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Hydrogen-Powered "Flying Yacht"
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Australian designer Jaron Dickson has come up with a concept for a hydrogen-powered, flying yacht. If that wasn’t cool enough, the yacht is based on the legendary Soviet super-vehicle the Ekranoplan. As a result, this cool little boat, which has been shortlisted for an Australian Design Award, is called the EkranoYacht – read on for a look!

For those of you not familiar with the Ekranoplan, it was a massive vehicle conceived in Scandinavia but realized by the Soviets during the Cold War. Essentially half plane, half boat, the Ekranoplan would ‘skim’ across the water (or land) on short wings using the ‘ground effect’. This allowed the vehicle to ‘fly’ just above the ground on of a cushion of high-pressure air created by the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the surface. The Soviets design a massive 550-ton Ekranoplan that could transport vehicles and troops at an a stunning 450mph – all while remaining up to 66 feet over the water. Unsurprisingly, it earned the nickname “The Caspian Sea Monster”. Unfortunately, their production fell with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ok, science and history lesson over! Back to the EkranoYacht!

According to Dickson, who is a student at Monash University in Australia, the EkranoYacht is a “hydrogen powered wing-in-ground effect vehicle for permanent residence – set for 2025. The conventional ways of living have changed dramatically, people are less bound by the country or topographical location which they reside. Using hydrogen power and flying 4m above the water’s surface, the project focuses on more efficient sea travel and protecting the environment. To truly show your wealth and success is freedom, and the ultimate freedom is bringing you home where ever you go.”

Dickson added that, “Humans are always thinking of new ways travel and improve their dynamic lives. My design is a ‘blue-sky concept’, but this type of forward and different thinking could possibly turn into a reality one day. My project has the livability of a yacht and the convenience of an aeroplane.”

Source: Inhabitat