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The Zeitgeist Movement vs. The Venus Project: Recent Developments + Chapter Instructions: April 2011
By Admin (from 22/04/2011 @ 18:21:29, in en - Global Observatory, read 3711 times)

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is getting the right feed of information on recent movement developments. I hope to be able to give further clarification on what will happen from now on.

TVP's desire to disassociate from TZM: 

Last night during a very long meeting on Teamspeak Roxanne has stated that TVP wants to move on, on its own as they felt we werent going in the right direction. Numerous questions on the actual meaning of that statement were ignored. In fact the answer was never provided and that is probably because it was untrue.

It became apparant that:

1. They were not happy that we did not openly endorsed and pursued donations for their movie project
2. They felt they werent given ground to " control " The Zeitgeist Movement and its operations
3. They thought that Peter wanted to be the director of The Venus Project ( or something to this extent it was really all vague talk )
4. According to TVP, Jacque should be the only credible/reliable source to explain a resource based economy
5. We can no longer use official TVP materials such as logo's, images and designs however due to the term RBE not being trademarked/copyrighted there is no limitation on that for us. This became apparant due to Roxanne's explicit statement about this.
6. TVP now wishes to coordinate the activism teams themselves and in the meeting openly called for people to perform activism under their umbrella. 
7. There was no ground for a reasonable discussion, TVP had made up their mind and it was not going to be changed

There were many other silly statements that were quite hurtfull to a lot of members.

The Zeitgeist Movement and consequential steps: 

As much as we regret this development in which we feel we had no part and feel we could not have prevented. This does not affect movement operations in the long run.

This has no direct effect on our basic operation as a movement. To myself and a lot of coordinators it has allways been about promoting this direction, targeting the value system and informing our fellow human beings about the need and possibilities for a transition out of a self destructing and wastefull sytem.

We will continue to advocate the train of thought behind a Resource Based Economy and will likely expand and incorporate more ideas and scientifically viable solutions into our " package ".

Not particularly instigated by this situation but now certainly under attention is the development of a more structured movement. This means a higher level of organisation. More direct and tangible activism. 2011 is the year we are going to lose our Diapers as a movement. 

This means that we will need a larger team for the global day to day management of the movement. Active news updates on the front page. Feeds/Streams of Chapter news. Frequent Press releases. More street activism and appearances in public. More lecturers and Spokespersons. Increased media stalking:P and appearances etc.

And we have set the stage and framework in order to achieve this. As Global Chapters Coordinator in service of the movement i have had the privilege of having the most complete overview of the growth of this movement and its perils and i can attest to the fact that we are now gaining momentum and increased potential to become the most influential / widespread and active social movement this planet has seen till date. And seen the state of this planet and society, this is very much needed. So lets go for it!

Chapter Instructions: 

Refrain from bombarding TVP with what,how and why questions: 

While it is understandable that many of you have questions about this event, we do not want to flood TVP with questions. If you do have questions, perhaps you can send them by email in consideration of their privacy. 

Venus Project Images and essays: 

Please remove all images and writings on official chapter sites that are produced by The Venus Project as Roxanne has requested this not to be used by TZM anymore.

Chapter coordination: 

As much as TZM will continue and expand its activities, so will its Chapters and with the move by TVP to take " control " of its own activism (as far as that exists).... ,a clear distinction will need to be made in our Chapter structure. While more complex parts of this event will have to be discussed at soon planned Coordinator and International meetings, i have no reason to suspect any international chapter coordinator to wish to transition to a venus project chapter coordinator, but if that is the case you may send your resignation as a Coordinator to gilbert[at]thezeitgeistmovement.com so that we may keep an accurate account of active TZM Chapter coordinators and seek replacement.

In conclusion: 

Until this subject has been properly discussed at a meeting, i feel we should refrain from other heavy comments or speculation.

In General i would like to express my thanks for the TREMENDOUS work everyone has done so far, and that i enjoy working with all of you and am immensely proud we have already come this far.

Let it be known that there is allways a willingness to conversate with The Venus Project from our side and that it would be great if they turned around and started acting sensible again. Putting the direction in front of the label, not behind. In any case, i thank Jacque and Roxanne for 2 years of great cooperation and wish them good luck with their efforts. 

Gilbert Ismail
Global Chapters Coordinator
The Zeitgeist Movement


" The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." 
Nelson Henderson