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SCRUBS - Season 2, Episode 5 - My New Coat
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In adjusting to their new positions in the hospital, the residents embark on a search for different identities. J.D., feeling more like a doctor, proudly dons a white lab coat and attempts to stand up to the Janitor and Dr. Cox. Turk finds himself with intense back pains after being stuck working with Dr. Amato, a very short surgeon. Meanwhile, Elliot is getting some extra attention from Dr. Di Stefano, a handsome surgeon, and Turk's boss, who constantly assigns Turk to work with Dr. Amato to punish him for skipping guy's night out with the other surgeons. When they all get together later, Carla brands them each with an identity: J.D. is the geek; Turk is the jocky frat boy with back problems; and Elliot is... white, an identity that Elliot hates because J.D. is also white.

A new patient, Mr. Blair, has been admitted for a severe sinus infection and J.D. is treating him. As Mr. Blair's infection persists, J.D. decides to administer a stronger antibiotic intravenously. The patient ends up losing his sense of smell and blames J.D. After much anxiety, J.D. finds that it wasn't his fault after all and confronts Dr. Cox for seemingly placing the blame on him.


Looking to change her straight-laced reputation, Elliot has a one-night stand with Dr. Di Stefano. Soon after, rumors of her tryst spreads like wildfire throughout the hospital. At first she is upset, but later revels in her new reputation as a sex expert.


Carla and Elliot are treating Mrs. Brumbry when Carla realizes that the patient's age disqualifies her from a beneficial G.I. clinical trial. Dr. Cox decides to break the rules and enters her in the trial anyway. Dr. Kelso takes pleasure in reprimanding Dr. Cox, but later finds that the patient actually was qualified. He apologizes, but Cox states he would have broken the rules anyway.


In an attempt to fit in with the other jocky surgeons, Turk betrays his friendship with Elliot. Later, after having an eye opening talk with Dr. Amato, he stands up against the other surgeons.

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