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SCRUBS - Season 2, Episode 2 - My Nightingale
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Now residents, J.D., Elliot and Turk wish they had more responsibility. Meanwhile, Carla tries to convince Dr. Cox that he still loves Jordan, however he is distracted by Dr. Kelso's order to introduce him at a congratulatory conference, which he quickly refuses.


The new residents get their wish when they have a night shift without Dr. Cox or any attendings to fall back on. This scares them but after a pep talk by Carla, they decide to start working. One patient, a police officer injured in a pursuit, in particular shows no signs of improvement or failure so the unanimous decision is to wait and see if he needs surgery. Turk is constantly called to the clinic, with quite a lot of odd cases to go through and J.D. gets to work on other patients. Elliot is sent all the patients by an aloof ER Doctor.


When Dr. Cox watches Jordan sleep, he realizes Carla was right and sneaks back into the hospital to talk about this with Carla, while hiding from the residents. Upon getting home, he tells Jordan about his feelings and she tells him that their casual-sex relationship is ruined, and that she doesn't want to watch him destroy himself again over his disdain for people. Dr. Cox convinces Jordan to give him another chance and Jordan agrees on the condition that he gives the speech honoring and introducing Dr. Kelso.


After an hour and still no improvement on their patient, Carla lectures them on how they always whine about having no responsability yet get scared when they are left alone. The three opt for surgery and are now confident enough to finish their shifts.


When Dr. Cox walks up to the podium, he realizes he can't change and refers to Bob Kelso as the devil, the audience assuming it as a joke but Jordan leaves after seeing no evidence of him changing.

As Turk, Elliot, J.D. and Carla leave the hospital after their first independent night shift, Carla tells another nurse that she switched shifts to look after her friends.

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