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2012: Anonymous message to Romania. VIDEO. NON-VIOLENCE is the key to a succesful Evolution!
By Admin (from 18/01/2012 @ 19:23:47, in ro - TV Network, read 1832 times)

Greetings people of Romania, we are Anonymous,

You have finally joined the global struggle for a better life.

After 22 years of theft, lies and manipulation, perpetuated by your corrupt governments, and the corporate media, your voices are being heard oncemore on the streets of your cities.

You must acknoledge the fact that bringing down one man, and choosing another will not solve your problems. This will only perpetuate the political circus that has been unfolding in front of your eyes for 22 years. You must acknoledge the fact that your entire political class is corupt and does not serve the interest of the people, as it should.

Many of you know that the world is changing, many of you feel that inside. Do not loose hope for anonymous is by your side. We must stand united against our governments and make our voices heard, for we are the people of the world who want to put an end to economic and monetary enslavement.

Stand up Romania! for a real democracy, for the future of your identity and traditions of your people, stand up for a true change!

We are Anonymous, WAKE UP!!!