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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 12 - My Blind Date
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Dr. Cox announces that since midnight he hasn't had a patient in the ICU die. He plans on having a perfect 24 hour stretch where no patients die. He delegates most of the responsibilities to J.D., ignoring Elliot's request to help. Later, when J.D. is asked by Dr. Kelso and Ted to watch a social worker who slipped on a wet floor, J.D. asks Dr. Cox to give Elliot some responsibilities. After she gets yelled at for second guessing Dr. Cox, J.D. tells her that it is all right to second guess Dr. Cox, and that it makes her a better doctor. At 11:55pm, Elliot and Cox fail to resuscitate a patient, and he dies - spoiling the perfect game.


Meanwhile, as J.D. keeps Alex company during her MRI, the machine breaks and she gets trapped inside. They flirt, and J.D. wonders if she is cute or not. After getting no helpful answers from co-workers, he decides to take a chance and ask her out.


Turk and Carla argue while they help a patient, Mike Davis. Mike tells Carla that he thinks Turk is done with their relationship. As it turns out, Turk gets frustrated with Carla easily, but admits he loves her.

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