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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 22 - My Occurrence
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Dr. Cox and a patient hug for a very long time. When the patient kisses him on the cheek, Dr. Cox stops the hug. J.D. walks in and it is revealed that the patient is Ben Sullivan, a good friend of Dr. Cox's. Ben has a nail shot straight through the hand stuck to a board and J.D. faints from all the blood. It turns out that Ben is Jordan's brother, but when she divorced Perry, Ben chose to like him more. Ben likes to take candid pictures of people, and Jordan doesn't like it. Turk is prepping for surgery but just as he is about to remove a testicle they notice the patient should be Jewish but isn't circumcised. Todd comes into the O.R. asking if there is a mix-up as their appendicitis patient doesn't have an appendix.


Jill Tracy is back at the hospital. She has been traveling since her last breakdown and she's engaged. This makes it easier for Elliot to mention that her vomiting and nausea is because she is pregnant. Jill is confused because she and her fiance haven't had sex yet. Jordan isn't happy that Ben is doing contractor work as he keeps on hurting himself. Dr. Cox and Ben want to go for a beer and they ask J.D. to come along, but as it turns out only as a driver.


Dr. Kelso makes it clear to Turk that accidents that nearly happened are not good for the hospital and the patient should never find out. Turk agrees to keep his mouth shut. Elliot races to Jill's room but Jill is already on the phone with her fiance explaining that she slept with other people. Elliot tells her there was a mix-up and she isn't actually pregnant. Playing pool at the bar, Perry notices that Ben's hand is still bleeding. Ben also says he cut himself shaving last week and it wouldn't stop bleeding. The two doctors notice the symptoms and take him back to the hospital. J.D.'s job is to get the test results back. When they finally come back, it turns out Ben has leukemia. He needs to bring the results to Ben and Perry but he thinks about how many mix-ups have happened in the hospital lately so he says they haven't come back yet. See the fantasies section of this article to see how this episode ends.

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