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Due to communication difficulties, we're providing an abridged round-up of Libyan Jamahiriya news from September 9, 2012.
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Abdullah Senoussi abduction.

Libyan illegal occupation regime officials continue to contradict each other over the details of the abduction of Abdullah Senoussi from Mauritania to Libya. Senoussi resisted his abduction but an unarmed refugee is not match for armed abductors. In efforts to downplay the illegality of the event, which was carried out after financial payments amounting to millions of dollars were made to the private accounts of Mauritanian officials, and additional promises of substantial aid to the government were made.

Abdullah Senoussi along with Sayf al Islam Qadhafi and others such as Musa Kusa, currently in Qatar and cooperating in order to avoid a similar abduction, hold vital information about high-level corruption among not only dozens of African leaders who failed to support the Libyan Jamahiriya last year but who had received millions in cash payments in order to gain support for African Union projects, but also key western leaders notably Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair and France's former President Sarkozi.

Both Senoussi and Qadhafi are wanted by the imperialist stooge "International Criminal Court" which specializes in putting any people on its wanted list, who are obstacles in the way of the so-called New World Order banking and resource monopoly elites. The ICC however has no jurisdiction in most countries, including most of Africa, and is not recognized as having any legitimacy by the Libyan Jamahiriya. The illegal occupation regime representing British, French, Italian and U.S. hegemony and theft of Africa's resources and Gulf Arab revenge also does not recognize its jurisdiction.

The reasons for this are to ensure that the ICC is not landed with Qadhafi and Senoussi, and thus world publicity from the Netherlands in Western Europe, which would expose the damning theft of funds and corruption of key western leaders. The occupation regime in Libya has thus been instructed, as revealed by Mathaba sources, to ensure that Sanoussi does not get abducted to the so-called ICC in The Hague, but are given a kangaroo court prosecution in Libya, without international media coverage. Executions, torture and widespread abuse of unlawfully detained prisoners in Libya is now rampant.

Crimes Against Humanity.

One million Libyans, almost a quarter of the population, fled to neighbouring countries during the war of occupation last year, with deaths topping one hundred thousand. Tens of thousands languish in make-shit jails and are held incommunicado from families and without any legal representation. A widespread resistance effort to free political prisoners is ongoing with insecurity rampant across Libya.

Mathaba analysts believe Sayf al-Islam Qadhafi is being held as a reserve card to play in the event that unity may be required in the country which is split along tribal divisions and endless revenge reprisals for the deaths of an estimated 50,000 Libyans at the hands of local outlaws and foreign mercenaries, with another 60,000 estimated to have been killed by the illegal US-European NATO bombings and missile strikes across Libya in violation of their own "no fly zone" and mass starvation during the sieges of Beni Walid and Sirte, which were reminiscent of the Siege of Stalingrad.

Accurate history has yet to be written since Google, owners of YouTube, are withholding tens of thousands of videos containing evidence of the commission of Crimes Against Humanity in Libya, and will thus be the subject of future world people's conferences on crimes against humanity to bring to account those who aided and abetted as well as carried out those crimes.

Israeli Lawyer and Saadi Qadhafi.

In an effort to further discredit the Qadhafi family and erode support for it, the remaining family members are for the most part not only being held incommunicado, with others lying low while support builds up for the jamahiri resistance, but are having Israeli lawyers imposed upon them.

The General Secretary of the General People's Committee of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, who has been held unlawfully and incommunicado as a political prisoner for over a year in spite of his position as head of state of the Libyan Jamahiriya, was also imposed a plethora of lawyers who fought among themselves, with some of them being appointed by him and others imposed by western intelligence agencies, as Mathaba sources reveal, having been approached.

The Israeli lawyer Mr Kaufman who allegedly acts for Saadi Qadhafi who is in exile in Niger, has spoken to western media about his high-level contacts within western governments and his attempts to lift the UN-imposed travel ban upon his alleged client. This publicity ensures naturally that there is no chance such a ban will be lifted, and both Niger and South Africa have denied his story.

Niger government spokesman Marou Amadou told media on Saturday that the issue of Qadhafi leaving had not been decided.

"We never made a decision like this and I have no idea where this lawyer came up with this," he said.

A South African government spokesman, Clayson Monyela, likewise denied that his country had received an asylum application from Saadi. "We don’t have such a request," he said.

The South African ambassador in Tripoli is unlawfully present since the regime in Libya is illegal. South Africa was a key player in selling out Africa to its colonial masters after pressure from the U.S. and "inducements". The South African "ambassador" and traitor to Africa and Islam who has yet to settle accounts, Mohammed Dangor, told British intelligence agents in Tripoli that "South Africa had in fact acted to ensure that Saadi’s request for the travel ban to be lifted was blocked."

Dangor told the agents that South Africa and Germany, both members of the UN Security Council, had raised objections to Kaufman's application, thus putting a block on it.

Without them removing what is in effect a veto, the block on Saadi Qadhafi's travel remains in place – whatever Niger decides.

Niger has consistently and honourably refused to extradite Qaddafi, citing concerns that if handed back to Libya, he would not receive a fair trial. Niger is home to the most honourable and upright Muslims in the world, along with the Tuareg of the Sahel-Sahara.

White-washing History.

His-story continues to attempt to impose itself at the hands of the white racists of Europe, with yet another film which falsifies events and glorifies criminals having received an "award" at the Venice film festival. Similar events took place in France at the Cannes film festival, where narcissists congratulate each other and boost their egos in an orgasm of delight at their own delusion.

Hollywood in the United States of America has long fulfilled this role of creating a fake reality as well as preparing world populations for control and domination by the western elite.

Libyan terrorists and islamist heretics to be released from Iraq

As part of a deal to supply the weakening occupation forces of Libya which are facing increased resistance and internal divisions, a number of islamist heretics and terrorists are being released by Iraq and sent back to Libya although they had been fighting against U.S. and Iraqi forces there.

Libya has already supplied entire battalions of terrorists, who had been returned to Libya from training camps abroad and in some cases detention, as well as dangerous criminals freed from Libyan Jamahiriya prisons, to Syria, where they have been unable to impose their zionist and western paymasters ambitions.

This in turn has weakened the limited control of the occupation government of Libya's regime.

Illegal Business in Libya: future prosecutions.

Many opportunistic companies have set up, or continued, business in Occupied Illegal Libya, and will pay future price of the wrath of the masses in a Greater Jamahiriya and supported by New Era activists and experts worldwide.

Wide Area Communications specialists Hermes Datacomms are the latest company to join the ranks of blood money suckers when it was awarded a "telecommunications license" by the illegal occupation "government" in Libya.

The license "allows Hermes Datacomms to provide communications to the oil and gas industry and other sectors in Libya including fixed-line networks, international telecommunications, communication networks, VSAT communications and internet services."

“Our aim is to ensure that all our customers in Libya are provided with direct and extensive support and a more dependable and secure service”, said Hermes Datacomms Country Manager Libya, Glynn Wagg, now wanted for holding to account and for placing on an international watch list by the popular masses, which is awaiting set up.

Hermes Datacomms has an established presence within the Libyan capital, Tripoli, trading continuously and operating in Libya since 2005; supplying VSAT communication, onshore and offshore, in city and remote locations.

The company specialises in providing tailored Wide Area Communications to the upstream oil and gas industry worldwide including remote and challenging locations such as Algeria, Angola, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Libya, the Middle East, Iraq, Russia and Turkmenistan, according to a company press release.


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