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Message from Peter Joseph to the members of the Zeitgeist Movement.
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Those that have listened to my radio shows might have remembered me commenting many times on the fact that when it came to attacks we have experienced in the past: "we haven't seen anything yet".
The bored, petty bloggers and various hatefilled individuals who have wasted their time creating anti-z/anti-peter joseph sites and videos are about to be royally trumped by a mainstream media onslaught that will bring the definition of attack/propaganda into a whole new light.
I have been contacted by CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, AP, Yahoo! and many national/local/international news agencies regarding the comment by Zack Osler referencing a TWO YEAR OLD association of my first film and Jared Loughner. The parroting of this painfully unscientific and idiotic association has resonated across all mainstream outlets. As of now, I am not engaging them for I want the new film to be released before anything.
After the film is released, I have a feeling we are going to see a huge backlash. The stage has been set... and I want all members to hold strong. Don't let any of this get to you. This is exactly what I have been expecting with regard to the media introduction of TZM and it is long overdue. If it wasn't the AZ shootings it would have been another scapegoat. Just as Wikileaks is now associated with a "rapist"- the Z films and hence the Movement/myself are going to be publicly pegged to "mass murder". This is how the game works and I plan to do a radio show on the history of propaganda in the near future to discuss this historical phenomenon.
After the release, I am going to established a large PR campaign for all press interactions from the Movement and TZM is going to explode with interest.
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi