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In Sweden, the founder of Wikileaks is more "perverse" than the "guru" Bivolaru. Article by Ford Turani.
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Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, arrived on Tuesday where many of those affected by the revelations he published wanted him to be: in the hands of police. And that happened after the Swedish justice heeded pretty strange accusations made by two women whose activity put a lot of questions about the veracity of the facts claimed. The same Swedish court which issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange for "sex by surprise", granted political asylum to the MISA leader, Gregorian Bivolaru, when he was investigated in Romania, among other things, for sexual perversion, sexual intercourse with a minor and trafficking of minors.

If last week Wikileaks founder was accused of "sex by surprise", the Swedish justice came back saying that, in fact, the statements of one of the women were poorly written. It seems that the crime of "sex by surprise" was the result of a condom that broke. Despite this, the founder of Wikileaks continued intercourse. Normally, for "sex by surprise" the Swedish law amends the guilty with 5,000 crowns (about $ 715).

But yesterday, when he presented at a London Police Headquarter, Julian Assange that had issued an international warrant on his name was arrested and found out that he must answer four counts of accusations: one for restraint, two for violent sex and one for rape.

On August 20, the Swedish women complained to the police accusing Assange of rape and sexual assault. In a note addressed to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, founder of Wikileaks denied the allegations, saying that he was never contacted by the police, and that on August 21 he was exempted by the Prosecution.
Assange was known at that time for making public a secret video recording of an U.S. attack in Baghdad, were many innocent civilians were killed. One of the women who accused Assange is Anna Ardin, a controversial feminist militant linked to notorious CIA operative. She is best known for writing a handbook on how women should take legal revenge on men and undermine a sexual relationship in seven stages. The other swedish woman says that the alleged facts happened during a threesomes in which she has been involved with Assange and, apparently, with Anna Ardin.

Assange said that it was consensual sex and the women's allegations are false; it is the first shot below the belt that he expected from those troubled by his revelations.

Tough with the founder of Wikileaks, which put fear into the americans, the swedish justice was particularly sympathetic to the romanian "guru" Bivolaru. Sweden refused to extradite Gregorian Bivolaru when asked by Romania in 2005. And it was not even remotely accused of "sex by surprise" but sexual perversion, sexual intercourse with a minor, trafficking with minors, human trafficking and illegal immigration. Bivolaru's orgies only brought him protection from Sweden and... political asylum.

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