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Seesaw: Let us play a game. Fail and the chick dies... It is an evil word game inspired by the Saw series!
By Admins (from 15/03/2014 @ 09:00:52, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1615 times)

Where am I??? Hello... You don't remember me... but I remember you!!! That was once upon a time. All I wanted was to play on the seesaw... and all those times you ignored me. All you did was stick to your pathetic word games and spent time with your stupid pet chicken, Gary!!! Yo Dude!!! So, okay... yeah... I lose. Let's play what you want to play, but this time we play by my rules!!! Don't worry... someone special has decided to keep you company. Your dear little Gary Junior!!! HHHEEEELLLLLPPP!!! Win the game and everyone goes home happy... but if you lose, the chick dies! Uh... that's a joke, right?!? So... Let's play a game. MOOOMMMYYY!!!

HOW TO PLAY? All you have to do is find words and earn enough points to reach your target. The longer the word, the more points you get. Click on a letter on the Grid to form a word. A letter may be selected if it is adjacent to the last selected letter in the word, and if it is not already selected. Click on a letter to select it, Click again to deselect. Pressing the BACKSPACE key can also be used to deselect the last letter in the selection. You may check if your word is valid by clicking on the CHECK WORD button. The ENTER key may also be used. The CLEAR button allows you to deselect all the selected letters. The SPACEBAR works the same way. The Grid has been pre-plotted with three (3) hidden words (always more than 5 letters long) which give extra points when found. Click I NEED HELP button to get hints regarding these words so you'll know what to look for. Be warry of the clock, coz it's game over if you don't hit your target and run out of time.

Seesaw: Let's play a game. Fail and the chick dies... It's an evil word game inspired by the Saw series!


Controls: Keyboard and Mouse: Click on the letters you want to pick Clear Space bar Check word Enter