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Free online games: Glass Works
By Admins (from 25/02/2014 @ 09:01:12, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1988 times)

Fill the grid area with pieces of glass, leaving no unfilled spaces. Glass pieces come into play from the Conveyor Belt, near the bottom of the play area. The larger the piece you place, the more points you get. Click on a piece to pick it up then click again to drop it into place. Press the SPACEBAR to rotate the current piece. Drop unwanted pieces into the bin. You lose 50 points for each piece thrown away. Special items help you make it through difficult times. Press 'M' to open the in-game menu.

Glass Works: Complete the glass works in this fun and exciting puzzle game!

Controls: Mouse: Drag the glass piece into the sockets in the center