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Culture in Decline, Episode 4 "War On Nature" by Peter Joseph
By Admins (from 30/01/2014 @ 06:09:26, in en - Video Alert, read 1195 times)
In this episode, Peter investigates the nature of War and human conflict; the White House declares War On Nature itself; a french chef prepares an international delicacy for the kids; Louie the Logic Gremlin returns to piss everyone off and our Man on the Street gets rowdy.

Special guest appearances by Stephane Chivot, Katie Goodman & Rick Overton.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: You will see Peter Joseph's Alter-Ego's nipples.

* Many Subtitles Added ( click "cc" )

"You might sit down to watch this and go, “Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.” And you’d be right. And you might say, I can’t do a goddamned thing about this.
All I want to do is have a bottle of wine -- or two -- instead. And you’d be right…if you stopped there. But it seems the only thing that ever has really changed anything is a change in thought. Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement is doing that. But, like, really. The flat world is looking rounder.
I so want to have that bottle of wine, but Peter entices me with a reason not to. Or maybe I’ll have it, but then
tomorrow I think I’ll try to unfuck things up a bit."
-Katie Goodman