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Anarchadia, undergroung anarchism since 2010, Unspun News (Bonus) July 2013
By Admins (from 15/07/2013 @ 11:04:44, in en - Global Observatory, read 2521 times)

Welcome to our first unspun news audio edition. As you know or may not know, we  have been unspinning spin doctored news since 2010, and have been heavily censored for it.

So we decided to bring you our censored information, through this new medium. In this podcast we will be talking about the current situation in Egypt, as well as covering a wide variety of headlines which were on the front page of Yahoo News, July 3rd.

You will find out that the mainstream news is actually just as easy to debunk/ridicule as absurd conspiracy theories, such as reptilian aliens.

Source and Audio: anarchadia.com