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The Hiding The Truth Facebook Groups and the freedom of speech.
By Admins (from 19/06/2014 @ 04:06:03, in en - Global Observatory, read 3227 times)

There is a Facebook group called The Exposing The Truth Group (link here) that has a very fascist way of banning members who try to tell any truth. We will only post the two comments we made on the group and let you, the reader, "judge" the situation...

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire

Somebody in that group posted the image bellow with this text: "Imagine what our country would be like if we legalized explosives. Can you imagine a world where that wouldn't be a safety hazard? Then share this to stand up for sensible gun control!". So we, from made this comment: "Let me tell you this: I lived in a society where guns were illegal to possess and I never had a gun pointed in my face. Time passes and the same country made legal guns with rubber bullets: heard of many cases where people lost an eye from people shooting at strangers casually when angry... My opinion: nobody should have guns, not the police pigs or the damn military!" What happened? Some paranoid Admin, called Cairenn Day (link here) answered: "Bye F T (Ford Turani - TA note), I warned folks about the nasty names for police" and quickly banned us from the group!

The thing is many members of that group have doubts of the True intentions of the administrators... Michael A. Pizza: "I thought this sight is all about Exposing the Truth? What you showed us all has nothing to do about any truth. It just your arrogance that your Exposing. Enough said time to move on and close this account , you cannot explain things to people that don't have any common sense!" or Ayeisha Quinones: "... the truth evades you and everyone else with your mindset. It is what it is. ... the people who keep denying the negative impact of widespread guns in society are deniers."

But here you have one of the admins, Cairenn Day that infiltrated the group just to hide and censure any position of truth: "M A P, we are doing our best to get folks to stop believing every piece of nonsense on the web".

That group is full of brainwashed individuals: Janice Gordon: "Besides which, openly flaunting such weapons only serves to make you the first target a criminal is likely to go after. Much better to carry concealed, like I do."

Who are we, to explain to the americans that, in the United Kingdom for example, the police DO NOT carry a gun! They are not allowed. So, in this way are avoided the situations where some rookie or racist cop shoots by mistake any bystander...

Some other user posted this message on the group: Colleen Vanskiver: "/ExposingTheTruthGroup/ What a joke this group is" and a genius asked: Andrew Hudak: "Why would you join a group that you do not like?" But here comes the admin: Cairenn Day: "What is your objection here, please?", but you must read this:
Mario E Gilberto: "There are plenty of facts. I can, for example, show you 2000+ peer-reviewed studies which show that GMOs are safe. Many of them come from independent outlets. Isn't that creditable?" Cairenn Day: "I can show you how contrails form and that chemtrails are a hoax" Dee Junior: "Gmo's are probably safe it's the government control of their producers that concerns me!" Cairenn Day: "The government doesn't control farmers or companies."

We asked Aaron Jackson (link here), the main Admin of the group to insert us again and we posted: "With fascist admins like Cairenn Day, that ban members for stating "police pigs should not have guns".., this should be called the Hiding The Fascist Joke Group!" and Cairenn answered: "F T has been sent to the woodshed again". Four likes for her/his statement!

Need any other proof that this group has nothing to do with the truth and the freedom of expression? Our advice: be very careful with the FascistBook groups, because any group can become administrated by false "truthers" who infiltrate to divide and destroy... "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This article is dedicated to Richard Clarke, a truth researcher who posted his findings and observations on FaceBook, until his account got reported or/and cancelled and there was no trace of him on the "CIA social network"...

Doru Trifan for

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# 1
unfortunately that is a reality these days - we humans - especially in the west - only want to hear "a" truth that fits our own limited perspective rather than one that is open & is truth in many or all situations - which can bridge language, differences, races, religions, cultures or perspectives -
By  Ginamarie Pezzi  (inviato il 04/07/2014 @ 18:57:31)
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