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The ZARDOZ server is a data clearing house for the map generator over at Transport. I have attempted several times to "save a file" called "dutch" and see if it shows up over on Zardoz.... this does NOT happen.. therefore people are mixing APPLES and ORANGES on this map generator hypothesis, some people think when you generate a map over at the transport website, you somehow can input the radiation amounts .. this is not the case ...

These ARE forecasts, so they are NOT "real" satellite shots of radiation in the air.. i must clarify this for the lay person who doesn't understand that you cannot actually "see" radiation on a map like this. 

These are forecasts that were based upon the numbers available to the NILU. NOT saved personal forecasts by joe anonymous who just happened to log in and "make their own" and input radiation numbers...

The only things you can input are your coordinates and the level of measurement (height).. and whether you want PPM or BQ/meter.

So the data was / is the data.. you can't change or effect that.. therefore all these plot generated "were valid" based upon the data that was on hand at the time.

Now the debate becomes.. how valid was the data to begin with, and if it was NOT valid then.. why did they continue until YESTERDAY?


So these are "real" and based upon the data that the NILU had.. these are NOT made up amounts.. just chosen locations and height.

I would challenge anyone who thinks that the transport map generator makes the files on zardoz.. to make one save it a certain name, and then show us the file on zardoz via screenshot.

If someone can do this, which I have tried to do by the way, then I will take down this video all together.


save these NILU forecast files NOW.. backup .. mirror and share IMMEDIATELY.. before they take it all down with the rest of the information!!


what is zardoz?


and here is the information on ZARDOZ .. the post apocolyptic NUCLEAR FALLOUT world where Sean Connery plays a "mutant" .. and human reproduction is considered bad.


high levels of radiation have been released from fukushima!


prophetic seer will be mirroring the content soon:


so will mike from patrioticspace:


and I will have copies up over at http://www.dutchsinse.com

This WILL NOT disappear like the last high forecasts showing EXTREMELY HIGH levels of Cesium, Xenon, and Iodine over the USA and Canada.

Thanks to youtube user : JouleNinja


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