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How to Tie a Knot to your Scarf? The ascot, aka aren't I rich and mysterious like a Lord, scarf knot
By Admins (from 08/04/2014 @ 04:04:30, in en - Video Alert, read 3248 times)

Last night, a rather enthusiastic gentlemen's tutorial kindly brought to my attention that "wearing an ascot will make you feel like a new man, and ... better than everybody else. It will make you look important and mysterious, and make people think you're rich."

The ascot is a rare knot that is sure to catch the eye and will give a classy touch to any outfit. Instead of a plain tie, you can use a colourful scarf to make the knot instantly more feminine. This will work better with a light, high-quality scarf.

Here's how:


The first and most delicate step is to give your scarf the right shape by folding it into a very thin rectangle. Alternatively, for a less formal feel, you can twist the middle until you get a nice coil of cloth.

For the right length, I advise that you fold a classique-size scarf diagonally, and a magnifique or sublime size lengthwise.


Now just wrap the scarf around your neck, finishing with the longer end over the shorter one. If you need to keep extra warm, you can wrap it around twice.


Tuck the long piece of scarf underneath the short one and out through the top of the knot, so that it falls to the front.


Lastly make sure that you properly flare out the front piece into a waterfall of cloth, with lots of volume.

Tip: The easy way to get lots of extra bulge with your ascot knot is by tucking it neatly into a collar; V-shaped collars work especially well! You can also use a beautiful pin to hold it in place.

Last but not least, for the love of good taste, if one day you were to pick up the paper with an ascot, please make sure that you are never accidentally wearing a crimson robe or pyjamas, or you would effectively be in a Hugh Hefner outfit.

Source: comtesse-sofia