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How do I delete a Facebook group you created? The easy way!
By Admins (from 17/12/2013 @ 06:08:15, in en - Video Alert, read 2218 times)
You all know Facebook sucks! It's all about stalking, violating others privacy, banning and reporting people, falsely accusing them of lots of bullshit.

So you created a FascistFacebook loony bin and you decided to erase it so there will be peace on your mind and on the cyber space.

Let's see...

Facebook automatically deletes groups that have no members. If you have created a group (and most probably if you were named as an Admin for a group made by someone else and they left you on your own), you can delete the group by removing all members and then yourself:

Click Members (each and every one - isn't this just great? the imbeciles at Facebook couldn't find the courtesy to put a Cancel Group Button...) at the top of the group

Click the gear next to each member's name (because FakeBook just loves to fuck you around and make your "stupid" ass click on hundreds and thousands of members and greasy gears... because Zuckerberg loves you in a gay way) except your own and then select Remove from Group

StalkBook will ask you: Are you sure you want to remove Barack Hussein Obama?

You can cancel it's ass or you can: Ban Permanently, because this social network it's all about banning, reporting and helping the pigs get your personal data from friends and use it against.

Remove yourself once you've removed the other members

Note: If you weren't the first admin and creator of this group, you won't be able to delete the group unless the group creator has left it voluntarily.

Just freaking dandy! There is no easy way.

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