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Italian Designer Gabriel Aramu has conceptualized a modular housing system that seems to offer endless possibilities.
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Dubbed "Sliding Hub," these prefabricated cubes join together to create a temporary housing solution for multiple situations.

In the event that emergency shelters are required, the modules can be packed and transported to any destination. On arrival, the modules are easily joined together, with the flexibility to house individuals, small groups or large numbers without limitation. Each module incorporates an insulation system suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, the temporary accommodation units provide a comfortable standard of living, important to natural disaster victims.

Constructed with steel reinforcements, numerous modules can be assembled together to create various sizes and shapes, whilst sliding them open creates large internal spaces. According to Aramu, the system can be configured 64 different ways, whilst clever interior furnishing units transform rooms into a bathroom, kitchen or living room within minutes.

Aramu envisioned the Sliding Hub project for rural conditions and nomadic communities, however the sleek design would also be suitable for an urban setting. It's not hard to imagine these pods being used for temporary offices, film set trailers, festival events, portable holiday accommodation or simply as a cost-effective housing solution.

Source: Inhabitat - via GizMag