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Echipa Observatorului a realizat un reportaj filmat cu camera ascunsa despre cum se fac banii în interiorul Bisericii si unde ajung ei.

O scena reala, dintr-o Românie cât se poate de reala: credinta se masoara în contributiile date la Biserica. Asa au decis unii preoti sa propovaduiasca vorbele Domnului. În România, serviciile religioase nu sunt gratuite. Cine nu plateste, nu beneficiaza de ele.

Asa ca oamenii s-au conformat. Doneaza pentru zidirea lacasurilor de cult, platesc daca vor ca preotul sa le citeasca acatistele, se împrumuta de la banci ca sa-si îngoape mortii.

Lumânarile facute în manastire, sunt de doua ori mai scumpe decât cele din comert. În depozite, 150 de lumânari se vând cu cel mult 10 lei. În Biserica, o singura lumânare, costa chiar si 50 de bani, asta înseamna 75 de lei, pentru acelasi lumânari.

Când credinţa se măsoară în bani. Ce avere impresionantă are Biserica Ortodoxă Română

Foto: AgerPres

De-a lungul anilor, Biserica a pus ban pe ban si strâns o avere impresionanta. Detine terenuri, paduri, sute de imobile. Nu plateste impozite la stat, însa primeste bani de la buget.

În medie, în fiecare an, Guvernul aloca peste 1 miliard de lei catre culte. La aceasta suma se adauga veniturile proprii, realizate din vânzarea obiectelor de cult sau a terenurilor.

Anul trecut, veniturile administratiei Patriarhale au fost de 87 de milioane de lei, cu aproape 60 de milioane de lei mai mari decât în 2010.  Toti acesti bani ar trebui sa se întoarca la oamenii saraci. Nu se întâmpla asa. 

Asta în vreme ce multi preoti sunt, de fapt, oameni de afaceri. Parintele Dumitru Bondarici, din Margineni, Bacau, e agent imobiliar. Vinde chiar terenurile care au fost retrocedate Bisericii. Sub pretextul ca vrem sa ne construim o casa în comuna, am mers la preot. 
Ne-a cerut 160.000 de euro pentru 2600 de metri patrati.

Preotul vinde metrul patrat de teren cu aproape 50 de euro. Mult mai scump decât ce ofera în zona agentiile imobiliare.

Fata bisericeasca ne-a explicat ca pamântul l-a recuperat în urma unor procese îndelungate. În total, peste 20 de hectare a primit parohia. A reusit sa vânda aproape tot. A evacuat oameni, a darâmat case.

Averea Bisericii trebuie pastrata cu sfintenie. Pamântul poate fi vândut, în cazul în care consiliul parohial considera ca e prea departe de parohie. Banii obtinuti trebuie folositi fie pentru a cumpara teren în alta parte, fie pentru acte fiantropice.


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A small bacteria feeding on it has been discovered. This may be a boon or a bane for the aquatic environment.
The bacteria was discovered through electron microscopy on plastic items sampled at the Sargasso Sea, an area in the North Atlantic, where debris tends to stack up due to local currents.

The primitive organisms live in pits in the plastic and appear to feed on it as well, says marine microbiologist Tracy Mincer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

"They look like you took a hot barbecue briquette and threw it into snow," Nature News cites Mincer as saying. "You see this melting bit all around the outside of the cells, and they're just burrowing into the plastic."

Image from

Image from

The specialized bug is not encountered in other environment, like surrounding seawater or seaweed.

Scientists are not yet sure whether these organisms will eventually do more good than harm in dealing with pollution. If their digestion products are environmentally-friendly, then it would mean that nature has found a new way to limit the damage humanity does.

But plastic contains numerous toxins, and the bacteria may be introducing those into the food chain by feeding on it and then becoming food for larger organism.

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Police pushed the protesters back, and the crowd later marched to nearby Hyde Park.

One protester was reportedly hospitalized with a head injury, and is in stable condition.

Seven ambulances arrived at the demonstration as tensions increased.

Sydney's security forces were prepared for the rally, authorities said, which continued throughout the evening.

Police arrested several demonstrators, local media reported.
"We are sick and tired of everyone mocking our beloved prophet," protester Houda Dib told the Australian. "They were aggravating the situation by pushing our brothers. This is supposed to be a peaceful protest."

"They call us the terrorists," demonstrator Sarah Jacob said in a separate interview. "But everyone is terrorizing our people."


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BEST COMMENTS for this article:

We live in a world of MORONS.  Islam, Christianity, Judaism, blah blah blah.  Until religion is gone from the earth, we will continue to suffer irrationality that leads to chaos, sorrow and death.  Grow up people.  Please.

This has nothing to do with Almighty God.
It is about Idolatry for a FALSE prophet!

Those inciting the beheading of people are criminals, plain and simple.

There is no God. Who seen it? When? Where? There is a supreme being that creates life, but not a god of religion nature. There are other organisms thru space that spark life.Also, there were and are other religions that are thousands of years older than God of Christianity or Allah. Are those wrong? Just because some camel herders said otherwise? There are museums of old religions. Greek gods. Roman gods and the list is enormous. They lost faith in those gods and then invented this ones or adopted it. Someday all this religions will be museum pieces. When the world wake up.

Religion is a throwback in human thought and a symptom of a complete lack in comprehending the real workings of the universe. Education would be the answer, but religious zealots, infected with the meme, are afraid of education, for it will destroy their little soother they’re sucking on, their religion!

Religions belong to the dustbin of failed human thought experiments and insidious doctrines to control the masses.

The obtuse hysteria presently gripping the middles east is ample proof of that.

A century of atrocities, illegal wars, invasions, regime change, war crimes, genocide, exploitation, assassinations and much more, by the one and only terrorist nation on the planet, the US, has finally come home to roost. Getting some of their own back in the smallest of measure has them screaming to high heaven, and no doubt will be used as a pretext for further atrocities by the crims in DC.

If the good people of the US would just jettison this criminal gang of terrorists masquerading as politicians; but that would require some courage and action, even revolution, and that’s not forthcoming with the MSM, owned by the crims, having a firm grip on all the little minds.

To hell with all these peace loving Muslims! Go back where you came from and kiss your leaders arses. The corrupt Australian leadership is to blame for the present situation in the country. All the good-doers must be paid very good money to sell the country and the hard working Australians to the these dogs (if they are worthy of a dog). I recommend a daily decimation of Canberra politicians, until common sense takes hold again.

Anyone who pursuits happiness and peace will be murdere or will die because they are not ISLAMIC. Thats the immature thought process of ISLAMIC stone age thinkers, they kill everyone who is not ISLAM and they say they are for peace. Christians left your countries because of your SLAVERY LAWS and yet you bring that same SLAVERY to other free countries and bully everyone else who is not ISLAM over?

Why don't you go attack the Chinese and see what they will do to you ISLAMIC slaves. Go free yourselves and let China and US join forces against you then. Spread your hate, you will be stopped.


If American Governments are so repectful of "Freedom of Speech", then WHY are Americans being arrested and sent to Psychiatric wards at hospitals for expressing viewpoints against the Government,Obama, in particular, in their FACEBOOK accounts???This is happening more frequently, particularly with ex-military individuals...I guess it is their REWARD for serving America!!!

The USA wants this anarchy for its own political campaigns. They don't care about the loss of lives even if a thousand US troops died tomorrow it is for resources to make their country rich. Israel is a tool for the USA and stole ideas from the Nazis in which they use on the Muslims, who once protected them.

I'll never understand the way religious minds think. The Pentagon pulls off a false flag terrorism attack on 9/11, blames all Muslims for a crime they never committed, uses it as justification to bomb their countries, yet they hardly stir. However should you insult their imaginary sky fairy then they riot. The Christian minds are equally bizarre.


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Vertical Farms Sprout into Reality.

Seven billion humans need farms that cover a land mass equal to South America, but tomorrow's farmers may need even more space to grow food for hungry mouths. Such urgency has given root to a new agricultural idea in the past few years — building vertical farms that climb toward the sky or burrow beneath the Earth.

Vertical farming got a big boost from a class taught by Dickson Despommier, a microbiologist and ecologist at Columbia University, in 1999. The students' ideas spread virally across the Internet and led to the rise of the first modern vertical farms in the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Sweden has plans for a vertical farm skyscraper reaching 17 stories in height.

"There are now real vertical farms," Despommier said. "You have no idea how proud I am of 106 students that worked over the period of 10 years to make this happen."

Vertical farms offer the vision of growing whatever people want, wherever they want. The indoor facilities can grow crops all year long without droughts or similar weather-related events wreaking havoc. Some designs can even make more efficient use of water compared to outdoor farming — and they could save outside space for wilderness or similar natural habitats. (Real Farmville: iPad Game Would Let Pigs Play with Humans)

Still, many people thought vertical farms were crazy even up to three years ago, Despommier said. His satisfaction was evident as he showed pictures of existing vertical farms during a talk at the World Science Festival's "Innovation Square" event on June 2.

The most futuristic farms exist in Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Singapore where crowded cities and scarce land make vertical farming most appealing. "I wish we were the world's leader in this, but right now it looks like Korea and Japan are light years ahead of us," Despommier said.

South Korea took inspiration from Despommier to build a three-story vertical farm with robotics and LED lights in the city of Suwon. Another seven-story vertical farm that grows plants shelf-like layers has sprouted in Yongin under the company Insung Tech.

The Japanese company Nuvege has built a vertical farm in Kyoto based upon familiar hydroponic farming methods that don't require soil. The Japanese government has also begun planning a vertical farm near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster as part of a bigger plan to robotically clean up farmland ravaged by a huge earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Europe has become home for some wilder visions of vertical farming — Sweden's Plantagon began building the 17-story vertical farm in Linkoping in February. Meanwhile, the PlantLab company wants to experiment with crop lighting conditions in a three-story underground farm in the Netherlands.

Even the U.S. has begun sprouting a few vertical farms. A former Chicago meatpacking plant has begun transforming into a vertical farm known simply as "The Plant," and the "Vertical Harvest" project is raising funds for a three-story greenhouse in Jackson, Wyoming.

The vertical farm dream is still growing both literally and figuratively. Despommier envisions modular vertical farms that can be shipped to the sites of natural disasters or civil unrest.

"So when you're in a pinch … you can ship these things, lock them together like Legos, and you've got your vertical farm sitting right in front of you with produce in it for people who need it," Despommier said. "That's my dream."

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Ford Turani, freelance journalist [un freelancer sau lucrator freelance (cuvânt englez) este o persoana care lucreaza independent si care desfasoara o profesie fara un angajament pe termen lung cu un angajator. Domeniile de activitate in care este intilnita activitatea free-lance includ: muzica, jurnalism, tipografie, scenaristica, film, actorie, fotojurnalism, cosmetica, parfumuri, tipografie, planificarea evenimentelor, managementul de eveniment, editarea copiilor, corectura, indexare, drepturi de autor, programare pe calculator, web design, design grafic , dezvoltarea site-urilor internet, consultanta, ghid turistic, editare video, productie video, traduceri, etc. A fost recunoscut oficial ca verb în 1903 de catre diferite autoritati în etimologie, cum ar fi Oxford English Dictionary], prezinta in exclusivitate pentru Turismo Associati ( itinerariul duelului viorilor Stradivarius si Guarneri del Gesu, editia septembrie 2012. 

12 septembrie Galati Teatrul Dramatic "Fani Tardini"
13 septembrie Iasi Sala Filarmonicii
16 septembrie Bacău Ateneu
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19 septembrie Bucuresti Sala Radio
20 septembrie Ploiesti Sala Filarmonicii
22 septembrie Sibiu Sala Thalia
23 septembrie Timisoara Sala Capitol
25 septembrie Cluj Napoca Opera Maghiară
toate concertele încep la ora 19.00


  • La Galati biletele s-au pus in vinzare la Agentia Teatrului Dramatic "Fani Tardini" si la Agentia CCSG.
    Pret: 25 lei
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    28,08 lei, 19,44 lei, 18,36 lei,
    12,96 lei elevi si studenti
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    Biletele s-au pus in vanzare la Sala Ateneu a Filarmonicii "Mihail Jora"
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    Tel. 0234 546 030
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    Orar casierie: Luni-Marti; Joi-Vineri 10-14; Miercuri 14-19.
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    10 lei (elevi,studenti, pensionari)
    Tel. 0256 492521
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    Pretul biletelor: 30 RON
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    Programul casei de bilete: zilnic între orele 10.00-13.00 si 16.30-18.30

Stradivarius vs. Guarneri

Majoritatea oamenilor, si putem include aici chiar mari violonisti ai lumii, nu ar putea face diferenta dintre sunetul unei Guarneri sau al unei Stradivarius. Se spune ca diferenta se "simte" numai atunci când se cânta pe fiecare dintre cele doua instrumente, însa aceasta depinde mai mult de tehnica violonistului, de presiunea cu care arcusul atinge pe coarde sau chiar de viteza, decât de caracteristica sunetului în sine.

Cu toate acestea, discutiile privind valoarea si performantele celor doua tipuri de viori au existat înca de la faurirea acestora, când doi dintre lutierii finalului de secol 17 - Antonio Stradivari si Giuseppe Guarneri - au dat viata unor instrumente ce aveau sa devina, peste timp, cele mai faimoase viori din întreaga lume. Competitia comerciala din acea perioada, s-a transformat, peste timp, într-o competitie muzicala, care i-a împartit pe împatimitii melomani în doua tabere.

Duelistii Liviu Prunaru si Gabriel Croitoru, au acceptat provocarea de a pune în scena una dintre cele mai controversate dispute din istoria muzicii clasice si de a se duela, în numele disputei de veacuri a lutierilor, cu cele mai faimoase arme ale universului instrumentelor cu coarde: viorile Stradivarius si Guarneri.

Pianistul Horia Mihail, ca secundant al acestui duel, va urmari îndeaproape prevederile Code Duello si se va asigura ca regulile sunt respectate întocmai, acompaniind la pian, pe fiecare dintre cei doi violonisti.

Publicul este invitat ca martor de seama al acestui duel istoric si tot el va fi cel care, la final, va stabili verdictul definitiv si irevocabil asupra dilemei de secole a lumii muzicale: cine a fost cel mai mare lutier al lumii?

Liviu Prunaru si Gabriel Croitoru despre doua opere de arta :

Stradivarius si Guarneri

Liviu Prunaru vorbeste cu caldura despre vioara Stradivarius pe care cânta acum:
"Constructia instrumentului a avut loc în 1694, era perioada "lunga" a lui Stradivari, adica cea în care facea instrumente putin mai lungi decât cele obisnuite, ceea ce adauga un grad de dificultate interpretarii... De ce? Pentru ca eu înainte am cântat pe un Guarneri, care era mult mai mic decât o vioara obisnuita si a fost destul de diferit atunci când am trecut pe acest Stradivarius care are 3 milimetri în plus si a fost deja ajustat cu alti câtiva milimetri. Cânt de trei ani pe acesta vioara. Mi-a fost oferita de Orchestra din Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, sa cânt pe ea atâta timp cât voi ramâne cu ei. Este un motiv foarte convingator..."

Povestea acestei viori este destul de lunga si se împleteste cu viata profesionala a lui Liviu Prunaru din ultimii ani.
"Când am venit la Concertgebouw aveam un Guarneri, pe care cântam înainte, dar care apartinea unei familii din Elvetia si era posibil sa trebuiasca sa o dau înapoi. Mi-au oferit sa încerc un Guadagnini si un alt Guarneri, Joseph Guarneri. Întâi am luat vioara Guadagnini, dar am renuntat repede. Când am atins acel Joseph Guarneri, m-am îndragostit imediat de el, desi veneam tot de la un Guarneri. Acesta, însa, era mai robust, mai masculin, mai sanatos si mai mare. Am trecut imediat pe acest Joseph Guarneri, pe care am cântat doi ani. Însa cei din orchestra mi-au spus ca vor sa caute o vioara si mai buna pentru mine. Si atunci, un an întreg s-au perindat prin mâna mea pe acea scena tot felul de viori: Galliano, Guadagnini, Stradivari, Guarneri, Bergonzi chiar, si pe toate le-am încercat în concerte. Cântam la aproape fiecare doua-trei saptamâni cu alta vioara. Va dati seama ce m-am "distrat" timp de un an acolo. Pâna la urma ne stabiliseram asupra unui Stradivari si urma sa se încheie afacerea, dar cu o zi înainte de a semna hârtiile, a aparut acest alt Stradivari si toata lumea s-a îndragostit de el de la primul sunet. Este cel care a câstigat si este cel pe care cânt acum."

Liviu Prunaru vorbeste cu caldura despre calitatile viorii sale Stradivarius "Pachoud" din 1694.
"Venind dintr-o familie de Guarneri, pe care am cântat mai mult de 16 ani, pot sa spun ca diferenta este foarte mare, si nu numai din punct de vedere acustic, ci pur si simplu material. Într-un fel simti si cânti, cu o anume tehnica, pe o Guarneri si altfel cânti pe o vioara Stradivari. Vreau sa va spun înca ceva, n-am fost prieten chiar de la început cu Stradivari. De ce? Familia Guarneri are un sunet închis, cald si placut, care te învaluie si te cuprinde din toate partile. E superb! Stradivariusul are însa alta calitate, un sunet sclipitor, stralucitor, pe care eu îl asemui cu o lama laser care trece prin tot. Mi-a trebuit ceva timp ca sa ma împrietenesc cu aceasta vioara si sa-i înteleg toate calitatile."

Gabriel Croitoru are o poveste mai simpla despre vioara lui, Guarneri "Catedrala" din 1730:
"Eu trebuia de fapt sa cânt pe Stradivari, pentru ca am câstigat primul concurs prin care a fost atribuita vioara lui Ion Voicu. Pâna la urma sunt mult mai multumit cu ceea ce mi s-a oferit în final, respectiv aceasta vioara Guarneri, care mi se pare deosebita. Ea are un pseudonim si anume "Catedrala", pentru ca sunetul ei se aseamana cu cel dintr-o biserica. Este absolut grozav. Sigur ca vioara a fost necântata o perioada destul de lunga, cam 50 de ani... Totusi este minunata. Povestea a fost foarte simpla. Înainte de a muri, Enescu, locuind la Paris în perioada respectiva, i-a dat viorile care îi apartineau lui Menuhin, care, dupa un an de zile le-a returnat pe toate, mai putin un Stradivari pe care l-a pastrat. Aceste instrumente au ajuns în tara prin Maruca, fosta sotie a lui George Enescu, care le-a donat muzeului, împreuna cu cladirea în care se afla si astazi Muzeul Enescu. De atunci, practic, vioara a stat necântata împreuna cu celelalte, desigur, foarte bine pastrate în seif. Din punctul acesta de vedere chiar as zice ca este mult mai bine întretinuta decât cealalta, respectiv decât Stradivariusul care a fost în folosinta maestrului Voicu si faptul ca instrumentul a revenit în circuitul muzical este un punct câstigat. Sper sa am ocazia sa cânt cu el cât mai mult timp.

Gabriel Croitoru povesteste cum s-a împrietenit cu vioara pe care cânta acum.
"Deoarece ca dimensiune instrumentul acesta este foarte apropiat de ce am avut înainte, nu mi-a fost greu. Vioara mea personala este tot o vioara italiana, care nu difera ca dimensiuni. Sigur, sunetul este altul, iar pretul nu mai vorbim. În ceea ce priveste vioara Guarnieri, pentru auzul instrumentistului nu este un sunet foarte puternic si foarte pregnant, în schimb ceea ce se duce la distanta, spre public, este cu totul special."

Pianistul Horia Mihail ne spune care sunt punctele forte care ar recomanda acest turneu:
"Muzica pe care o vom prezenta nu implica pentru public un grad prea avansat de familiarizare cu notiunile muzicale, ci poate fi ascultata foarte usor de catre oricine. Din punct de vedere al marketing-ului, acest asa-zis "duel" cred ca va atrage foarte multi spectatori în cele sase sali de concert în care vom evolua. Cele doua viori trebuie privite în primul rând ca opere de arta, obiecte care nu pot fi evaluate si nu pot fi reproduse niciodata. Valoarea celor doi violonisti recomanda acest turneu, dar si faptul ca un astfel de concept este o premiera poate chiar la nivel mondial, cu siguranta la nivel national. În plus, programul va fi foarte incitant si foarte interesant, usor de ascultat, placut. Diferentele dintre aceste doua opere de arta, Stradivari si Guarneri, vor putea fi sesizate în aceeasi seara, în acelasi spatiu, cele doua instrumente fiind mânuite de doi mari violonisti nascuti în România." (Ana Maria Spataru)


Liviu Prunaru - vioara Stradivarius
Horia Mihail - pian

J. Brahms  Scherzo
B. Smetana Aus der Heimat

Gabriel Croitoru - vioara Guarneri del Gesu
Horia Mihail - pian

F. Kreisler  Tambourine chinoise
E. Elgar  Salut d'amour

Liviu Prunaru - vioara Stradivarius
Horia Mihail - pian

J. Svendsen Romanta, op. 26
J. Hubay  Hejre Kati, op. 32

Gabriel Croitoru - vioara Guarneri del Gesu
Horia Mihail - pian

D. Sostakovici Vals din Suita a II-a (aranjament de Mugurel Scutareanu)
P. de Sarasate Fantezia Carmen, op. 25

Liviu Prunaru - vioara Stradivarius
Horia Mihail - pian
Gabriel Croitoru - vioara Guarneri del Gesu

G. Fr. Handel Sonata pentru doua viori si pian in sol minor, op. 2 nr. 7
S. Prokofiev Sonata pentru doua viori in do major, op. 56
M. Moszowski Suita pentru doua viori si pian, op. 71
Allegro energico

Autor: Ford Turani pentru Turismo Associati . it

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Se apropie inceputul anului scolar, dar scoala pare sa nu mai aiba un impact prea ridicat asupra romanilor, asupra setei de cultura a romanilor.

Concret, romanii nu se mai ingramadesc sa cheltuiasca prea multi bani pe activitati culturale.

Boom si criza
In plus, dezinteresul romanilor pentru cultura nu poate fi motivat prin constrangerile cauzate de criza.
Nici in perioada de boom economic nu ne inghesuiam sa vizitam prea multe muzee sau sa vedem prea multe piese de teatru. Ori sa citim carti bune in mod regulat.

Dar cum am ajuns la aceasta concluzie? Simplu: prin intermediul aspectelor financiare. Econtext va arata cati bani cheltuiesc romanii si ceilalti cetateni din UE pe activitatile culturale.
Mai precis, cat la suta din salariul mediu este destinat activitatilor culturale! In fiecare tara din comunitatea europeana.


Loc rusinos
Iar concluzia este rusinoasa pentru tara noastra! Pentru romani! Din toti europenii, romanii aloca cele mai mici sume pentru activitatile culturale. Cea mai mica parte din salariu!

Practic, am putea spune ca romanii nu-si mai rezerva, ca altadata, bani pentru carti sau muzica de buna calitate. Cele mai frecvente acte culturale sunt mersul la filme (de calitate indoielnica) si achizitia de ziare (la fel, de o calitate discutabila).

Dupa cum afirmam anterior, romanii cheltuiesc cea mai mica parte din salariu pe activitatile culturale. Pe prima pozitie in topul sumelor alocate culturii se afla finlandezii. Suprinzator, dintre toti europenii, acestia aloca cea mai mare parte din venituri pentru activitati si manifestari culturale.

Astfel, in medie, finlandezii cheltuiesc 11,3% din veniturile salariale pentru tot ceea ce tine de spectrul cultural. Nu britanicii, nu nemtii sau francezii, ci finlandezii! Iar pe locul doi se afla maltezii! Britanicii se plaseaza de abia pe locul cinci, iar nemtii pe zece!
Iar pe ultima pozitie se afla romanii! Care chetuiesc mai putin de jumatate decat ocupantii primului loc! Stam mai prostsi decat bulgarii, vecinii nostri pe care-i privim cu atata superioritate!
Dar iata cat din salariu aloca fiecare european pentru activitati culturale (% din totalul veniturilor salariale):

Sursa: - Autor: Ioan A. Murgu

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Sunt rezultatele a doua studii de specialitate care ridica noi semne de intrebare privind evolutia Romaniei in ultimii 22 ani.


Potrivit datelor Fondului Monetar International (FMI), produsul intern brut pe locuitor, ajustat la puterea de cumparare a romanilor, va fi egal in acest an cu 40,2% din media Uniunii Europene. Spre comparatie, Bulgaria se afla la 43,9%, Polonia la 66,7%, iar Cehia la 85,7% din media UE.

PIB-ul pe locuitor este cel mai cunoscut indicator de referinta pentru a masura si compara nivelul de trai. Potrivit estimarilor FMI, decalajul se va mari in anii urmatori.

Astfel, in 2015, Romania va avea un PIB pe cap de locuitor de 15.396 dolari, fata de 12.644 in 2008. Bulgaria va inregistra in 2015 un PIB pe cap de locuitor de 16.204 dolari, iar Serbia de 14.592 dolari.

Nu-i de mirare, in conditiile in care, potrivit Institutului National de Statistica (INS), preturile reglementate de stat au crescut fata de anul 1990 chiar si de 37.000 ori, respectiv de 2 pana la 10 ori peste rata inflatiei din ultimele doua decenii. Cititi mai multe amanunte aici. prezenta, anul trecut, o alta analiza care estima ca Romania va inregistra, pana in 2025, cel mai scazut produs intern brut pe cap de locuitor din Uniunea Europeana (UE).

Vestea buna este ca PIB-ul al Romaniei va creste semnificativ mai repede decat majoritatea tarilor Uniunii Europene. In 2025, PIB-ul pe locuitor va atinge 60% din media UE, fata de aproape 40% in prezent.

Cehia, Slovacia si Polonia sunt primele tari est europene care vor atinge nivelul mediu de trai din Uniunea Europeana pana in 2025.

Romania, in topul riscului foametei

Japonezii de la Nomura sunt printre cei mai pesimisti analisti din lume in privinta Romaniei. In septembrie anul trecut, ei au afirmat, intr-un alt studiu, ca suntem tara europeana cu cel mai mare risc de foamete.

Analistii ne clasau pe locul 12 din 180 de state in topul vulnerabilitatii la cresterea pretului alimentelor. Pe primul loc se afla Bangladesh, urmat de Maroc, Algeria, Nigeria si Liban. Vecinii nostri de la Sud de Dunare, bulgarii, se afla pe locul 19. Studiul Nomura ia in calcul procentul cheltuielilor populatiei cu alimentele (49,4% - in cazul Romaniei), PIB-ul pe cap de locuitor (9300 de dolari) si importul net de alimente (1,1% din PIB).

Cea mai mica speranta de viata a publicat un studiu care arata ca romanii au cea mai mica speranta de viata din toata Uniunea Europeana.

Romanii traiesc, in medie, 73 de ani si cinci luni, in timp ce, la nivel european, speranta de viata atinge 82 ani. Datele arata, pe de alta parte, ca femeile au o speranta de viata mai mare, de 77 de ani, in timp ce barbatii ajung, in medie, la varsta de 70 de ani.

La nivel european, cel mai mult traiesc femeile din Spania si Franta, in medie 85 de ani, dar si barbatii din Suedia si Italia, care ating varsta de 80 de ani, mai arata Econtext.

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Polls show they'll do it again. IVAD late August results show Chavez ahead 55% to 34%. Only 10% of Venezuelans are undecided.

Eight major July polls showed Chavez leading by 15 - 27%. Subsequent ones weeks later revealed his support remains strong. Few doubt October's outcome. At issue is only by how much. On December 16, regional elections follow.

In late August, Chavez warned that opposition forces plan to declare victory before electoral results are announced. They'll say they won, reject National Electoral Council (CNE) totals, and claim fraud.

They'll call for violence, destabilization and US help. "They are gearing up… with some allies in the world, some media, some social organizations to claim victory," said Chavez. "We know they are capable of anything."

Chavez is right. World globalist media networks including TV news bulletins around the world are preparing their viewers for this scenario. The U.S. and its banker masters are stretching for world-wide war.

They wish to remove the main bastion of resistance and support to national independence and socialism across Latin America: Venezuela. They've already done so removing Libya as an obstacle to their designs in Africa, while in Asia both Russia and China have abandoned socialism, as well as those who resisted imperialism in South East Asia now compromised or isolated.


Venezuela's popular President Hugo Chavez urged respect for official results, adding:

"We will support the National Electoral Council. We call on all sectors to respect the referee, the Constitution, the laws."

The opposition candiate Capriles' economic advisor, Ricardo Hausmann, said his campaign will announce its own results independently of official ones. This is already a clear sign that the same scenario may be used to overthrow the popular Venezuelan government as was done in the Ivory Coast in Africa.

With free health and food subsidies for Venezuela's poor, which make up the vast bulk of the population, it is inevitable the majority will vote for the popular socialist party led by Hugo Chavez. Even the United Nations data shows that poverty has been greatly alleviated under the government of Hugo Chavez.

Capriles is playing to the poor by claiming, in spite of his foreign backing and clear background and allegiances with the rich and their foreign paymasters, that he is even "further left" than Chavez and would do even more for the poor. He also claims that Venezuela should use its oil only for its own population and not for the mutually beneficial support of and solidarity with others.

Most of Latin America (South America) now is under popular socialist governments, thanks to the efforts of Hugo Chavez to shore up support for those candidates, as well as financing a powerful independent news media network, Telesur, which broadcasts in Spanish and has done more to ensure that the neo-colonial, imperialist plans of the U.S. regime fail in the region.

This in turn strengthens the chances of Venezuela's poor to continue their rise to power, education and wealth. Regional blocs have formed in cooperation, and the entire region has become a no-go area for foreign bases and militarist designs with few exceptions.

Ultimas Noticias editor Eleazar Diza Rangel said the U.S.-backed Capriles will "claim fraud (and won't) recognize the people's will."

Since Chavez took office in February 1999, 15 national and regional elections were held. Independent observers declared them open, free and fair. America's Carter Center calls Venezuela's electoral system one of the world's most reliable.

Around 200 or more international observers will monitor October 7 voting. Expect confirmation of another exemplary democratic process. It puts America's to shame and then some. US federal and many regional ones lack legitimacy. Big money controls them. Ordinary people have no say.

Venezuelans get the real thing. They're not about to accept pre-Chavez harshness. They want no part of corporatism at their expense.

The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign published a report saying a leaked internal right wing document revealed plans to roll back public services if elected.

It calls for reducing state funding. Health care, education, food subsidies, housing assistance, communal council projects, and other programs Venezuelans rely on will be affected.

The document titled "First Ideas for Economic Actions of the National Unity Government" calls for "concrete steps to decrease, in the medium and long term, the heavy load of goods and services" by slashing overall social spending.

Privatizations and neo-liberal harshness are planned. What Venezuelans rejected years ago they want reinstated. They plan presidential diktat authority to enforce it. They want to "dismantle the socialized and collectivized state model." Their plan replicates IMF financial terrorism.

It mandates mass lay-offs, deregulation, deep social spending cuts, wage freezes or cuts, corporate-friendly tax cuts, prioritizing the divine right of capital, crushing trade unionism, and harsh crackdowns against non-believers.

Ahead of October 7, destabilization began. Expect more. Washington's dirty hands bear full responsibility. Chavez is relentlessly targeted. Bush policy was vicious. Obama promised better but lied.

He wants corporatism replacing Bolivarianism. He failed but won't stop trying. Chavez knows the stakes and what he faces. Hegemons demand unchallenged dominance. No holds barred tactics go all out.

Weeks ahead of October 7, a suspicious oil refinery fire occurred. A gas explosion ignited it pre-dawn. An immediate investigation was launched. Venezuela's Amuay facilitity was hit.

It's the nation's largest. It's part of state owned PDVSA's Paraguana Refining Complex (PRC). It produces 645,000 barrels of oil per day. Extensive damage halted production. Vital revenues were lost. Reports said operational areas weren't affected.

Chavez could have claimed foreign terrorism responsible, he did not, instead a full investigation has been launched, with no pronouncements being made on what was the cause until the results of the investigation are all in. Capriles on the other hand has spoken out constantly, using the time ahead of elections to accuse official neglect to be the cause, calling for resignations.

On August 31, production resumed. PRC head Jesus Luongo said strong winds complicated fire-fighting. PRC vice president Asdrubal Chavez said shipments resumed on September 2.

He also explained that contingency plans were implemented during down time. Regular distribution continued. "If the whole network of refineries were stopped," he added, "we'd be able to supply fuel for more than 10 days."

The incident took 48 lives. Plant workers and National Guard forces died. Over 100 others were injured. Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged.

It's one of Venezuela's deadliest incidents. Earlier Tacoa and Las Tejerias refinery accidents killed 260 and 48 respectively. Around 160 died from a Ricardo Zuluaga electric power plant explosion.

Amuay's fire burned for days and spread. Damage caused was extensive. Chavez declared three days of mourning, saying:

"At this time of great pain, and from the bottom of my soldier's heart, may you and all of our comrades in arms from the National Bolivarian Guard receive a huge embrace in solidarity for the painful loss of such brave lives in the tragedy in Amuay."

"As the Son of Bolivar that I am, today my mourning is the same mourning as that of the entire country."

Following the incident, opposition forces and media scoundrels accused authorities of "gross negligence," "under-investment," and poor maintenance.

Chavez called it "very regrettable if some Venezuelans tried to use the pain of the victims to take advantage of the situation" and use it for political advantage.

"I know who is saying this," he said, "but I will not stoop to their level." Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said the plant received around $4.3 billion in 2012.

At the time of the explosion, reports said government web sites were hacked. Twitter accounts were also taken over and used to spread disinformation about a coup being under-way, for days before Twitter restored their correct ownership.

Corporate-owned Globovision broadcast exclusive footage of the explosion. Someone unnamed was positioned outside the plant at 2AM to film it. Suspicions followed that Amuay was no accident.

On September 3, Press TV headlined "Sabotage more probably than mishap in Venezuela refinery blast," saying:

Responding to spurious charges of government negligence and other accusations, Chavez said:

"You can’t exclude any hypothesis….It’s practically impossible that here in an installation like this which is fully automated everywhere and that has thousands of responsible workers night and day, civilian and military, and that there is a gas leak for 3 or 4 days and nobody responds. This is impossible."

On September 6, Press TV headlined "US-backed opposition devises plots to destabilize Venezuela," saying:

Chavez supporters accused them of spreading fear and terror ahead of October's election. Amuay's incident was Exhibit A. Political activist Hindu Anderi said:

"Our principal is to always be mobilized, to be on alert against anyone attempting to sabotage the election on October 7."

"They will do this to create an environment in which Venezuela will be looked upon as an outlaw state."

"This will make it easier for military intervention or at least sanctions against Venezuela."

He and others accused Washington of plotting against Chavez, his allies and Bolivarianism. Chavez said America and opposition forces want his government destabilized.

On August 28, he showed how Bolivarianism differs from neoliberal harshness. He allocated millions of aid dollars for victims and family members.

Spouses of victims got lifetime pensions. Their children get educational scholarships. Damaged and destroyed properties will be rebuilt. Interim housing was provided. One victim said state help came quickly. No one needing it is excluded.

Chavez congratulated everyone who pitched in to help. "The spirit of patriotism, national unity, and the battle for life is being financed," he said.

Vice minister Hugo Carvajal of Venezuela's Integrated System of Crime Investigation said:

"The Bolivarian government has organized a multidisciplinary team of the best disaster investigators of the Investigation Division of Disasters of the CICPC and the Board of the Technical Scientific and Investigation Consultancy of the Attorney General’s office to work out the precise actions that lead to the fire."

Evidence is being examined. Satellite and ground photos were taken. Witnesses were questioned. Information is being carefully analyzed. Findings will be released once available.

Industrial accidents aren't uncommon. Amuay's timing and extensive damage raised suspicious red flags. Latin American expert James Petras agrees.

The incident, he believes, "was an act of sabotage, planned and executed by a clandestine group of terrorist specialists acting on behalf of the US government." Convincing arguments back this reasoning.

Cui bono is most obvious. Washington, Capriles, and corporate fascists hoped to benefit. They planned taking full advantage. Chavez was blamed. Venezuelans hear it ad nauseam. It wore thin long ago.

Nonetheless, dark forces never quit. Washington funds opposition forces. It's gone on throughout Chavez's tenure. CIA operatives infest the country. All independent governments are targeted. Chavez is Latin America's prime target. Its oil riches alone explain why.

Several times he said Washington wants him assassinated. Regional US bases threaten him. He's a marked man. He's also resilient.

He's not about to let threats roll him over. He pulls no punches. He condemns imperial US policies. Few anywhere match his outspokenness. Most Venezuelans support him for good reason.

Re-election next month looks certain. Imagine if America had leadership like his. He doesn't seek regional or global hegemony. He endorses peace, not war. He engages other nations cooperatively. He seeks unity and world solidarity. He heads the kind of democracy Americans can't even imagine.

His policies are socially progressive. State resources provide vital services. He champions civil and human rights. Ordinary Venezuelans are helped, not denied or persecuted.

No secret prisons exist. He doesn't target neighbors or practice torture. His elections are judged open, free and fair.
Last week, an indigenous organization said it had received reports of a mass killing in a remote jungle village. Chavez said his government still hasn't found evidence of any killings in Yanomami Indian communities in the Amazon.

Nicia Maldonado, the minister for indigenous peoples, said later on state radio that officials who travelled to the area last week had on Wednesday reached the community of Irotatheri where the massacre reportedly happened. She said the team didn't find any signs of bloodshed.

Leaders of the Horonami Yanomami Organization, a community group that released the original report, couldn't be reached for comment. In other words, it was all yet another lie for the ongoing media campaign through which Washington and its capitalist allies are attempting to remove the socialist government from power.

If they fail to do so at the ballot box, they'll declare victory and create a civil war and call for U.S. intervention. It's been done before. They'll do it again. This time however, the world must stand with Hugo Chavez and against U.S. terrorism and conspiracies.

After a year of battling cancer, Chavez has said he's now better and has assured Venezuelans that physical limitations stemming from his recovery will not affect his re-election campaign. On Wednesday, he said his last medical exam in June found him in good shape.
"I feel very good, even better. Because there are some who are throwing dirt and saying Chavez can't make it — he's falling, he's dying," the president said. "They're playing with this, but it's not going to happen. We're going to have a massive victory."

The contrast with Washington is stark. Leadership in both countries is mirror opposite. Venezuelans have choice when they vote. Americans get two sides of the same coin. It's corrupted, dysfunctional, tyrannical, and too broken to fix. Bolivarianism shames it.

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Source: - Authors: Stephen Lendman and Adam King -- Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War".

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E greu, trebuie sa strângi din dinti si sa încerci sa rezisti pâna la capat în perioada asta nu tocmai fericita, când presa a fost o zona foarte afectata de criza si batalia politica. E greu sa rezisti, sa ai coloana vertebrala... Eu zic ca am mers bine si daca am rezistat pâna acum, în aceste conditii, sunt convins ca va fi mai bine în viitor. Iar faptul ca „baronii locali” exista peste tot, mai ales în provincie, nu face decât sa-mi dea de lucru.

Gotiu la Rosia Montana

Ai trecut peste faza cu sucu’, berea, papica la sindrofii si pliculetul la buzunar în diverse ipostaze. Cum ai rezistat?

Foarte simplu, acum mai bine de zece ani, când am început sa fac jurnalism de investigatie mai aprofundat, cred ca materialele pe care le-am scris si mesajele pe care le-am transmis au dat de înteles ca nu este cazul sa vina cineva cu pliculetul la mine. Am aflat la un moment dat, în urma unei anchete, ca ma cauta un fost baron local, actualmente presedintele unei federatii sportive internationale, sa-mi dea pliculetul. Ce sa-i faci, n-a fost sa fie, nu m-a gasit atunci... he, he! Era vorba de Marius Vizer, ce sa ne mai ascundem dupa deget?! Suparare mare ca omul lui nu m-a gasit, dar eu cred ca a fost spre binele lui ca nu m-a gasit atunci! În rest, cred ca un jurnalist îsi face treaba atunci când transmite un mesaj destul de clar ca nu poate fi „apelat”, iar riscul de a fi deturnat este doua ori mai mare decât cel al aparitiei articolului.

Ai demarat în ultima perioada o serie de anchete privind devalizarea resurselor vitale ale României. În mare, dezbaterile publice s-au canalizat pe Rosia Montana, gazele de sist - Bârlad, Rosia Poieni... Se pare - ceea ce banuiam de mult si fara sa folosesc cuvinte mari - ca „sediul materiei” este cedarea pe nimic a tuturor resurselor tarii, cu complicitatea serviciilor de informatii...

Exista o lege a tacerii în presa, se stiu multe lucruri, exista o gramada de informatii pe care foarte putini le fac publice. Într-adevar, la nivelul perceptiei opiniei publice, e „la moda” Rosia Montana. S-a atras de atâtea ori atentia ca Rosia este doar vârful de lance, proiectele fiind mult mai multe, aproape toti Apusenii fiind „acoperiti” si nu doar Apusenii. Avem Baia Mare, ajungem la Arad, apoi Carasul... e vorba de o întreaga strategie de vânzare pe doi bani a resurselor naturale ale României, pe de alta parte - nu mi-e frica s-o spun - tradarea de tara a facut ca România sa devina o colonie. Cineva, bazându-se pe câtiva baroni locali care iau firimituri, profita la maximum de resursele naturale ale unei tari. Ba mai mult, se ajunge inclusiv la înstrainarea terenurilor agricole, o alta resursa vitala.

Cum suntem macinati marunt?

Pot spune ca anul de pornire a fost 1995 si personajul în jurul caruia se învârt multe dintre aceste afaceri este Frank Timis. Deloc întâmplator, în 1995 el punea primele „balize” atât pe Rosia Montana, pe Certej, în domeniul aurului, însa trecea si în partea cealalta, obtinând si licentele pentru gazele de sist de la Bârlad. Le-a vândut apoi în 2011 catre Chevron prin Regal Petroleum. Nu poti sa nu te-ntrebi cum e posibil ca un individ urmarit, condamnat pentru trafic de stupefiante în Australia, ajunge sa detina informatii-cheie în toate domeniile ce tin practic de siguranta nationala. Când vorbim de aur-argint, de gaze de sist, de metale si materiale rare, nu mai putem discuta de o scurgere accidentala de informatii! Logic, totul s-a oferit de catre cel sau cei care au centralizat informatiile la vârf!

De unde atâtea firme canadiene „strategice”?

Schema e un pic mai complexa; majoritatea acestor firme sunt listate în Canada si sunt subsidiare ale unor firme-mama, cu acelasi nume, înmatriculate în paradisuri fiscale bananiere. E o întreaga încrengatura, nici Fiscul american n-a reusit sa le puna cap la cap. Pe de-o parte, exista firme din Barbados, din Cayman, Insulele Virgine si-asa mai departe, iar pe de alta parte, ele sunt listate cu acelasi nume la Bursa din Canada. Alegerea Canadei ca loc de functionare a firmelor miniere, de fapt e vorba doar de sediul administrativ, e pentru ca acolo nu exista lege care sa reglementeze functionarea acestor companii în afara tarii. La începutul lui 2010, 60% dintre companiile miniere erau înregistrate în Canada si ele detineau peste 40% din totalul exploatarilor din lume. De ce au „puisori” în paradisuri fiscale? E foarte simplu, acolo dispare profitul! O sa vezi ca exista un Deva Gold cu sediul în Deva, dar mai exista un Deva Gold cu sediul în Barbados, practic o subsidiara a European Goldfields, preluat de Eldorado Gold, care e acum detinatorul a 80% din proiectul de la Deva. La fel cum exista un Gabriel Resources (care detine 80% din proiectul RMGC de la Rosia Montana) la Toronto, un Gabriel Resources în Insulele Jersey si unul în Barbados.

Vorbim acum de reprezentanti ai statului român care au aruncat o firma „momeala” gen Minvest, care va disparea cu totul în firma investitorului „strategic”... Dincolo de teoria conspiratiei, se pare totusi ca asasinii economici exista si sunt pe ultima suta de metri...

În ecuatie apare Barrick Gold, care preia tot mai multe procente din exploatarile aurifere, concern aflat si în culisele încercarii de preluare a Cuprumin. Are în România trei firme pe care le controleaza; Carpathian Gold, Valhalla, Samax... sunt preluate deja teritorii imense în Hunedoara, la Rovina, Ciresata si Colnic - ultimele doua denumiri de dealuri de fapt. Exista si neconcordante, sa nu le spun altfel, între ceea ce ne prezinta Agentia Nationala a Resurselor Minerale si licentele de explorare si exploatare prezentate de aceste firme pe propriile site-uri oficiale. Avem cazul Baisoara, lânga Cluj, despre care RMGC nu ne spune nimic, dar care apare cu licenta de explorare pe site-ul ANRM! Neconcordante existau si pe site-ul European Goldfields - tot a lui Frank Timis, practic „fratiorul” RMGC (Gold Corporation) -, preluata de Eldorado Gold la începutul acestui an, beneficiara contractului de la Certej. Actionar important de la sfârsitul anului trecut la European Goldfields e emirul din Qatar, cel caruia, pe 29 iulie, dupa anuntarea rezultatului referendumului, Basescu îi... transmitea salutari prin intermediul corespondentului Al Jazeera... În ceea ce priveste legalitatea acordului de mediu primit, mie mi se pare cel putin dubios faptul ca o agentie regionala a ajuns sa dea avize de mediu pe un proiect de interes national.

Putem întocmi o harta a secatuirii resurselor vitale ale României?

Încercam! Tot în Alba, lânga Rosia Montana, se deruleaza un al doilea proiect, la Bucium, pentru care exista licenta de exploatare. Un alt proiect este la Baisoara, în Cluj, unde exista deocamdata doar licenta de explorare. Astea ar fi ale RMGC-ului. Vine apoi Eldorado Gold, despre care v-am vorbit ceva mai devreme, care a preluat European Goldfields; ei au exploatarea de la Certej... toate le au în judetul Hunedoara. Au concesionat acolo 59 de kilometri patrati, apoi au în jurul orasului Brad concesiune de 338 de kilometri patrati, sub numele de New Brad, si o alta, New Deva-Muncel, o concesiune lânga Deva, de 137 de kilometri patrati. Deci ei au concesionat o treime din judetul Hunedoara! Dupa care apare Carpathian Gold, cu explorare la Rovina, tot în Hunedoara...

Carpathian e o firma listata la bursa, în spatele careia se afla de fapt Barrick Gold. Tot Barrick mai e implicat în Transilvania Minerals, care, în asociere cu Valhalla, au licenta de explorare în Arad (Bratosin) si Caras-Severin. Însa la ANRM nu mai apare nimic despre Severin! În Maramures apare exploatarea deseurilor din iazurile de decantare cu niste firme rusesti pe care înca n-am apucat sa le verific. Apoi Baita, în judetul Bihor, unde apare o licenta de explorare pentru un zacamânt mixt care contine si aur si argint, dar si metale si materiale rare.

Care este legatura cu gazele de sist?

Sunt doua legaturi. Prima e numele lui Frank Timis, care a preluat practic aurul Apusenilor prin cele doua proiecte care sunt într-un stadiu avansat - Rosia Montana si Certej - si gazul de sist de la Bârlad, vândut acum Chevron-ului. Se pare ca deja si-a vândut toate afacerile din România pâna la urma... A doua tine de aceeasi ”reteta” de tip colonialist de exploatare a resurselor naturale ale tarii.

Unde duce reteaua dupa intermedierile si „vânzarile succesive” ale lui Timis?

Din informatiile mele, merg catre fosta retea de Securitate...

Fosta si actuala retea... oare în mâna cui o fi, a lui Antonescu?

Ha, ha... parca nu se stie?! Dar în poveste apare si Arpad Paszkany... Cine sunt actionarii si principalele nume din spatele firmelor „canadiene”? Pe de-o parte sunt firme miniere - cum e de exemplu Newont-ul sau Barrick sau Benny Steinmetz Group (BSG), cu exploatari în Sierra Leone -, iar pe de alta parte sunt „greii” de pe Wall Street: John Paulson, Tomas Kapplan, George Soros, principalii jucatori la bursa pe minele de aur. BSG are o legatura cu Videanu de pe vremea când era primar, au dezvoltat un mare proiect imobiliar, Planorama, în Capitala, nu stiu daca e finalizat nici pâna astazi.. Asta ar fi o filiera... Revenind la Barrick, ei au investit mai mult în actiuni ale firmelor ce se ocupau cu aurul în România, dupa ce, anul trecut, pe 14 iulie, s-a primit acordul pentru descarcarea de sarcina arheologica pentru Cârnic (Rosia Montana). Dupa patru zile Barrick cumpara masiv actiuni. La Carpathian a cumparat 9% cu posibilitatea de a-si mari pachetul. Presedintele Barrick Gold este Peter Munk, unul dintre principalii actionari la TriGranit, care-l are ca asociat si administrator în România pe Arpad Paszkany. Au fost si fotografiati amândoi la inaugurarea Polus Center din Cluj.

Arpad Paszkany cel reevaluat de Basescu?!

Da, dar sa nu uitam ca tatal sau, tot Arpad, facea parte dintr-un grup din care mai faceau parte un domn Voiculescu, un domn Columbeanu-tatal, un domn Demian Sandor, seful TriGranit care, înainte de 1989, avea niste ocupatii similare în Ungaria cu cei pe care i-am enumerat pâna acum în România.

Înseamna ca Irinel Columbeanu-fiul nu si-a facut averea vânzând telefoane în fata la Inter...

Si Paszkany spune ca si-a facut avere din bisnita cu deodorante...

Mai era unu’ Catarama, care zicea prin anii 90’ ca s-a pricopsit dupa ce vânduse vreo sase motociclete...

He, he...

Se mai simplifica lucrurile... Întelegem de ce functioneaza atât de bine Diktatul axei Bruxelles - Washington...

Pot da doar o parte din informatii, pentru ca mai am o parte în verificare. Acte prin care se vede cum firme de lobby si public-relation din New York recomanda companiei Gabriel Resources sa lucreze cu niste firme germane, una producatoare de cianura, alta specializata în închiderea minelor, pentru a se obtine sprijinul ambasadorului Germaniei în România.

Aceste fiind zise, mai avem ceva de facut când Serviciile au luat-o „pe aratura”?

Cel mai bun lucru pe care-l putem face este sa ne opunem, asa cum s-a întâmplat în cazul Rosia Montana. Foarte multa lume e acum disperata si demoralizata dupa acest aviz de mediu de la Certej, dar trebuie continuata lupta în justitie si mai ales pentru aplicarea hotarârilor judecatoresti. Povestea de la Rosia era terminata de mult daca se respectau hotarârile definitive si irevocabile...

Dar mai avem judecatori nesantajabili cu dosare din arhiva SIPA?

Da, mai avem si oricum, pâna la urma, presiunea publica din România a oprit o lege speciala de expropiere în favoarea companiilor miniere care trecuse de Senat si ar fi trebuit sa fie votata înca de anul trecut în Camera Deputatilor. Peste 100.000 de semnaturi si fiecare deputat contactat (mail, telefon etc.) si avertizat de zeci, sute, mii de cetateni din colegiilor lor ca daca voteaza legea se vor „arde” definitiv, uite ca i-a oprit, cel putin pâna la ora la care vorbim. Uite ca nici la Certej n-au toate proprietatile pe care ar trebui sa-si desfasoare proiectul. Oricum, oamenii de acolo, care se opun, trebuie sa stie ca vor fi sprijiniti de cei din societatea civila care au luptat si pâna acum la Rosia Montana, de la profesori universitari si academicieni pâna la (nu în ultimul rând) he, he... membri ai galeriilor de fotbal.

Nu ti-e un pic frica, sau mai bine zis, ai ce pierde din toata povestea asta? Cum stai cu declaratia de avere?

Am o masina de litraj mic careia i-au taiat de trei ori cauciucurile pâna acum. A fost si atacata cu oua la Rosia Montana de agentii de paza de la RMGC - nu stiu ce i se poate întâmpla mai mult, ca e o masinuta de 1,2, acum i s-a spart si toba, dar ”opera” asta din urma îmi apartine, pe drumurile din Rosia. Despre conturile mele, daca gasesc hackerii ceva prin ele, îi felicit, macar sa-mi spuna si mie c-am avut ceva. Oricum, mai bine te lipsesti de orice ban numai sa vezi ceva unic în lume. În Muntele Cârnic, sub pamânt, ce vor astia sa distruga... sa-ti imaginezi doar pesterile din Moria, din ”Stapânul Inelelor”. Ei, asa ceva exista în realitate! De la galeriile romane si pâna la exploatarile recente, închipuie-ti camerele cu coloane pe 24 de etaje. Siruri, siruri de coloane si de camere, si labirinturi... Ca înaltime sunt câteva blocuri turn unul peste altul.. E un palat interior. Asa ceva nu exista nicaieri în lume!

Mihai Gotiu, jurnalist de investigatii:
"Tradarea de tara a facut ca România sa devina o colonie!"

Sursa: - Autor: Marcel Bărbătei

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Abdullah Senoussi abduction.

Libyan illegal occupation regime officials continue to contradict each other over the details of the abduction of Abdullah Senoussi from Mauritania to Libya. Senoussi resisted his abduction but an unarmed refugee is not match for armed abductors. In efforts to downplay the illegality of the event, which was carried out after financial payments amounting to millions of dollars were made to the private accounts of Mauritanian officials, and additional promises of substantial aid to the government were made.

Abdullah Senoussi along with Sayf al Islam Qadhafi and others such as Musa Kusa, currently in Qatar and cooperating in order to avoid a similar abduction, hold vital information about high-level corruption among not only dozens of African leaders who failed to support the Libyan Jamahiriya last year but who had received millions in cash payments in order to gain support for African Union projects, but also key western leaders notably Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair and France's former President Sarkozi.

Both Senoussi and Qadhafi are wanted by the imperialist stooge "International Criminal Court" which specializes in putting any people on its wanted list, who are obstacles in the way of the so-called New World Order banking and resource monopoly elites. The ICC however has no jurisdiction in most countries, including most of Africa, and is not recognized as having any legitimacy by the Libyan Jamahiriya. The illegal occupation regime representing British, French, Italian and U.S. hegemony and theft of Africa's resources and Gulf Arab revenge also does not recognize its jurisdiction.

The reasons for this are to ensure that the ICC is not landed with Qadhafi and Senoussi, and thus world publicity from the Netherlands in Western Europe, which would expose the damning theft of funds and corruption of key western leaders. The occupation regime in Libya has thus been instructed, as revealed by Mathaba sources, to ensure that Sanoussi does not get abducted to the so-called ICC in The Hague, but are given a kangaroo court prosecution in Libya, without international media coverage. Executions, torture and widespread abuse of unlawfully detained prisoners in Libya is now rampant.

Crimes Against Humanity.

One million Libyans, almost a quarter of the population, fled to neighbouring countries during the war of occupation last year, with deaths topping one hundred thousand. Tens of thousands languish in make-shit jails and are held incommunicado from families and without any legal representation. A widespread resistance effort to free political prisoners is ongoing with insecurity rampant across Libya.

Mathaba analysts believe Sayf al-Islam Qadhafi is being held as a reserve card to play in the event that unity may be required in the country which is split along tribal divisions and endless revenge reprisals for the deaths of an estimated 50,000 Libyans at the hands of local outlaws and foreign mercenaries, with another 60,000 estimated to have been killed by the illegal US-European NATO bombings and missile strikes across Libya in violation of their own "no fly zone" and mass starvation during the sieges of Beni Walid and Sirte, which were reminiscent of the Siege of Stalingrad.

Accurate history has yet to be written since Google, owners of YouTube, are withholding tens of thousands of videos containing evidence of the commission of Crimes Against Humanity in Libya, and will thus be the subject of future world people's conferences on crimes against humanity to bring to account those who aided and abetted as well as carried out those crimes.

Israeli Lawyer and Saadi Qadhafi.

In an effort to further discredit the Qadhafi family and erode support for it, the remaining family members are for the most part not only being held incommunicado, with others lying low while support builds up for the jamahiri resistance, but are having Israeli lawyers imposed upon them.

The General Secretary of the General People's Committee of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, who has been held unlawfully and incommunicado as a political prisoner for over a year in spite of his position as head of state of the Libyan Jamahiriya, was also imposed a plethora of lawyers who fought among themselves, with some of them being appointed by him and others imposed by western intelligence agencies, as Mathaba sources reveal, having been approached.

The Israeli lawyer Mr Kaufman who allegedly acts for Saadi Qadhafi who is in exile in Niger, has spoken to western media about his high-level contacts within western governments and his attempts to lift the UN-imposed travel ban upon his alleged client. This publicity ensures naturally that there is no chance such a ban will be lifted, and both Niger and South Africa have denied his story.

Niger government spokesman Marou Amadou told media on Saturday that the issue of Qadhafi leaving had not been decided.

"We never made a decision like this and I have no idea where this lawyer came up with this," he said.

A South African government spokesman, Clayson Monyela, likewise denied that his country had received an asylum application from Saadi. "We don’t have such a request," he said.

The South African ambassador in Tripoli is unlawfully present since the regime in Libya is illegal. South Africa was a key player in selling out Africa to its colonial masters after pressure from the U.S. and "inducements". The South African "ambassador" and traitor to Africa and Islam who has yet to settle accounts, Mohammed Dangor, told British intelligence agents in Tripoli that "South Africa had in fact acted to ensure that Saadi’s request for the travel ban to be lifted was blocked."

Dangor told the agents that South Africa and Germany, both members of the UN Security Council, had raised objections to Kaufman's application, thus putting a block on it.

Without them removing what is in effect a veto, the block on Saadi Qadhafi's travel remains in place – whatever Niger decides.

Niger has consistently and honourably refused to extradite Qaddafi, citing concerns that if handed back to Libya, he would not receive a fair trial. Niger is home to the most honourable and upright Muslims in the world, along with the Tuareg of the Sahel-Sahara.

White-washing History.

His-story continues to attempt to impose itself at the hands of the white racists of Europe, with yet another film which falsifies events and glorifies criminals having received an "award" at the Venice film festival. Similar events took place in France at the Cannes film festival, where narcissists congratulate each other and boost their egos in an orgasm of delight at their own delusion.

Hollywood in the United States of America has long fulfilled this role of creating a fake reality as well as preparing world populations for control and domination by the western elite.

Libyan terrorists and islamist heretics to be released from Iraq

As part of a deal to supply the weakening occupation forces of Libya which are facing increased resistance and internal divisions, a number of islamist heretics and terrorists are being released by Iraq and sent back to Libya although they had been fighting against U.S. and Iraqi forces there.

Libya has already supplied entire battalions of terrorists, who had been returned to Libya from training camps abroad and in some cases detention, as well as dangerous criminals freed from Libyan Jamahiriya prisons, to Syria, where they have been unable to impose their zionist and western paymasters ambitions.

This in turn has weakened the limited control of the occupation government of Libya's regime.

Illegal Business in Libya: future prosecutions.

Many opportunistic companies have set up, or continued, business in Occupied Illegal Libya, and will pay future price of the wrath of the masses in a Greater Jamahiriya and supported by New Era activists and experts worldwide.

Wide Area Communications specialists Hermes Datacomms are the latest company to join the ranks of blood money suckers when it was awarded a "telecommunications license" by the illegal occupation "government" in Libya.

The license "allows Hermes Datacomms to provide communications to the oil and gas industry and other sectors in Libya including fixed-line networks, international telecommunications, communication networks, VSAT communications and internet services."

“Our aim is to ensure that all our customers in Libya are provided with direct and extensive support and a more dependable and secure service”, said Hermes Datacomms Country Manager Libya, Glynn Wagg, now wanted for holding to account and for placing on an international watch list by the popular masses, which is awaiting set up.

Hermes Datacomms has an established presence within the Libyan capital, Tripoli, trading continuously and operating in Libya since 2005; supplying VSAT communication, onshore and offshore, in city and remote locations.

The company specialises in providing tailored Wide Area Communications to the upstream oil and gas industry worldwide including remote and challenging locations such as Algeria, Angola, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Libya, the Middle East, Iraq, Russia and Turkmenistan, according to a company press release.


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Take a moment to keep independent media free and independent...

Please make a donation or subscribe

Help maintain this service to normal levels

and avoid further interruptions.

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