannabis Planet TV.

Cannabinoids refer to any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. The compounds activate cannabinoid receptors in the body, and in effect the body itself produces compounds called endocannabinoids. These play a major role in many processes within the body that help create a healthy environment.

But one does not have to go out of their comfort zone to experience the effects – as cannabis has been shown to treat cancer without any psychoactive effects.

In many situations, cannabinoids have been proven to reduce Cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. While the rate of success still varies (depending on the strain of the plant used), many patients are experiencing a profound reduction of cancer in a short period of time.

A lot of debate surrounding the medicinal use of the plant is based on the perception that cannabis must be smoked for it to be beneficial; this is actually false, and could be a relief to some. Contrary to popular notion, smoking the weed does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body, as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through such method. Instead, using the oil from the plant or eating it is the best way to go about obtaining the necessary ingredients from the cannabinoids.

The Earth offers many remedies to assist the human body in re-gaining balance. As mankind has evolved and implemented modern ways of survival, a disconnect with natural living was created, and in effect, many issues have rapidly manifested in the last few hundred years. But deriving plant-based medicines and treating food, as well as lifestyle habits, as preventable medicine will ensure that body balance is regained.

Social acceptance of the use of the cannabis plant is growing, although it is still held in different regard than chemotherapy. But as its medicinal properties are more deeply explored and shared, the world can continue to re-shape its opinion and allowance of its use.

Sources: trueactivist via collective-evolution

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While clinical trials are lacking, surveys of patients have helped researchers identify the most common reasons for using medical marijuana.

Recently, a team at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System surveyed 217 patients at a dispensary in California to find out what cannabis might be helpful for.

These were the results (patients could choose more than one):

The survey also revealed a much longer list of uses, but reported less commonly. The entire list of benefits reported by patients were:

"HIV/AIDS, nightmares, arthritis, glaucoma, cancer, attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, neuropathy, asthma, seizures, bipolar disorder, Crohn's disease, epilepsy, hepatitis C, emotion regulation, restless leg syndrome, broken back/spinal cord injury, diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, sciatica, recovery from surgery, alcohol over-consumption, allergies, borderline personality disorder, boredom, breathing, symptoms related to being burned, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, cyclical vomiting syndrome, dermatomyositis, digestions/polyps, Dupuytren's contracture, fibromyalgia, former lateral epicondylitis, gastroparesis, Grave's disease, hydrocephalus, intestinal bleeding, lack of motivation, leg cramps, loss of arm, neuralgia, post-viral refractory fatigue, tapering off opiates, tenosynovitis, anger and mood swings."

Contrary to popular belief, it appears it's not just pain that marijuana can be good for.

Source: LeafScience

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Researchers at the Medicinal Chemistry Institute of the Spanish National Council for Research (CSIC) believe a class of chemicals found in marijuana, called cannabinoids, hold promise in improving the lives of Alzheimer's patients.

The team, led by Concepción Pérez, PhD, explained last month in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry why cannabinoids are "very attractive candidates" for new treatments.

Cannabinoids act on specific pathways in the brain called cannabinoid receptors, which are responsible for the effects of marijuana. According to the team, previous studies on the role of cannabinoids in Alzheimer's suggest a number of benefits.

Between the two cannabinoid pathways, CB1 activity seems to preserve cognitive function while CB2 activity may help protect and repair the brain.

"Taken together, these results suggest that CB1 receptor agonists may interrupt the mechanism of excitotoxicity and CB2 receptor agonists may suppress neuroinflammation and lead to plaque removal."

Cannabinoids can target not only the endocannabinoid system, they note, but other disease-related systems as well.

The most widely prescribed drugs today help boost levels of acetylcholine, with the assumption that a lack of acetylcholine underlies Alzheimer's. However, these drugs have proven to be ineffective.

More current research instead points to chronic inflammation as the cause of Alzheimer's.

The team is currently working on developing CB2 agonists that can prevent the build-up of beta-amyloid plaque in the brain – a key marker of the disease.

The build-up of plaque is believed to block neuron signaling and trigger cell death through inflammation.

Likewise, researchers in the U.S. have identified cannabinoids as promising candidates for preventing inflammation in Alzheimer's.

Gary Wenk, PhD, a professor of neuroscience, immunology and medical genetics at Ohio State University, told TIME that in his 25 years of researching ways to combat brain inflammation, "cannabinoids are the first and only class of drugs that have ever been effective."

Source: LeafScience

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Published in the American Journal of Public Health, a group of economics researchers found that medical marijuana laws led to a sharp drop in suicide rates among young men.

The results seem to support the belief that marijuana can be used to cope with stressful life events, says study co-author Daniel Rees, PhD, professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver.

"In keeping with what advocates of medical marijuana would argue, that is, if you're depressed, if you have to cope with a stressful situation, marijuana actually helps."

Rees notes that some research suggests marijuana works as an anti-depressant, but the evidence isn't conclusive. On the other hand, medical marijuana laws have also been linked to less alcohol consumption – particularly among young men.

Less alcohol consumption following medical marijuana legalization could also explain the drop in suicide rates, he says.

But the study was the first time researchers have looked at medical marijuana laws and suicide rates. Rees believes more research needs to be done to be sure.

"The relationship really does seem to exist. But we don't have a lot to say about mechanism."

Rees, along with co-authors D. Mark Anderson of Montana State University and Joseph Sabia of San Diego State University, compared changes in annual suicide rates between 1990-2007 of states that legalized medical marijuana and states that did not.

Suicide rates seemed to decline overall among the 12 states that passed laws during this period. But the only statistically significant decrease was in men 20-39 years old.

The team's previous research has also shown a strong correlation between medical marijuana laws and reduced traffic fatalities.

No sources of funding were reported

Source: LeafScience

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Featured information: Windows App Certification Kit; Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8; Download Visual Studio 2012 Update 4; The Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Isolated) Redistributable Package contains the run-time binaries that are required to deploy an application that's based on the Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Isolated); Disable Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7 and Vista.

I have made a modified installer for the Windows Phone 8 SDK that will run on Windows 7 x64. I installed visual studio before I installed the SDK, but it shouldn't matter as this will install visual studio express for windows phone, if needed.

To install the SDK, perform the following:

1. Download the Windows Phone 8 SDK iso file. You can get it at this LINK
2. extract the contents of the ISO to the location of your choosing.
3. Download the modified "WPexpress_full.exe" that is attached to this post and use it to replace the one in the iso.
4. run setup as normal.

Everything will install and work.*
*I was getting an error when I launched the "Application Deployment" app. Once I updated Visual Studio 2012 to Update 3, it fixed it. EVERYTHING WORKS!!

Just wanted to add everything works 100%...I was able to recompile and deploy some xaps I wrote on my win 8 PC to my phone with no issues!


Source: xda-developers

N.B. from TurismoAssociati:

Here is the LINK for the Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (number 3 was updated)

You might, as we did, encounter two error messages that will stop the installation:

- Windows Software Development Kit Tools for Windows Store file sdksetup missing. LINK HERE for the download page.

- Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Minimum) Vs_isoshell.exe Isolated missing. LINK HERE for instalation file.

You might need to Disable Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7 and Vista LINK HERE.

Before you submit your app for certification and listing in the Windows Store, use the Windows App Certification Kit to test your app and make sure it's ready to go. Here is the LINK with the solution.

P.S. Very important: Visual Studio 2012 will fail to install after October 7, 2013

When you try to install Visual Studio 2012 after October 7, 2013, you receive one of the following error messages:
Unable to locate package source

Microsoft Web Deploy 3.0
A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp in the signed file.


Arturo Find for

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In tratamente, medicina chineză ia in calcul si factorul suflet. Spun chinezii că in vindecare trebuie să participe sufletul bun. Medicina chineză sustine că un om cu suflet rău nu se vindecă. Chinezii sustin că inima este sediul sufletului. Există si un punct pe corpul omenesc prin care se ajunge la suflet. Acest punct este denumit de chinezi vama sufletului si reprezintă un punct energetic aflat la două laturi de deget de incheietura pumnului.


Reamintim spusa filozofiei chineze că sediul sufletului este in inimă, dar chinezii mai sustin că fiecare organ are un suflet, un duh. [Tot de la bătrâni, mai ales babe, aflasem asta, dar liber cugetătorismul m-a prostit. Când mă supăra ceva, din mine, mă rugam de acel organ si - minune ! - el se calma, ce-i drept, temporar.]
Ficatul este sediul sentimentului de mânie, sediul supărării, ficatul este generalul care elaborează strategia, dar vezica biliară este organul care dă curajul de a lua decizii. Un om cu deficit de energie pe ficat este un om care se enervează des.
In mod paradoxal, inima este afectată când sentimentul de bucurie este in exces.
De altfel, componenta Yang este cea a bucuriei, iar contrariul Yin inseamnă tristete. Dar aceste contrarii energetice se transformă unul in altul cănd ajung la limita excesului. Yang cănd atinge excesul se transformă in Yin si invers. Dacă un om se va bucura foarte tare, va urma o perioadă de tristete. [Stări de mine trăite-n nenumărate dăti, încât de pe la 45 de ani mi-am impus să nu mă mai bucur excesiv! Ci, cu prudentă...]
Când pancreasul, dar si stomacul prezintă deficite de energie, omul acela este tot timpul ingrijorat, nemultumit, el despică firul in patru.
Când plămânul se află in suferintă energetică, oamenii sunt tristi, melancolici.
Insă rinichiul dă durata vietii. El este rezervorul de energie al organismului. In rinichi se află energia ancestrală. Părintii lasă descendentilor mostenirea de energie in rinichi. Cand alt organ se află in sărăcie energetică, rinichiul ii donează energie.
[De aceea, te si simti ca "frânt de sale", éreinté, cum ar spune frâncii, uneori, nu doar la solicitări fizice.]

Supărarea este una din cele mai răspândite încălcări ale legilor universului, care poate determina mari neplăceri în viata, atât a celui pe care te superi, cât si în propria ta viată.
Potrivit legii bumerangului, tot ceea ce emitem în atmosferă, din punct de vedere vibratoriu: gânduri, vorbe, dorinte, fapte, sentimente, se întorc la noi producând efecte perturbatoare în câmpul nostru energetic .
De aceea nimeni nu poate face rău altuia, fără să plătească...

Oricând aveti gânduri negative despre o persoană, să meditati în permanentă pentru sănătatea ei...
Când ne gândim la cineva, se creează instantaneu o punte energetică între noi si omul la care ne gândim. De aceea, orice gând rău reprezintă un atac energetic care aduce un prejudiciu omului respectiv. Astfel ne atacăm si ne omorâm unul pe altul în mod inconstient, de multe ori fără să ne dăm seama de acest lucru.

Gândirea noastră dispune de cea mai puternică fortă creatoare din întregul univers.
Gândul este cel care aduce pacea si linistea în sufletul nostru.
Gândul este cel care atrage binele sau răul în existenta noastră.
Toate gândurile emise plutesc în aer ca niste mine amenintătoare pentru a lovi pe cel ce le-a produs.

In cuplu
Neintelegerile într-o relatie de cuplu vin din nevoia de a-l controla si domina pe celălalt.
Fiecare încearcă astfel să aibă controlul si să rămână deasupra întregii situatii.
Când controlezi o altă fiintă îi iei energia, îti faci plinul pe socoteala altuia.
Astfel devii vampir energetic.
Răcirea relatiilor dintre doi parteneri se datorează cresterii nivelului de agresivitate interioară.
Lipsa de compatibilitate duce la lipsa de comunicare...
Lipsa de comunicare duce la dezastru...
Lipsa de comunicare prin iubire duce la ură...

O agresivitate subconstientă fată de bărbati / femei se transformă într-un program de autodistrugere.
Dacă doi parteneri abuzează fizic sau emotional unul de celălalt, atunci ei NU merită să rămână împreună.
Cu cât este mai puternică dependenta de persoana iubită, cu atât mai numeroase sunt pretentiile noastre fată de ea.
Dependenta naste agresivitatea, iar agresivitatea produce boala.
Dependenta de dorinte, frica, depresia si supărarea atrag gelozia.
Orice expresie dură, afirmată pe un ton categoric poate provoca un rău atât siesi cât si unui alt om.

Ori de cate ori cădem în acest prost obicei, ne deconectăm de la sursă si intrăm în suferintă.
Cearta, mânia, nerăbdarea emit în tăcere o mare fortă destructivă.
Numai prin iubire poate seca izvorul răutătilor...

În dragostea omenească trebuie întotdeauna să existe o detasare de omul iubit.

Cu cât aveti mai multe pretentii, iritări si nemultumiri fată de omul apropiat, cu atât mai mult creste dependenta de el.
Dependenta de valorile materiale ne va omorî încetul cu încetul si spiritul si sufletul.

Despre problemele personale
Să nu vorbiti despre nenorocirile trăite, pentru că ele pot prelungi durata lor...
Când nu vorbim cuiva despre problemele noastre, noi ne îndepărtăm de ele...
Îndepărtarea de ele este primul pas pentru depăsirea acestora.
Esential este când vorbiti despre problemele si emotiile dvs. să NU căutati milă sau compătimiri...
Dacă aveti o mare supărare sau tristete, încercati să nu aduceti sentimentele acestea acasă.

Iesiti în stradă cu deosebire în locurile înverzite si plimbati-vă...!
Nu faceti din casa dvs. o groapă de gunoi energetic.
Dacă locuiti de câtiva ani si ati saturat spatiul cu regrete, supărări si spaime, amintiti-vă momentele în care v-ati certat si supărat, asezati-vă în acel loc, iertati, anulati agresivitatea fată de iubire, meditati...!

Este mai bine să plângeti,decât să urâti...
Dacă n-ati reusit să vă învingeti pe dvs. însivă, agresiunea se acumulează în mod inevitabil.
Atunci când plângeti, agresiunea apărută se distruge.

Munca NU trebuie să ne omoare, ci să ne dezvolte...
Înseamnă că supraîncărcările nu trebuie să fie permanente si în fiecare ocupatie să găsim plăcerea. Dacă nu există plăcere, orice activitate se poate transforma într-o suprasolicitare si va dăuna sănătătii.
Încercati sa identificati cat mai corect care este munca care v-ar aduce satisfactii prin insasi existenta ei in viata dvs.
Nu cautati neaparat satifactii materiale. Nu căutati plată, nici laudă si nici o răsplată, orice ati face. Săvârsind ceva bun noi pretindem imediat recompensă. Aceste dorinte aduc ca rezultat suferinta.
Cu cât veti intensifica acest tip de pretentii, cu atât va creste nivelul de agresivitate si se va întări programul de autodistrugere.

Când cineva te jigneste, nu te răzbuna pe el, nu-l urî si nu te supăra pe el, întrucât această jignire este un dar de la Dumnezeu.
Dacă n-o accepti, urmează ca purificarea sufletului să se înfăptuiască prin boli si nenorociri, iar dacă nu esti pregătit nici pentru aceasta, ea vine prin moarte.

Această formă de purificare ne este dată prin intermediul celor apropiati, de aceea în măsura în care reusim să-i iertăm, în aceeasi măsură sunt posibile schimbări interioare de profunzime.
Se cuvine să iertăm nu numai în gând ci si cu sufletul. Cel mai mult ne leagă de trecut supărările neiertate. Iertând un om care ne-a jignit sau ne-a supărat, ne putem vindeca de o boală gravă.

Cum dăruiesti asa primesti...!
Mediteaza în permanentă ca toti cei din jurul tău să fie fericiti.

Articol trimis in Redactie de Loredana Unghii Gel.

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right on!!
12/07/2014 @ 20:07:45
By Brian Barton
Cannabis is the best medicine in nature. Best everything. But shit, thc is important to!
10/07/2014 @ 13:26:01
By Jason Bond
06/07/2014 @ 02:59:37
By Altan
Thanks I was just looking for a recipe - gotta love the way the Spirit moves
04/07/2014 @ 19:06:54
By Ginamarie Pezzi
unfortunately that is a reality these days - we humans - especially in the west - only want to hear "a" truth that fits our own limited perspective rather than one that is open & is truth in many ...
04/07/2014 @ 18:57:31
By Ginamarie Pezzi
03/07/2014 @ 08:48:35
By Anna Forte
Mmmmm candy
02/07/2014 @ 12:26:50
By Drizzy Dre


Publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct.

Trilingual World Observatory: italiano, english, romana. GLOBAL NEWS- If you want to make information and not suffer it, become a CITIZEN JOURNALIST. & Facebook

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Trilingual World Observatory: italiano, english, romana. GLOBAL NEWS- If you want to make information and not suffer it, become a CITIZEN JOURNALIST.

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Pot Apple Pie recipe: A delicious apple pie with a marijuana butter (cannabutter) based crust!

Doctor Christina Sanchez, Molecular Biologist, Explains How THC Kills Cancer Cells. VIDEO

Medical marijuana seems to offer a wide range of benefits, with more being discovered as time goes on.

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Raportul SOCANT care arata ce a facut FBI-ul dupa atacurile de la 11 Septembrie. "A platit oameni sa fie teroristi"

Meteorologii au emis Cod Galben de PLOI si VIJELII în Oltenia, Transilvania, Moldova si Muntenia

Keanu Reeves vrea sa devina tata

22/07/2014 @ 11.18.30
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