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Innocence of Muslims movie trailer. Demonstrators waved banners calling for the beheading of those who insulted the Prophet Mohammed and threw projectiles at officers outside the US consulate in Sydney. BEST COMMENTS
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Police pushed the protesters back, and the crowd later marched to nearby Hyde Park.

One protester was reportedly hospitalized with a head injury, and is in stable condition.

Seven ambulances arrived at the demonstration as tensions increased.

Sydney's security forces were prepared for the rally, authorities said, which continued throughout the evening.

Police arrested several demonstrators, local media reported.
"We are sick and tired of everyone mocking our beloved prophet," protester Houda Dib told the Australian. "They were aggravating the situation by pushing our brothers. This is supposed to be a peaceful protest."

"They call us the terrorists," demonstrator Sarah Jacob said in a separate interview. "But everyone is terrorizing our people."

Source: RT.com

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We live in a world of MORONS.  Islam, Christianity, Judaism, blah blah blah.  Until religion is gone from the earth, we will continue to suffer irrationality that leads to chaos, sorrow and death.  Grow up people.  Please.

This has nothing to do with Almighty God.
It is about Idolatry for a FALSE prophet!

Those inciting the beheading of people are criminals, plain and simple.

There is no God. Who seen it? When? Where? There is a supreme being that creates life, but not a god of religion nature. There are other organisms thru space that spark life.Also, there were and are other religions that are thousands of years older than God of Christianity or Allah. Are those wrong? Just because some camel herders said otherwise? There are museums of old religions. Greek gods. Roman gods and the list is enormous. They lost faith in those gods and then invented this ones or adopted it. Someday all this religions will be museum pieces. When the world wake up.

Religion is a throwback in human thought and a symptom of a complete lack in comprehending the real workings of the universe. Education would be the answer, but religious zealots, infected with the meme, are afraid of education, for it will destroy their little soother they’re sucking on, their religion!

Religions belong to the dustbin of failed human thought experiments and insidious doctrines to control the masses.

The obtuse hysteria presently gripping the middles east is ample proof of that.

A century of atrocities, illegal wars, invasions, regime change, war crimes, genocide, exploitation, assassinations and much more, by the one and only terrorist nation on the planet, the US, has finally come home to roost. Getting some of their own back in the smallest of measure has them screaming to high heaven, and no doubt will be used as a pretext for further atrocities by the crims in DC.

If the good people of the US would just jettison this criminal gang of terrorists masquerading as politicians; but that would require some courage and action, even revolution, and that’s not forthcoming with the MSM, owned by the crims, having a firm grip on all the little minds.

To hell with all these peace loving Muslims! Go back where you came from and kiss your leaders arses. The corrupt Australian leadership is to blame for the present situation in the country. All the good-doers must be paid very good money to sell the country and the hard working Australians to the these dogs (if they are worthy of a dog). I recommend a daily decimation of Canberra politicians, until common sense takes hold again.

Anyone who pursuits happiness and peace will be murdere or will die because they are not ISLAMIC. Thats the immature thought process of ISLAMIC stone age thinkers, they kill everyone who is not ISLAM and they say they are for peace. Christians left your countries because of your SLAVERY LAWS and yet you bring that same SLAVERY to other free countries and bully everyone else who is not ISLAM over?

Why don't you go attack the Chinese and see what they will do to you ISLAMIC slaves. Go free yourselves and let China and US join forces against you then. Spread your hate, you will be stopped.


If American Governments are so repectful of "Freedom of Speech", then WHY are Americans being arrested and sent to Psychiatric wards at hospitals for expressing viewpoints against the Government,Obama, in particular, in their FACEBOOK accounts???This is happening more frequently, particularly with ex-military individuals...I guess it is their REWARD for serving America!!!

The USA wants this anarchy for its own political campaigns. They don't care about the loss of lives even if a thousand US troops died tomorrow it is for resources to make their country rich. Israel is a tool for the USA and stole ideas from the Nazis in which they use on the Muslims, who once protected them.

I'll never understand the way religious minds think. The Pentagon pulls off a false flag terrorism attack on 9/11, blames all Muslims for a crime they never committed, uses it as justification to bomb their countries, yet they hardly stir. However should you insult their imaginary sky fairy then they riot. The Christian minds are equally bizarre.