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Azarius Seeds: High quality feminized cannabis seeds under our very own brand. Until we hear a better suggestion (or are legally persuaded), we're sticking with the slogan 'Taste the rainbow'.
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White Widow (Azarius Seeds) feminized

White Widow seeds of Azarius' own brand are guaranteed to produce resin-dripping, THC-rich offspring.

Azarius Seeds' White Widow grows medium in height and finishes in 8 - 9 weeks. We don't recommend topping her, so all energy can be focussed on a large central cola with few side branches. Yields are above average, up to 600 gram per square metre.

The effect of White Widow is well balanced: a clear uplifting sativa high combined with a mellow, relaxing stone.

Available in packs of 10, 25 and 50 feminised seeds.

Auto Frosty Bud (Azarius Seeds) feminized
Our Auto Frosty Bud grows and flowers so fast, it’s like magic! In only 9 weeks’ time, she’ll reward you crystal-laden buds that hold a spicy flavour and provide an uplifting, creative high.

Auto White (Azarius Seeds) feminized
Our automatic version of one of the most iconic strains in cannabis history.

Ultra Critical (Azarius Seeds) feminized
Ultra Critical is a fast flowering hybrid that is capable of delivering huge amounts of potent bud. A favorite amongst both amateur and experienced cultivators worldwide.

Haze-a-Licious (Azarius Seeds) feminized

This Azarius private label ‘super Sativa’ contains genetics identical to those found in some of the most renowned haze varieties. The yields never fail to amaze, and its effects are nothing short of mind blowing. As a true Sativa, it mainly affects your head; it is a relaxing, uplifting, clear-headed feeling of contentment.

The slender branches of Haze-a-Licious are easy to train and bend, making her very well suited for SCROG grows.

Source: http://azarius.net/seedshop/azarius-seeds/?a=788