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Video: Rick's name is synonymous with the incredible healing power of cannabis oil.
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We were very privileged recently to be able to speak with well-known hemp oil advocate and genuine nice guy Rick Simpson.

In fact, if you've researched hemp oil at all then you would have come across his name. His knowledge on the cannabis plant, and in particular, cannabinoids is truly remarkable. I would easily label him a world authority on the subject. He has a lot to say in this incredible and very timely interview so be sure to pay close attention.

Simply click on the video below to watch in full...

We invite you to check out Rick's phoenixtears.ca website and the phoenixtearsfoundation website (please also make a donation to this incredible cause if you possibly can). If you are on Facebook then "liking" the official Rick Simpson Facebook fan page is an absolute must!

Once again, thank you to Rick and Janet Sweeney for your time and the tremendous work you are both doing. We urge all of our readers and followers to support these two wonderful and selfless human beings and to do your part in helping to make people more aware of the amazing benefits of hemp. Please share their websites and articles with your friends as much as you can. If we are going to change the world folks, it has to start with us. There's an old saying...

"If it is to be it's up to me".

Join with us and help make a difference to the lives and suffering of people right around the world. Let's work together to get hemp fully legalized and available to every human being on the planet who want's it. When this happens (not "if" but "when"), it will surely change the world and we will all be able to look back with pride and know that each and every one of us played our part in making it happen.