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Ginamarie Pezzi: the Pastor that treated PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Acid Reflux, Morbid Obesity and Diabetes with Cannabis.
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Who is Rev. Gypsy Queen, Jesus' Bitch?

A woman of strong faith, a powerful empath called to utilize this gift in vulnerability, compassion, and active (agape) Love. However, do not mistake my vulnerability for gullibility, my compassion for stupidity, or my love for weakness. I am one of the strongest people I know! 

Once a tough street kid, I don't fit societal images of success & beauty, with the exceptions of my hard earned education, & I am beautiful. I was raised in violence & poverty - I remember history - I don't live in it.  I don’t do pity or guilt – all suffer at one time or other – God holds us through each other – guilt pisses me off and I find it rather useless at best – destructive at worst.  No one is innocent but the child, in God’s love we are made innocent, we are all children.  In love - justice & mercy cannot be separated.  Now an ordained Pastor, I don't fit typical images of what it is to be a Pastor - Being Christian means to me be free to be the human beings we were created to be - in our strengths and weaknesses, in our joys and sorrows - in our ignorance/stupidity and intelligence - in the paradoxes of life. As a Christian I live as both at once "sinner" and "saint."  

The street kid was not eliminated or replaced she has been loved, transformed, empowered and driven.  I don't always get it - but trust God holds it.  I have no need to control, direct or over-come.  I live openly as I am - I have the vocabulary that ranges from "you can kiss my fucking fat ass" to the "I do believe you can place your offensive lips upon my well endowed posterior glutinous maxi mus" -  I swim in the deep waters of emotions and mysteries we attribute to the spirit - I speak things as I see them (for my astrological madgi - yes I am a Pisces on the cusp) - unlike western culture dictates, my faith is not a private affair – God/Allah/Goddess/Great Spirit - knows/sees/is all - so why try to hide/pretend/deny? I know my scripture - but do not quote memorized verses to use as a weapon of accusation/judgment.  

Everything has context – including what we consider our holy writings.  Love levels the playing field – I am no less and no greater than you.  I live by the ethic of love – an active love - not a love of sentiment, love is not always so sweet, nice or romantic in appearance - what is loving for one is destructive to another.  I attempt to love - self, others, community, society, environment, world – as love has revealed and continues to reveal itself in my life.  It is not my job to convert, convince, persuade, motivate, inspire - that may or may not happen through me - not by me - I am simply called to speak & live - my experience, testimony, faith, education and opinions (which are just that).  I let God do God’s job.

I believe we are all children of the same source – I call that source Abba/Daddy/Creator - Brother/Christ Jesus/Hommie/Source of Love - Holy Spirit/Sister/Councilor/Breath of Life.

I Love fully, live freely, and proclaim Gospel boldly! 


I have had many folks, from fb, the streets, the churches ask me “Pastor, why are you so radical about being a stoner?”  “Why are you so political?”  “Leave God at church, leave politics to the politicians – don’t bring it to the pulpit, and keep your weed behind closed doors.”

WHERE the shit gets real.  Life tore the shit out of my body.  It has been under attack from physical and sexual violence since I was 3yrs old.  The psychological shit internalized the violence, and I abused myself.  The damage has been extensive.   Western medicine, reinforced, ignored, and dismissed the damage.  Society played its role in reinforcing the damage and the injustices we perpetuate make recovery more than difficult.  Whether you or I, like it or not we are connected - your shit effects me – my shit effects you.  I can’t do anything about your shit – I can do something about mine.

Last Spring I got news on changes in my healthcare providers approach to “care.”  I got pissed off, I am not an addict and refuse to be treated like one.  Choice – I could roll over and take it up the ass again – or find another option.  I lamented/vented/prayed – I got on-line and started educating myself.  DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY ITS DANGEROUS TO YOUR LIFE – I had no help from my DR. I tried to set up getting my card & access so it would be available just as I took my last declining doses of 9 scripts.  Didn’t quite get the timing right.  I went into a period of massive withdrawal.  I couldn’t get out of bed.  I was in more pain that I had ever experience – and I know pain all to well – including that of giving birth.  I couldn’t eat ANYTHING.  I could not sleep, but was not exactly conscious either.  Mother begged me to go to the hospital, I refused.  I was going to live free or go home.  All she could do was take my pulse often, and bring me water to sip.  After two weeks - I finally got my apt. and my script for cannabis, I took several hits, found instant pain relief and ate my first meal in that time – potatoes & eggs – best meal I ever had.  Took another couple of hits and slept for four hrs straight, for the first time sence I was a very young kid.  Sleeping is dangerous to ones survival, yet rest is required to live.

Since April of 2013 I have treated my PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue & insomnia, Acid Reflux, Morbid Obesity, and Diabetes II with one very beautifully created plant!  I have never been able to think more clearly.  I have no symptoms of PTSD.  I haven’t had a flashback since I began, and only one night terror.  My pain levels are managed at an ave of 3 on a 10 point scale down from an average range of 6.5 – 9 daily.  I have lost more than ½ of my body weight & going.  I can walk again – lost my wheelchair last Sept., and my cane in Dec.  My Diabetes is being well managed without the intervention and consequences of drugs. 

Beyond the personal recovery I have family, and many dear friends who still suffer, or at risk of jail, or in prison – ALL cause back in the day we were ignorant and bought the propaganda that lead to the criminalization of this God given gift.

WHY - In a nut shell – Love!  I was not loved as a kid.  I was found by love, transformed by love, taught to love, called to love.  Not the sentimental BS we tend to throw around on the surface, the nice, sweet, romantic, notions.  I’m talkin hard core unconditional acceptance that allows one to be who they are as they are.  It doesn’t require change – it does compel it.  The change is not always readily recognized cause behavior doesn’t always change – the heart changes the way we relate to others.  Faith is in relationship – with self, with the sacred, with each other - religion/morality – is all the crap we have attached to faith.  I have choices, I can be a product of my history, or I can learn, grow and utilize its lessons to live in harmony with the world around me – Joy is possible even and often in the midst of suffering.  I choose joy! I choose Life!  I don’t have to like you or agree with you in order to love you.  I fight the fight for me and for you.

Below is a link to my campaign to raise a bit of start up money so I can build on the work I've been doing at my own expense because I am not currently sanctioned or supported by my church body.

Pastor Ginamarie L. Pezzi for



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