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Press TV interviews Dr. Webster Tarpley Ph.D, author, journalist and lecturer: Death of Bin Laden a false-flag to target Pakistan for China and Saudi ties.
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Claims that Pakistan is attempting to form an alliance with Saudi Arabia over the US after the US has invested billions in aid to Pakistan perfectly coincides with the timing of the death of bin Laden.

Press TV interviews Webster G. Tarpley, author, journalist and lecturer in Washington who describes anything to do with Osama bin Laden as unsubstantiated. He shares his assessment of how the US staged the death of bin Laden to implicate Pakistani authorities for reasons that go beyond the war on terror. Following is a transcript of his interview.

Press TV: What about the timing of this announcement that it has come at this point. How can we really be sure that he was killed then and not before? There are no remains, no pictures of his death, and we can mention the interview of Benazir Bhutto (2007) where she states that bin Laden was killed by Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh who was convicted of kidnapping and killing US journalist Daniel Pearle.

Webster Tarpley: I am an author on an exhaustive study on precisely this issue entitled '9/11 synthetic terror made in the USA'. As you have pointed out there are no pictures. When the US captured Saddam Hussein they had pictures and pictures of him dead. He (bin Laden) was shot in the face -- a mafia technique I'm told -- buried at sea quickly so no DNA evidence -- no proof, no substantiation; this is the story of bin Laden for the past ten years.

Everything attributed to him is essentially an unsubstantiated assertion by the US government -- his role in 9/11 never proven -- al-Qaeda in 9/11 never proven; asserted and repeated a million times, but never ever proven.

I think the most realistic hypothesis is that the biological individual known as bin Laden has been dead for a long time and what we've been seeing over the past ten years pretty much is a series of doubles -- a series of people maneuvered by US intelligence; we've seen a fat Bin Laden, a thin Bin Laden, Bin Laden the stout, Bin Laden the gaunt; we've seen him angry, scowling and of all types. And now he has been liquidated.

If he's been liquidated after the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to make this person an ego ideal and hero figure for the Arab and to some extent the Islamic world, why has that been done? I think it's extremely ominous. It indicates a flight forward by US imperialism and the very ominous part of this is war between the US and Pakistan.

Only last week we had the Washington Post and other papers conveniently helped along by Wikileaks -- that CIA limited hangout operation -- telling us that the centre of al-Qaeda was in Karachi, Pakistan -- that was the headline of the Washington Post a week ago. Now we have the story of bin Laden the fact that he was caught and the fact he was caught in Abbottabad, which is like a military reservation; it's like saying he was found at WestPoint or at an air force academy and the implication is that bin Laden was being shielded and protected by the Pakistani military and the Pakistani ISI (secret service). Given the way things are going that makes them a target.

The reason has nothing to do with the war on terror; it is about the fact that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have attempted to form an alliance to get off the US plantation or out of the US empire. And precisely at the time Prince Bandar had gone to Pakistan to set this up the attacks on Pakistan (by US drones) intensified.

Press TV: We have to look at the consequences of this announcement, why it was announced now and the significance of it. One such consequence is that it may increase the chance of a revenge attack. Is the US setting up the grounds for any type of military incursion or adventurism? Perhaps looking at the situation in Yemen for example -- Tell us whether this is a scenario for something to come by the US?

Webster Tarpley: I'm afraid that the door to a false flag terror operation staged by the US, British or the NATO intelligence community is now wide open. It could be something attributed to al-Qaeda, a revenge attack, but at the same time it will be explained as promoted by Pakistan or some other country that the US wishes to target. And people should realize that this is the dynamic of false flags.

What we're seeing now is why when the Spanish empire collapsed you had virtually a world war; the French empire, the British empire all of these collapses of empires led to world wars and we are now in the collapse phase of the US empire. As was discussed in Aspen Colorado last summer, we are now in a very acute danger of a world war.

Since we have Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (potentially) joining together to get out of the US empire with Russia and China backing them up, an attack on Pakistan could easily lead to a collision between the US and China and perhaps also between the US and Russia with the Russians being very displeased about what the US is doing in Libya. So this is all going on.

The other thing I should stress is that this now leaves the so-called al-Qaeda -- this gaggle of patsies and psychotics and fanatics -- the leader I'm guessing of that right now is Anwar al-awlaqi who is known in the trade as al-awlaqi the CIA lackie; in other words a fairly obvious double agent.

The irony right now is that the US is allied with al-Qaeda most obviously in Libya in the city of Darna, but also in Yemen, whereas in Afghanistan and Pakistan al-Qaeda is used as a target to be bombed.


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