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Russia Today Interviews Peter Joseph from Zeitgeist Movement, a social sustainability organization with members now in nearly every country. VIDEO
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Peter Joseph was born in North Carolina to a middle class family. The son of a mailman and a social worker, he began his creative interests with music at a young age. Later, seeking a career in percussion, he moved to New York initially to attend a conservatory, only to drop out after an inability to afford the tuition. He lives and works in New York City and focuses on media related fields, including music composition, editing, post-production and other A/V related. He is also a former private equity trader, which he often comments upon as being his "introduction to the wasteful, destructive system known as Wall Street".

After the release of Zeitgeist: Addendum, he founded the Zeitgeist Movement, which is a social sustainability organization with members now in nearly every country. His work with the movement is now a large part of his daily activities - giving lectures and helping to produce relevant media/materials to spread the interest for a new social system called a resource-based economy.


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