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Cells are Incredibly Smart: Intelligent Bacteria. VIDEO
By Admin (from 08/11/2010 @ 11:00:14, in en - Science and Society, read 1632 times)

For years I just sort of assumed that cells were self-reproducing blobs of protein. Maybe you did too. Turns out they’re way smarter than that. You will be amazed at this video. Dr. Bonnie Bassler from Princeton University presents a beautiful TED talk on how bacteria communicate with each other by forming words out of simple molecules.

She also explains…

  • How bacteria strategize together on how to ‘take down’ their host
  • Elegant systems of bioluminescence
  • Symbiotic relationships between organisms
  • Cells speak multiple languages

Enjoy this remarkable presentation.

Source: cosmicfingerprints.com

Further Reading: Nature Magazine on the sophisticated community behavior of Myxobacteria