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This one is easy and delicious. Enjoy: Cannabis Grilled Cheese
By CannabisJosh (from 14/10/2014 @ 08:04:18, in en - Science and Society, read 1626 times)

Cheese and bread, you normally don't think something so good can come from it.  Add some marijuana and we have us a pretty good snack.


2 Slices of cheese
2 Slices of bread
3 Tablespoons of Cannabutter


Step 1: Pre-heat your skillet over low - medium heat.
Step 2: Spread your Cannabisbutter over both sides of each slice.
Step 3: Place both slices of bread on the skillet.
Step 4: Once slices are lightly brown flip them over and place your cheese on each slice of bread.
Step 5:  Place the slices on top of each other with cheese touching; continue to lightly brown the bread remembering to flip.
Once both sides are brown enough to your liking enjoy!

It's grilled cheese and marijuana!  What is better then those two things together.

Source: CookingWithCannabis