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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 20 - My Way or the Highway
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J.D. is annoyed that Turk's games always end up with him winning. In return he wants to play "tip over the rubbish bin" much to the annoyance of Janitor. Dr. Cox doesn't like that J.D. gave Mr. Hoffner lots of medical options, including surgical. As a surgical consult, Turk advises Mr. Hoffner to do the surgery which makes J.D. upset because he would prefer to treat him medically. Mr. Hoffner opts for surgery. When J.D. goes to talk to Dr. Cox about his decision, Dr. Cox doesn't have time to listen. J.D. in turn talks to Mr. Hoffner himself who says he made the decision himself, based on advice from other people, including Janitor. When J.D. is trying to convince his next patient that he should go the medical route, he is convinced by J.D.'s new confidence - and a thumbs up from Janitor.

Elliot tries to impress Sean


Elliot's patient, Sean Kelly, immediately attracts her. Elliot flirts with Sean on the cardiograph and finds out he is single. Elliot takes Carla away and asks why Sean didn't ask her out, even though she told him she was single. Carla tells her to wait and see what happens but shortly afterward he gets released. When Elliot gussies up to impress him, Laverne informs her that she needs to immediately see a patient. When she is through, she is covered in trash including poo, which leads into an awkward conversation about poop with Sean. In the parking lot, Elliot chases after Sean but is splashed by a puddle. She tastes it to prove it's not poo to Sean, she pulls him in for a kiss and makes him ask her out.


Dr. Cox is really happy with the coffee made by a special nurse even though Carla mentions Dr. Kelso has just fired two nurses. Dr. Cox tells Dr. Kelso it was wrong to fire two good nurses, and in turn Bob fires the coffee nurse and Carla blames Perry for arguing with him. The nurses are upset about the extra workload, and give Dr. Cox the cold shoulder.

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