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POLICE BRUTALITY: West Point Grad (Antonio Buehler) Arrested For Defending Woman Abused By Austin Police. VIDEO.
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On January 1st, 2012 sometime between 1:00 am
and 1:30 am, I was driving my friend home from
a New Years Eve party. I was the designated
driver and was sober. We pulled into the 7-11 on
Lamar & West 10th in Austin TX to get gas, and
we saw ourselves near a car that was pulled over
with two police cruisers behind it. A black woman
was being given a field sobriety test in the cold.
She seemed to be getting bossed around by the
cops, and we both took notice. They had her doing
the heel to toe test in high heels. In the passenger
seat was a young Hispanic lady who appeared to
be on her phone.
She was doing nothing aggressive.

As we finished pumping gas, a cop had gone over
to the passenger side door and opened it.
Soon after we heard a terrible scream and watched
in horror as the very built cop started yanking this
poor girl from the car. The other cop came up
and joined in on the abuse.

My friend and I stayed within two arms lengths of
the truck, and tried to take pictures and yelled at the
cops to stop assaulting the girl.

After that, one cop came up to me yelling at me and
asking why I was taking pictures. I said it was my
right in public, and he pushed me into the truck and
started yelling in my face. I asked him why he
pushed me, I put up my arms to show I wasn't a
threat, told him to get out of my face, and that I had
done nothing illegal. He then grabbed my arm, and
pinned me against the truck, at which time
he claimed I "spit" on him.

They arrested me, claimed it was for "interfering
with an investigation". By the time I got to their
truck, it was a DUI and they made me blow. It didn't
register, and by the time I got to jail it was then a
"felony harassment" and a "resisting arrest" charge.

The woman was arrested for "public intoxication".
The cops said that she was interfering with their DUI
investigation because she yelled to her friend not to
submit to any tests. Interestingly, neither of us was
charged with interfering in an investigation.

Statement from Antonio Buehler.

Who is Antonio F. Buehler? – Managing Director

Antonio is the Founder and Managing Director of Trophy Point Capital. Antonio is a proven leader who has overcome many obstacles to lead various organizations to new levels of excellence.

Raised in a single-parent household in an Eastern Pennsylvania coal mining town, Antonio Buehler was the first in his family to graduate from high school. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, and then, as a U.S. Army officer, Antonio completed six months of Airborne Ranger training where he honed the leadership skills and discipline that he had developed at West Point. In his first operational unit, he led the turnaround of two underperforming 27-soldier platoons in Kosovo and Germany. Antonio subsequently turned around the administration and logistics of a 67-soldier company, and executed the movement of thousands of U.S. soldiers from Europe and the United States to Iraq. Then, in a position normally reserved for senior officers with much more experience, Antonio solved critical supply shortages for the U.S. Army in the early days of the Iraq war. These tasks involved dealing with numerous American military units, foreign militaries, civilian contractors from half a dozen nations, and Shia, Sunni and Kurdish Iraqis. Antonio was commended for his actions and awarded a Bronze Star.

After the military Antonio received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he interned as a private equity professional, technology consultant, and investment management consultant. After business school he worked as an investment banking Associate in the Financial Restructuring Group of Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, where he advised two distressed middle-market companies. Antonio conducted due diligence and performed financial analyses to determine various strategic options available to the companies, including financings, restructurings, and sales to financial or strategic buyers. Antonio raised over $260 million in financing and redeemed $240 million in debt.

Antonio’s philanthropic activities focus on helping disadvantaged youth. He is a board member of A Caring Hand, a New York based non-profit focused on child bereavement. He also ran a program to clothe children in war-torn Kosovo, volunteered at a Bulgarian orphanage, coached high school football in Germany, mentored children in the United States, and sponsors three African children through Plan USA. Antonio covers Congressional Districts NY-8 and NY-9 as a Field Force Representative for the West Point Department of Admissions. He also serves on the Board of Governors for the West Point Society of New York.

Source: http://trophypointcapital.com

Who We Are

Trophy Point Capital is a private investment firm established specifically to make long-term majority investments in privately held middle-market education companies. Trophy Point Capital is backed by a world class team of investors and advisors who collectively have decades of experience investing in, operating and growing hundreds of companies. This team includes successful executives of businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 20 companies, entrepreneurs, and private equity investment professionals.

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We invest in highly profitable education companies that are well-positioned for continued success. We take an active management role in the companies in which we invest, which allows us to provide attractive alternatives for entrepreneurs who are seeking to transition out of their business while ensuring the successful continuation of their legacy. It also positions us to be the ideal equity partner for owners who realize that additional management and a professional, active board can take the company to the next level. Additionally, unlike other private equity firms, we do not have defined holding periods for our investments, and our bias is to compound our principal, not quickly “flip” a company. Our team is focused on building long-term sustainable companies that create significant value for their community, employees, and shareholders.