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Scrubs: Season 1 - Episode 3 - My Best Friend's Mistake
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J.D. and Elliot start to get closer to each other. While they're talking about their stressful work days, they start flirting, as if on a date. Elliot acts like she wants to kiss J.D, and he is not sure if she's joking or if he should really kiss her. He decides to go for it, but before he can, Dr. Cox enters the room and breaks the mood. Now J.D. is under pressure to kiss Elliot since he only has 48 hours before they both start over-thinking things, she gets too invested of the idea of him as a friend and he gets stuck in "the friend zone."


Elsewhere, Turk and Carla have begun dating. Turk gets to close on a patient - Mr. Bidwell - for the first time, while Elliot gets in trouble again when she confronts Dr. Kelso because he has called her "sweetheart" during rounds and she thinks it's sexist. Later, Mr. Bidwell's condition worsens and J.D. fears that Turk has forgotten something inside of him during surgery. It turns out that J.D. had given Bidwell insulin although he was diabetic. Turk realizes this before J.D. and helps him out.

Only then does J.D. remembers that he's got just 30 seconds left to kiss Elliot. He almost gets to her in time, but he just misses the deadline--and when he wants to kiss her, she just wants to talk. J.D. is disappointed and in his imagination he is now stuck in the "Friend Zone".

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