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Apple Chronic Tea: In Kitchen with Marijuana
By CannabisJosh (from 13/10/2014 @ 07:02:35, in en - Science and Society, read 1650 times)


1 tea bag
1 bud of Cannabis
1/2 cup of Hot Apple Cider
1 shot of Captain Morgan's Rum


Take the tea bag and cut the top open a little. Empty out the tea matter and replace it with some of your favourite Cannabis.

Add the tea bag and Hot Apple Cider to a safe and heat resistant drinking cup. Add one shot of Captain Morgan's rum. Give a gentle stir every couple minutes for the next 10 minutes.

Add a touch of boiling apple cider to your cup (to warm it up). Stir and enjoy some fresh Apple Chronic Cider!

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Source: CookingWithCannabis