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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 14 - My Drug Buddy
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J.D. is enamored with his new girlfriend Alex, but they haven't had sex yet. Alex says she is ready, but first Turk and later Elliot interrupt just as J.D. and Alex start to get passionate. Dr. Kelso and Carla become friends while he drives her to work. At Carla's behest, Turk tries to become friends with Dr. Cox and they wind up on the same pee schedule. After some Percocet goes missing, Elliot accuses a recovering addict patient, while Alex defends him, putting J.D. in the middle. J.D. accuses Elliot of being jealous and tells her she had a chance with him, but she blew it. Elliot is hurt, even shouldering him at work.

In the end, Carla discovers that Dr. Kelso does what makes him happy and doesn't care what other people think, and this hits home when he drives through a puddle, splashing her rather than picking her up. Dr. Cox and Turk come to an understanding about Dr. Cox's crush on Carla. J.D. learns that Alex is the true thief, and when he apologizes to Elliot for accusing her of being jealous, she admits she was jealous. She then advances on him and they make out.

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