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Eduardor Relero's Chalk Drawings. Part 1 of 2.
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As I added in Luke’s previous post, our co-bloggers started really productive. Luke immediately composed another awesome article, containing some of the never before seen 3D pavement art photos. Read his article and check for more photos inside. There you can also find same locations, just shot from different angles. – Vurdlak

Eduardor Relero has made these amazing chalk drawings in the streets of Spain. However, this don’t look like your average Julian Beever drawings, each one could contain a hidden message about poverty or death such as “Amnesty International“, but I’m stumped for what these pictures could mean. I especially like the rich man or women holding the gun, it took me a while to see that. I also like the baby head and the skull drawings because they’re done so well! I appreciate the skull one more though, because if you look closely at the background the sun appears to be right above the drawing, but the drawing itself seems to create its own light source. How amazing is that?

Draw yourself to the article and see his brilliant creations. For now i say Muy Bien Eduardor! – Luke

Source: moillusions.com