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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 15 - My Bed Banter & Beyond
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After spending an entire day together in bed, J.D. and Elliot decide to keep their rendezvous between them so gossip doesn't start. While talking about Elliot, J.D. tells The Todd that he should ask her out. She is repulsed by him, and J.D. uses it as a move to get her to make out in a supply closet, stairwell, rooftop, patient's room, and elevator. When Dr. Cox catches them kissing, he lets them know that everybody already knows and nobody cares. A week later J.D. makes a joke about sex with Elliot in front of Carla and Turk and Elliot gets upset and walks away from lunch. Yet another week later J.D. makes a joke and Elliot complains about him laughing at himself and calls him "not funny". At the bowling alley they have an argument and are sad that their relationship is not as perfect as Turk and Carla's. When Dr. Cox is ranting at Elliot about a mistake she made J.D. sides with Dr. Cox, further infuriating Elliot. This leads to an argument in the break room about J.D. worrying too much about getting people to like him. J.D. points out he has friends and she really doesn't. And Elliot walks out on him and the relationship.


Throughout the episode we see parts of the first day they spent in bed together. At 11:59pm they talk about how they think their relationship is going to be great.


Meanwhile, the entire Sacred Heart staff must be evaluated by a psychiatrist because Dr. Kelso signed them all up. They reveal why they wanted to become doctors, or nurses, and their feelings on love. Dr. Kelso talks about his wife, Dr. Cox talks about how he wanted to become a doctor "for the same four reasons everybody does: chicks, power, money and chicks",Turk and Carla talk about each other, and in the end J.D. and Elliot separately talk about relationships, sex, and how they are not in a relationship.

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