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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 11 - My Own Personal Jesus
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As J.D. prepares to break bad news about a patient to the family, the patient wakes up. This leads Turk to believe it is a miracle. Turk tells J.D. and Carla that his religion makes him who he is. Unfortunately, Turk has a rough night on-call on Christmas Eve, and his faith is shaken by the people that he believes God is ignoring.

Elliot is working in the free clinic, and she comes across a girl who is eight months pregnant. When she asks Dr. Kelso to transfer the patient to a family care specialist, Dr. Kelso tells her the patient will be good practice, because the odds lie that Elliot will go into women's care or family care eventually. Elliot does not like this news, and acts rudely to the patient,Meredith. When Elliot discovers Meredith has HELLP syndrome, Elliot knows she must deliver the baby immediately. However, Meredith has gone missing. While thinking about his faith on the roof, Turk runs to Miller Park, where Meredith says she's been every night for the past week. He finds Meredith and helps her.


Dr. Cox recruits J.D. to videotape the birth of his friends' Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler. J.D. accidentally does not record the birth, so Dr. Cox must use a different tape and lie to the new parents.

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