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We call on the EU commission to legalise and decriminalise the trade and production of Cannabis. PETITION.
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We call on you to legalise the trade and production of Cannabis.

Why this is important?

We need fair and clear laws, new regulations which the entire Cannabis industry, government and society can accept. Not a policy that is based on the limited mindset of the prohibitionist. But a responsible policy in which freedom is paramount, which provides a safe haven for Cannabis consumers...



International Cannabis Community suggests the following:

"All rules which are impossible to enforce , only imposed to make legal Cannabis business impossible should be removed immediately.

Cannabis for Cannabisshops should be grown commercial. Based on similar legislation, which is very well applicable. Commercially grow'n cannabis for consumption will fall under the strict supervision of our ministries . Cannabis should have a official label, which is associated with a quality code.

Professional nurseries which supply Cannabisshops may produce and stock as many Cannabis required in a regulated market. But they can only sell cannabis to Cannabisshops. The Cannabisshops can therefore stock the amount according to their turnover. Eventually Cannabis-shops are subjected to the trade laws as a pub for example...

In adititon it should be possible to grow cannabis for personal use in your own home .This can both be indoors and outdoors. As already allowed with other plants, for example, optionally under a special growinglight. Without being arrested, fined or kicked out of your home.

A fair policie can then be presented to your countries parliaments in the usual way. So the government can make a well informed decision. A policy which is proposed by the Int. cannabis community, a policy which decriminalizes, legalizes, regulates and restructures the Europian cannabis trade and production.

Simply because of the social, cultural and economic importance."

There for all EU Member States are obliged to do everything possible to positively stimulate the European economy. Governments of EU Member States should propose legislation of cannabis trade and production as an incentive for the European economie. It is not difficult to collect figurs and finacial data from countries where this is already happening. Countries where Cannabis is semi legal ,like in the Netherlands, or Spain, or like the change in Colorado, all other examples we know of included. Because the excamples are convincing enough to end prohibition and decriminalize and legalize the trade and production of Cannabis. The huge revenues, employment, entrepreneurial opportunities can ensure that the EU economy gets better. It is not credible for EU politicians to ignore this opportunity. I wonder how the Brussels summit would react if it is proposed by delegates from all countries in the Europien Union. Given the fact EU economist already announced the next phase of the EU crisis...

When 1 million european "Cannabis legislation & decriminalisation" supporters sign this petition, we will deliver this petition to the European Commission with the demand that it acts on the prososal of the International Cannabis Community, to decriminalize and legalize the trade and production of Cannabis.

Sign here and share it with all your friends and family to make sure that our politicians can no longer ignore this solution.