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Exclusive: PBS documentary sheds light on marijuanaís cancer-killing properties. VIDEO.
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The cancer-killing properties of marijuana were the subject of discussion in a PBS documentary that aired last week to little media fanfare.

While using marijuana to kill cancer may sound like a wild claim to some, it struck Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti as a great idea. In his studies as professor of pathology and microbiology for the University of South Carolina, he tested synthetic cannabis drugs on cancer cells and developed a formula that was able to completely eradicate cancer cells in a test tube.

Watch the full episode. See more MontanaPBS Presents.

A follow-up on mice afflicted with cancer found that up to 30 percent in the test group completely rejected their disease, while others had their tumors significantly reduced. The same drug is now being tested on humans with Leukemia.

But itís not just Dr. Nagarkatti who sees the medical value of marijuana: itís the whole pharmaceutical industry. And thatís another point the documentary makes, examining the patents various companies have filed, and what they claim marijuana-based drugs could one day be used to treat.

The video below is just an excerpt from the full documentary, which originally aired in Montana amid a debate about repealing that stateís medical marijuana law. The full, nearly hour-long film is available to watch online for free.

Author: Stephen C. Webster - Source: rawstory.com