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Fraud in the Romanian Parliament - 2010
By Admin (from 06/10/2010 @ 14:15:07, in en - Global Observatory, read 1998 times)

- The following video was broadcast by Romanian television channel Antena 3 on September 18, 2010 and is an excerpt from the official recording of September 15, 2010 session of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies (posted on www.cdep.ro).

- It clearly shows that the ruling party -- the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), member of the European Popular Party - committed a huge and blatant fraud while voting a new law of pension reform:

After the opposition parties left the room, in protest of how the voting was carried out, Mrs. Roberta Anastase, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, continued the vote, although in the room there were 76 deputies, which is far from the required quorum to pass an organic law (168 votes in favor).

- Although the Rules of the Chamber clearly state that the main voting system is the electronic vote, the Speaker used the vote by raising hands, and after each vote she announced the results after less than two-three seconds, inventing numbers of votes in favor or against, i.e. between 158 to 170, while in the plenary room there were not even 80 deputies.
- The video clearly shows that the Secretary of the session (in this case, PD-L Deputy Sever Voinescu -- sitting next to the Speaker) did not perform his duty, which was to count the votes -- in fact no one did - but this did not prevent the Speaker to announce numbers of votes necessary to pass the law, without even looking at the deputies present in the room.

Source: youtube.com