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SCRUBS - Season 1, Episode 23 - My Hero
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J.D. thinks Ben is depressed at learning he has leukemia when he can't find him in his room. He and Jordan find Ben playing with the children in the pediatric ward. But this cheerful bravado was just a front, and later, Jordan, J.D. and Ben are gathered glumly in Ben's hospital room. J.D. thinks they need some help to lift all their spirits. Dr. Cox strides into the room and tells Ben, Jordan and J.D. that if they pull together as a team they can help Ben beat the cancer. Ben's blast levels are dangerously high. Dr. Zeltzer, the oncologist, wants to start Ben on chemotherapy immediately. Ben expects Dr. Cox to be there at his first session, but Dr. Cox excuses himself. Ben is disappointed that Dr. Cox is letting him down. Ben goes through his first chemo session with Jordan by his side. J.D. goes to Dr. Cox's home to confront him for abandoning his patient. Dr. Cox says that Ben isn't a patient from whom he can distance himself, Ben is his friend.


Turk is upset that he didn't get to do the Whipple procedure. Bonnie Chang, Turk's competitive colleague, gets to do the procedure instead. Turk confronts Dr. Wen about the Whipple procedure, and insinuates that Bonnie only got the surgery because she and Dr. Wen are both Asian. Later, Turk apologizes to Dr. Wen who tells Turk that he doesn't have to be the cliche of the competitive surgeon. Turk, in a very competitive manner, then immediately asks Dr. Wen if he is indeed the best surgical intern. Dr. Wen tells him no, the best surgical intern, believe it or not, is The Todd, because The Todd doesn't over think anything and is always in the moment.

Dr. Kelso is very harsh on the interns during rounds. He thinks of it to himself as "tough love". Dr. Cox tells Dr. Kelso that all the interns hate him. Dr. Kelso tells Elliot he is sorry about the thing at rounds earlier, and hands her an evaluation form. He tells her the evaluations will be anonymous. Carla grabs the evaluation form from Elliot, eager for the opportunity to vent her anger against Dr. Kelso. Carla writes the evaluation with Elliot's approval. The evaluation that Carla writes is insulting and borderline obscene. Later they find out that Dr. Kelso didn't give evaluation forms to any of the other interns, only to Elliot. When Dr. Kelso confronts Elliot and asks her how she could write such filth, Carla starts to say something, but Elliot quickly covers for her and says she wrote it because she thought it would be anonymous and that she thought it was funny.


Dr. Cox, Ben, Turk, J.D. and Carla all sit by themselves, each one feeling very alone. Then each one decides to somehow suck it up and confront what's bothering them. Turk tells Dr. Wen that even though he may not be the best right now, his future is bright. Carla tells Dr. Kelso that she wrote the evaluation, not Elliot. Elliot tells Dr. Kelso what she really thinks of him: that he is mean. J.D. heads towards Ben's room to be supportive in Dr. Cox's absence, but finds Dr. Cox already sitting by Ben's bedside. Dr. Kelso is a little bit nicer to the interns during rounds. The chemotherapy ends up working for Ben and his leukemia goes into remission, and J.D. decides that even though he has flaws, Dr. Cox will always be a hero to him.

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