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NL Architects recently unveiled plans for an energy-generating "Tower of Power" in Taiwan that utilizes 600 wind turbines to produce 6 MW of electricity for the city.
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In addition to its renewable energy generating capabilities, the landmark tower would provide an observation deck, meeting space, office space, a museum, and parking. The lace-like skyscraper combines practical mixed use space with the ability to produce an impressive amount of clean power for the city.

Inspiration for the Taiwan tower’s design came from woven bamboo or bamboo scaffolding – a meshed exterior encases all the programmatic elements. The weaving of the structure creates an intricate pattern and a series of voids that offer views of the city.

The gaps between the mesh also provide space to install 600 wind turbines for a total of 6 MW. These small vertical axis wind turbines are quiet and sculptural – as opposed to large, noisy turbines. The landmark tower’s Eddy turbine-studded facade doubles as a power plant that generates energy for the city. Visitors to the landmark tower will enjoy views of the city and cultural events from a building wrapped with renewable energy-generating turbines.

Source: NL Architects & InHabitat