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Dr. Sue Sisley believes medical marijuana could offer a more effective treatment for sufferers of PTSD, despite the lack of clinical trials.
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Dr. Sisley is both a practicing physician and a clinical faculty member at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. In an interview with Medical Marijuana 411, she explains that unlike traditional treatments medical marijuana appears to relieve a wide range of PTSD symptoms.

"The truth is that marijuana can treat the whole spectrum of PTSD symptoms with this one medication."

She says many high-ranking veterans are starting to speak up about the benefits of marijuana. The only problem is, most of the evidence is anecdotal.

Dr. Sisley has spent the last three years trying to get approval for a study involving medical marijuana. But with marijuana still classified as a Schedule I substance, research on the plant seems next to impossible to conduct.

On the other hand, recent evidence has come from studies involving isolated marijuana chemicals, and programs in other countries like Israel. But closer to home, research on marijuana for PTSD continues to lag.

Source: LeafScience.com