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VIDEO - Thom Hartmann for RussiaToday: Fukushima... what you haven't been hearing and why.
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Nearly five months after the earthquake and tsunami - Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant is still spewing radiation.

Yesterday (August 2nd 2011 TA note) - Tokyo Electric Power Company said it detected the highest radiation levels to date at the crippled nuclear facility - recording ten thousand milliSieverts an hour - the maximum level the devices can even measure.

The measures were taken just outside ventilation stacks in reactors one and two - reactors we saw explode in the weeks after the quake and tsunami.

In the photo, a real Chernobyl "victim".

So what's going on here? Could the nuclear crisis in Japan ACTUALLY be worsening after 5 months? Here to shed some light on this issue is Kevin Kamps - Nuclear Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear.