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This app can't be opened using the Built-in Administrator account: Windows 8 Problem Solution.
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You have a Windows 8 operating system on your pc and you noticed there are lots of problems that need a fix...

Your apps can not open for Built-in Administrator account.

You might have encountered with this strange and annoying error. This app can’t open for Built-in Administrator account please sign in with a different account and try again. or  while User Account Control is turned off. You need to turn on UAC  There is an easy solution for the error. 

Solution for Windows 8 App Error:

Hold the  Windows key + R  and in run dialog box type: secpol.msc
Go to Local Policies –> Security Options –> Scroll down and find "User Access Control: Admin Approval Mode For built in….."

Double click on it and select enabled and the press ok

Again press windows key and R and type  regedit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\UIPI
And on the right hand side double click on default and change the value to 0×00000001(1) and click ok

Restart your computer and all the apps should work.

Do let me know if this has solved your problem.  You can give your valuable feedback using the comment box below.

Source: bleepingtech - Author: Anish Sangamam