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by Ruben Bolling.

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Favorite husband-and-wife-readin' the paper cartoons from The New Yorker:


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J.D. wakes up the morning after an incredibly awful blowout between all his close friends and co-workers, hoping it was all a bad dream. Turk is sleeping next to him since Carla kicked him out of his own room for not telling her about how Dr. Cox felt about her. At Sacred Heart, J.D. passed Dr. Cox, who is ashamed with Carla, mad at Dr. Kelso for misleading him about a job offer, and furious with J.D. for sleeping with his ex-wife. He also sees Elliot who quickly leaves, ashamed to be seen by J.D. now that he knows she still has feelings for him. After Dr. Cox unleashes his anger on Dr. Kelso, he proceeds to be surprisingly polite to J.D. Meanwhile, Turk is trying to get back on Carla's good side but is confused when he realizes he doesn't know why she is mad at him. Elliot and J.D. have an awkward conversation where J.D. suggests they sleep with each other, giving a reason for Elliot to be mad at him.


When J.D. realizes that Dr. Cox isn't yelling at him because he doesn't care about him anymore, he pages everyone to the cafeteria, where everyone argues and nothing is resolved. J.D. is late for rounds and hasn't done any tests or medication for Mr. Zerbo yet. When Dr. Kelso confronts him on this, J.D. is honest and said he did nothing, to which Dr. Kelso compliments him as good doctors know that any patient bounced from ward to ward has a high risk of fever. Shocked at this response, J.D. realizes that doing nothing sometimes works and all people need is time.


Eventually, J.D. and Elliot are comfortable to be around each other again, Dr. Cox realizes he just idealizes Carla, Carla lets Turk back into his own room and Dr. Cox starts yelling and caring about J.D. again, putting everything back to normal.

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Is it nearly the week-end?


Enjoy it.


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J.D. can't sleep as his last day as an intern begins. When he gets up, he is reminded of everything that has happened in the past year, Dr. Cox being in love with Carla, Turk knowing about it, J.D. sleeping with Jordan, J.D.'s relationship with Elliot, and all the characters in the show. Arriving at the hospital, Dr. Cox really doesn't care about J.D.'s last day, and is instead preoccupied with a job opportunity by Dr. Kelso, who wants him to stop bothering him about the monetary issues. J.D., Elliot and Turk all try to pawn off Mr. Bober, an annoying patient, on each other but when they realize none of them cared enough to remembered what Mr. Bober looked like, they realize just how insensitive they had become. When Elliot gives Jordan a physical, Jordan deduces that she is still in love with J.D. and gives her hell about it until Elliot snaps at her and says that the whole hospital knows that Dr. Cox and Jordan still have sex, leading Jordan to another realization. Since Mr. Bober doesn't have insurance and does not seriously need surgery, J.D., Turk and Elliot decide to do something about it. J.D. goes to Dr. Cox who agrees to help him and compliments J.D. on the doctor he is becoming. Turk and Carla go to Dr. Wen who agrees to leave a surgery slot open and Elliot goes back to Jordan to try to convince her to back the decision on behalf of the board but she refuses to.


When Jordan is at Perry's apartment for a "predictable" booty call, he tells her that he didn't ask for her help with Mr. Bober because she is predictable, and that she needs to stir it up. The next day in the cafeteria, Jordan spills the beans on everybody's secrets: that Dr. Cox is in love with Carla Espinosa and Turk hasn't told her, that the position Dr. Kelso offered Perry was filled, that Elliot still had feelings for J.D., and she finally reveals to Perry that she slept with J.D. the first time they met.

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Uzbekistanian terrorists have hwacked the Goodbar blimp, not knowing that God-Man is aboard!

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This week's adventure... The epic battle you've been waiting for...

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  • Human Man powers:
    five senses
    walking (and running)
  • God Man powers:
    master of martial arts

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(3/13/97) - By Ruben Bolling.

We find GOD-MAN on his God-Patrol as we start this week's episode...

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