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Hipster Hitler - Cartoon - New Strategy Tool.
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Two brave, cheeky social commentators, intelligently identifying themselves only by the initials JC + APK, have launched the webcomic series “Hipster Hitler” to heavy fanfare. While still in its infancy, the three-episode-deep strip (the other two are included after the jump) is smart, ironic and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. If you dare wear one in public, the Hipster Hitler guys (gals?) have also made a line of T-shirts based on the shirts he wears and the comic itself.

Over the years, Hitler has strangely become an Internet sensation of sorts, with the now-ubiquitous series of Downfall parody videos, which show him reacting to things that bother him in modern popular culture – from LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to Susan Boyle not winning Britain’s Got Talent. Like the videos, “Hipster Hitler” turns the most evil human being in history into a caricature, allowing all of us to step back for a moment and laugh at someone we truly despise. That’s a rare opportunity in life and one of the reasons why I think the Hitler meme has been so successful.

More of these comics are sure to follow, and hopefully they’ll be as clever and original as the first three.

Source: thejailbreak.com