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Un studiu realizat de oameni de stiinta de la Universitatea Oxford (Marea Britanie) Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre din New York, SUA, si Institutul Rega din Belgia a aratat ca unele virusuri stravechi s-au multiplicat masiv în genomul mamiferelor, în masura atât de mare încât fenomenul ar putea fi comparat cu o epidemie.

Genomul uman poartă încă urmele unor virusuri străvechi

Aceste virusuri (numite retrovirusuri endogene) si-au pierdut capacitatea de a se transfera de la o celula la alta, lipsindu-le o gena responsabila de acest transfer; ele ramân în genomul unei celule, petrecându-si tot ciclul de viata acolo. Este un scenariu cu totul surprinzator pentru biologi, aducând în prim-plan ideea ca însusi ADN-ul uman este un mediu de trai si de evolutie pentru virusuri.

Cercetatorii au studiat ADN-ul a 38 de specii de mamifere, printre care soareci, sobolani, elefanti, delfini si oameni.

Ei au descoperiti un virus care a infectat un stramos al mamaiferelor în urma cu cca. 100 milioane de ani (ramasitele acestui virus fiind gasite la aproape toate speciile de mamifere studiate) si un altul care a infectat un stramos al primatelor, urmele sale fiind descoperite în genomul oamenilor si al maimutelor.

În acest moment se stiu prea putine lucruri despre efectul retrovirsurilor endogene asupra sanatatii.

Studiul lor ar putea fi util pentru întelegerea functiilor materialul genetic uman, din care doar 1,5% este implicat direct în procesele vietii organismului uman. Restul este reprezentat de asa-numitul AND "junk", fara o functie cunoscuta, si din ADN provenit de la virusuri si alti paraziti celulari patrunsi si integrati în celule în cursul evolutiei.

Unele portiuni de ADN viral din genomul uman au un rol important în organism - de exemplu, syncytina, o proteina derivata dintr-un virus, contribuie la dezvoltarea placentei.

Studiul ADN-ului de origine virala din celule ar putea face lumina într-o serie de procese, misterioase pâna în prezent, legate de evolutia infectiilor sau a unor boli precum cancerul.

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The vote of the European Parliament will be decisive for the future of ACTA. It has already been rejected by the Development, Civil Liberties, Legal Affairs, and Industry committees in the European Parliament, but the big votes are still to take place in the lead Trade committee and with the final Parliament vote. With pro-ACTA lobbying efforts rising by the day, this is no time to reduce the pressure.

All aspects of the opposition to ACTA deserve to be taken into consideration. Many points have been developed inside and outside the Parliament and argued as grounds to reject it. From the preservation of due process to the freedom to conduct business, from the freedom of expression to the protection of generic competition, we made a sample list and sought and gathered more reasons on our webpage.

The following are a list of 50 Reasons to Reject ACTA, gathered with your help, that we will use to convince our fellow MEPs.

  1. ACTA is bypassing international fora, such as WIPO and WTO, which is particularly worrying considering the magnitude of the issues it is dealing with.
  2. ACTA was negotiated in a totally non transparent way, which is unacceptable considering the impact the agreement may have on citizens.
  3. ACTA establishes the ACTA committee in Article 36 as its own governing body which could lead to amendments of the agreement without any democratic control.
  4. ACTA encourages a climate of relegation of the concerns of the public and of public interests that is counterproductive.
  5. ACTA threatens the balance of copyright legislations.
  6. ACTA locks us into an approach, when we don't know what will be, for instance, the technological evolution in the future.
  7. ACTA can lead to the criminalisation of not-for-profit sharing.
  8. ACTA encourages the targeting of technical intermediaries to be forced to remove material from the Internet, something that presently requires a court order.
  9. ACTA imposes liability rules that will reduce the flexibility of European countries regarding limitation to remedies allowed by the TRIPS agreement to the disadvantage of EU companies, and particularly SMEs.
  10. ACTA never mentions fundamental rights, when it clearly could jeopardise some of them and constitutes an offensive against the vision set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  11. ACTA has no provision on freedom on expression, when it can be used by governments and authorities to harm it.
  12. ACTA threatens the protection of personal data (art 27.4), which in the case of dissidents, journalists, etc. opens the door to possible punishment and repression.
  13. ACTA encourages (including in art. 27.3 and 27.4) measures that in many ways involve a form of monitoring of individual's use of the Internet.
  14. ACTA can lead to the recording of personal data of Internet users (as they are defined by Art 2 of the Data Protection Directive 95/4/EC).
  15. ACTA is a breach by corporate action to the right of privacy, to data protection, and to the confidentiality of communications, protected by Art 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and art 7 and 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.
  16. ACTA endangers freedom of expression.
  17. ACTA establishes legal uncertainties on many levels (art 19) which understandably generates fears from individuals as well as from businesses.
  18. ACTA leaves key terms undefined and open to interpretation ("commercial scale", "aiding and abetting", etc).
  19. ACTA imposes criminal sanctions (for "aiding and abetting") that are highly problematic.
  20. ACTA allows criminalisation to encompass trivial copyright infringement out of proportion and unreasonable in the face of most national legislation.
  21. ACTA will have a high cost of maintenance, which in itself is questionable from the point of view of government expenditure, especially in the context of the current economic crisis.
  22. ACTA allows the search of details of internet users in breach of due process.
  23. ACTA allows pre-emptive sanction, before due process and therefore erodes the rule of law.
  24. ACTA does not guarantee fair trials.
  25. ACTA favours assumption about infringement, but public action cannot be taken based on assumption and biased information given by the industry.
  26. ACTA creates uncertainty for SMEs in ICT sectors that puts them at risk.
  27. ACTA allows statutory damages which opens the door to litigation and the risk of large and out of proportion payments.
  28. ACTA assumes that one copy equals one lost sale, which is an improper and misleading way to approach both copying and its impacts on business.
  29. ACTA gives increasing power to large rights holders against smaller ones and SMEs.
  30. ACTA does not encompass measures to avoid or sanction abuses from rights holders when it allows action irrespective of whether claims are legitimate or not.
  31. ACTA raises serious competition problems.
  32. ACTA weakens SMEs and their capacity to take part to innovation.
  33. ACTA jeopardises the multi-stakeholder process in Internet governance that allowed for its success.
  34. ACTA paves the way to a balkanisation of the Internet.
  35. ACTA is far from being limited to counterfeiting, contrary to the impression that the name of the agreement gives.
  36. ACTA fuels the confusion between counterfeiting and patent infringement with a clear risk of decreasing access to generic drugs.
  37. ACTA does not tackle the real problem of sub-standard medicines while lauding ineffective and dangerous actions in the name of health protection.
  38. ACTA is misleading for policy makers as it creates a hodgepodge, lumping together of different notions and rights that should not be treated the same way.
  39. ACTA could affect the whole supply chain of medicines in developing countries (third party liability can include the whole generic supply chain).
  40. ACTA targets transit goods which creates an untenable situation from the point of view of trade rules.
  41. ACTA mandates ex officio action at a lower standard of proof than TRIPS, such as ex officio border seizure.
  42. ACTA escalates border seizure requirements while reducing safeguards.
  43. ACTA allows countries to rely on customs officials to perform complex adjudications on IPR issues at the border that they cannot properly exert.
  44. ACTA can potentially greatly expand the number of cases of trademark misuse: one could meet the ACTA definition of a crime by intentionally importing a good with a counterfeit label, even if that person did not intentionally create or use the counterfeit label itself.
  45. ACTA will have a chilling effect on generic competition, and therefore consequences for access to medicines.
  46. ACTA can threaten anybody being in transit with medicines in his/her luggage (5d).
  47. ACTA threatens to prevent the development of news business models.
  48. ACTA overprotects old business models.
  49. ACTA imposes stronger restrictions on the trade in seeds which will threaten future biodiversity and further the corporate cartelisation of the food supply.
  50. ACTA is not legally binding in the US while it will be in the EU if ratified
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"Nel 2013 ci troveremo di fronte a tre scelte: votare i partiti, non ho detto centro-sinistra o centro-destra, ho detto il sistema dei partiti, certo ci sono delle differenze, ma oggi i partiti sono accomunati dall’essere parte di questa logica. L’unica scelta alternativa, lo dico con dispiacere per le persone per bene presenti nel sistema dei partiti, è il MoVimento Cinque Stelle. Non c’è alcun dubbio. Oppure una terza scelta, non partecipare al voto, che con l'attuale situazione può essere pericolosa, ma lecita in un sistema democratico. Queste sono le tre scelte possibili, non ne vedo altre. I partiti stanno facendo di tutto perché la scelta non sia comunque quella del sistema dei partiti." Willer Bordon

Il Passaparola di Willer Bordon, politico italiano.

Willer bordon X legislatura.jpg

Già sindaco di Muggia (TS), è stato eletto per la prima volta alla Camera dei deputati nel 1987 per il Partito Comunista Italiano, poi iscritto contemporaneamente al Partito Radicale.
Č anche stato un esponente del Partito Democratico della Sinistra, nato dalla trasformazione del PCI.
Nel 1993, con Ferdinando Adornato, uscì dal PDS per aderire al nuovo partito politico di centrosinistra Alleanza Democratica, fondato da Mario Segni.
Dopo che nel corso del tempo AD si disfece, Bordon ne rimase a capo, per poi farla confluire nel 1996 in Unione Democratica. Nel frattempo fu sottosegretario ai Beni Culturali durante il governo Prodi I, Ministro dei Lavori Pubblici durante il governo D'Alema II e Ministro dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio durante il Governo Amato II.

Bordon nel 1998 partecipò anche alla fondazione dell'Italia dei Valori di Antonio Di Pietro, e nel 1999 de I Democratici. Confluì insieme a I Democratici ne La Margherita: nel 2001 venne eletto al Senato ed è stato capogruppo del suo partito per la XIV legislatura.

Alle elezioni politiche del 2006 è stato rieletto al Senato.
Nel settembre del 2007 lascia la Margherita e con il senatore Roberto Manzione fonda una nuova Unione Democratica, in protesta contro il Partito Democratico da loro considerato sommatoria di partiti. Due mesi dopo il suo partito avvia una collaborazione stretta con i Liberal Democratici di Lamberto Dini ed altri fuoriusciti della Margherita.

Il 25 novembre 2007, firmando un "contratto con gli Italiani" a Crozza Italia su La7, ha promesso che il 16 gennaio 2008, giorno del suo compleanno, si sarebbe dimesso da senatore. In tale data, infatti, Bordon ha presentato le sue dimissioni al Presidente del Senato in carica, Franco Marini.

« Il mio non è un atto di rassegnazione, né tantomeno un gesto aventiniano, ma un atto forte di testimonianza di chi sente il dovere di difendere le istituzioni dalla deriva di sfiducia che investe la politica. »
(Willer Bordon)

Alle successive Elezioni politiche del 2008, presenta il suo movimento, unito ai Consumatori Uniti di Bruno De Vita, ottenendo lo 0,25% dei voti.

Nel 2012 approda al Movimento 5 Stelle.

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Il FT ha pubblicato la mia risposta: "Internet movement promises real democracy for Italy".

"Gentile editore, ho letto l'articolo di Beppe Severgnini su di me e sul MoVimento 5 Stelle, L'articolo è un attacco deliberato a un movimento democratico che rappresento. Il M5S non ha "soluzioni semplicistiche a problemi complessi", ma un programma completo discusso in Rete per mesi e pubblicato on line sul sito Qualunque giornalista può leggerlo, persino Beppe Severgnini. Io sono stato comparato a Benito Mussolini, un dittatore. Questo per me è offensivo. Il M5S è accusato di essere "populismo 2.0". E' esattamente l'opposto.

In Italia, i partiti politici hanno occupato ogni spazio nell'industria, nelle banche, nei media, ecc. Noi viviamo ormai in una partitocrazia, non più in una democrazia. Al contrario dei partiti politici, il M5S ha rifiutato ogni finanziamento pubblico. Alcune proiezioni lo valutano seconda forza politica con il 20% dei voti dopo solo due anni e mezzo dalla sua fondazione. Il M5S ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo di una vera democrazia e consentire ai cittadini di essere coinvolti in ogni decisione che li riguarda senza l'intermediazione dei partiti. Lo spirito del M5S può essere riassunto in due parole; trasparenza e partecipazione, entrambi possibili grazie alla diffusione di Internet. In futuro spero di leggere sul suo prestigioso giornale articoli più qualificati ed obiettivi sulla politica italiana."

Beppe Grillo, Genova, Italia

"Sir, I’ve read your June 5 Comment piece “The chirruping allure of Italy’s Jiminy Cricket”, talking about myself and the Italian Five Star Movement.
The article is a deliberate attack on the democratic movement that I represent. The Five Star Movement does not have “simplistic solutions to difficult problems”, but a complete programme that has been discussed on the internet for months and published online at Any journalist can read it, even Beppe Severgnini. I have been compared to Benito Mussolini, a dictator. To me, this is an outrage.
The Five Star Movement is accused of being “Populism 2.0”. It is exactly the opposite.

In Italy, the political parties have occupied every space in industry, in the banks, in the media, etc. We live in a partitocracy, not in a democracy any more.
Unlike the political parties, the Five Star Movement has refused any public financing. It is actually predicted to be the second political force in Italy with 20 per cent of the votes, after only two and a half years since it came into being. It has the goal of achieving a real democracy and of giving the opportunity to citizens to be involved in any decision that affects their life without the intermediation of the parties.

The spirit of the Five Star Movement can be summarised in two words: transparency and participation, both possible thanks to the diffusion of the internet.
In the future I hope to read more qualified and objective articles with reference to Italian politics in your prestigious newspaper."

Beppe Grillo, Genoa, Italy

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Indiferent cât de dureroase sunt regretele, oamenii de stiinta sustin ca acestea ne pot ajuta sa luam decizii mai bune în viitor. Totusi, ultimele studii au scos la iveala faptul ca, odata cu vârsta, este bine sa renuntam la regrete pentru a avea parte de o îmbatrânire linistita.

Pentru a afla daca acest fenomen ajuta cu adevarat la îmbunatatirea sanatatii emotionale, specialistii au analizat imaginile obtinute prin scanarea creierelor a trei grupuri de oameni (unul format din tineri cu vâsta medie de 25 de ani, altul din adulti deprimati si un altul din adulti clinic sanatosi).

A fost descoperit secretul unei bătrâneţi senine

Voluntarii au jucat un joc video unde trebuiau sa deschida cutii. Deschiderea unora dintre cutii era recompensata cu premii în bani, iar deschiderea altora facea ca jocul sa se sfârseasca fara ca participantul sa primeasca vreun ban. Dupa fiecare deschidere a unei cutii, participantii aveau posibilitatea de a opri jocul sau de a continua. La sfârsitul fiecarei runde, toate cutiile se deschideau, permitând subiectilor sa vada ce ar fi putut sa mai câstige.

Atunci când tinerii si adultii depresivi au descoperit ca au pierdut sansa de a câstiga o suma si mai mare de bani, acestia au riscat mai mult în runda urmatoare a jocului. Cu toate acestea, adultii clinic sanatosi nu si-au schimbat cu adevarat comportamentul.

Observând ca adultii deprimati s-au comportat la fel ca cei tineri, cercetatorii sustin ca, pentru bunastarea noastra emotionala, procesul de adaptare la schimbare si înlaturare a regretelor pare sa fie esential.

În mod similar, observatiile facute cu ajutorul tehnicilor de imagistica au demonstrat ca anumite zone ale creierului unui adult deprimat functioneaza la fel ca cele ale unui tânar, pe când cele ale adultilor sanatosi au modele de functionare specifice, care indica faptul ca acestia au mai putine regrete.

Cercetarea sugereaza ca adultii sanatosi ar putea recurge la strategii mentale pentru a evita regretul, gândindu-se ca rezultatele jocului la care au participat tin de noroc. La polul opus, adultii deprimati tind sa se învinovateasca pentru pierderi. În acest context, specialistii spun ca, pentru a ne mentine un nivel ridicat al sanatatii emotionale, am putea apela la aceste strategii mentale, încercând sa eliminam regretele legate de ceea ce ar fi putut fi.

Sursa: Live Science - via

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Joe Rogan was the host of the hugely successful reality show, “Fear Factor,” for six seasons on NBC. Prior to “Fear Factor”, Rogan played Joe Garrelli, the resident electrician on the hit NBC comedy series “NewsRadio.”

Since 2002, Rogan has provided color commentary for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on Pay Per View and Spike Television and also hosts the syndicated show, “UFC Wired.” Rogan’s passion for MMA began with martial arts practice at the age of 13. Within two years, the Boston native earned a black belt and soon became the Massachusetts full contact Tae Kwon Do champion four consecutive years. By the age of 19, Rogan won the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship and as lightweight champion went on to beat both the middle and heavyweight title-holders to obtain the Grand Championship.

Rogan’s other true love is standup comedy. As a standup comedian for nearly 20 years Joe Rogan has honed an inquisitive and intense comedic style. He exudes a mad joy for life in all its insanity and revels in the art of standup comedy to explore the world with raw honesty. This has made him a national headliner, a favorite performer at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In 2000, Rogan released his debut comedy album, “I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday,” on Warner Bros. Records. In April of 2007 he released a follow-up CD, “Shiny Happy Jihad” on Comedy Central Records. Rogan’s debut DVD “Joe Rogan Live” aired on Showtime in the spring of 2007.

Rogan resides in Los Angeles and regularly performs stand-up locally and nationally.

Joseph James "Joe" Rogan (born August 11, 1967) is an American martial artist, stand-up comedian, actor, writer and color commentator. He is best known for playing Joe Garrelli on the NBC sitcom NewsRadio, commentating for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, hosting the NBC reality show Fear Factor and The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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E' quanto emerge da un accordo sottoscritto dalle Poste Italiane e quattro organizzazioni sindacali (UilPoste, Failp-Cisal, ConfsalCom e UglCom) che prevede un taglio di 140 euro di bonus alle future mamme che si assentano dal proprio posto di lavoro per portare a termine la gravidanza. Un colpo magistrale reso possibile dal “ solito passaggio formale” e di cui non occorre stupirsi più di tanto considerato ormai l'appoggio incondizionato delle forze sindacali e della "sinistra che fu" alle sciagurate cure del Dr. Monti.

E pensare che solo qualche anno fa le Poste Italiane avevano ricevuto il "Bollino Rosa S.O.N.O. – Stesse Opportunità Nuove Opportunità", promosso dal Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale.

L'immediata protesta scritta di Cgil e Cisl inviata alla Ministra Crudelia Demon Fornero e firmata da Barbara Apuzzo (Coordinamento nazionale Donne Slc Cgil) e da Caterina Gaggio (Coordinamento nazionale Donne Sip Cisl), spegne ogni residua fiammella di speranza a chi ancora crede nella forza contrattuale dell'attuale dirigenza sindacale.

Nella lettera , infatti, non si chiede alla Fornero di rendere nullo l'ignobile accordo ma "di revocare l’immeritato riconoscimento e di voler considerare la gravità dell’atto compiuto in termini di ‘cattivo esempio’ per quelle aziende che, pur non essendo paragonabili per storia, dimensioni e risorse a Poste Italiane, contribuiscono ogni giorno ad una reale valorizzazione delle politiche di Pari Opportunità".

Siamo alle comiche finali...

Autore: Hank Aleno - Fonte:

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Reusita este considerata de cercetatori un prim pas spre un viitor în care persoanele imobilizate în caruciorul cu rotile vor putea interactiona cu mediul înconjurator cu ajutorul asa-numitelor „avataruri”.

Extraordinar: un robot-avatar poate fi controlat cu gândul de la o distanţă de 100 km! (VIDEO)

Experimente similare au avut loc în SUA si în Germania, dar la acestea fie au participat persoane care nu erau paralizate, fie necesitau implanturi cerebrale, ce implica o procedura medicala invaziva.

Cercetatorii de la Institutul Federal de Tehnologie din Lausanne au folosit o casca cu ajutorul careia au înregistrat semnalele cerebrale ale lui Mark-Andre Duc, un pacient aflat la un spital din Sion, un oras aflat la 100 de kilometri departare.

Gândurile lui Duc – mai exact, semnalele electrice emise de creierul sau atunci când îsi imagina ca ridica degetele paralizate – au fost decodate instantaneu de un laptop aflat în camera. Instructiunile rezultate erau comunicate catre un robot aflat la 100 de kilometri distanta, în laboratorul din Lausanne. Robotul-avatar se deplasa în functie de comenzile transmise de Duc cu ajutorul gândurilor.

Duc este partial tetraplegic, pierzând controlul asupra picioarelor si degetelor sale în urma unei cazaturi. Pacientul a declarat ca, într-o zi buna, controlarea robotului cu ajutorul gândului este relativ usor. „Este ceva mai dificil atunci când am dureri”, a explicat el.

Principala problema în a controla robotii-avatar o reprezinta „parazitii” din fundal, ce apar atunci când pacientul simte durere sau atunci când nu este atent la sarcina. Creierul uman este capabil sa efectueze mai multe sarcini simultan, însa o persoana paralizata trebuie sa se concentreze tot timpul la controlarea avatarului. „Mai devreme sau mai târziu, pacientul îsi pierde atentia, iar acest lucru va duce la degradarea semnalului”, a explicat Jose Millan, coordonatorul echipei de cercetatori.

Pentru a evita aceasta problema, oamenii de stiinta au decis sa programeze computerul pentru a decoda semnalele cerebrale într-un mod asemanator subconstientului din creierul uman. Astfel, atunci când computerul receptioneaza comanda „mergi înainte”, acesta o va executa pâna în momentul în care va primi comanda „stop” sau pâna când robotul va întâlni un obstacol.

Robotul reprezinta un progres fata de un proiect mai vechi, ce permitea pacientilor sa controleze cu gândul un carucior electric.

Folosind un robot dotat cu o camera si cu un ecran, pacientii paralizati îsi pot extinde prezenta virtuala în locuri în care nu pot ajunge cu caruciorul, precum o galerie de arta sau o nunta ce are loc în strainatate.

Millan a spus ca dispozitivul a fost testat în casele pacientilor, dar nu este înca la fel de usor de folosit ca anumite gadgeturi disponibile în comert, precum casca MindFlex, ce permite controlarea unei jucarii cu ajutorul semnalelor electrice din creier.

„În câtiva ani, vom reusi si acest lucru”, promite Millan.

Sursa: Associated Press - via

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It's baked in the cake. Preparations began months ago. Regime change plans are longstanding. The road to Tehran runs through Damascus.

Washington runs everything. It controls the process. At stake is regional dominance. Key also is shutting out Russia and China.

War is the strategy of choice when other methods fail. Insurgent attacks won't oust Assad. Increasingly war looks likely. Only its timing is unknown.

For months, regional states, including Israel, have been supplying insurgents with weapons. They're entering cross border. Lebanon's Khamat Airport is used. It borders Syria. It underwent reconstruction for reasons other than commercial development.

Retired Lebanese General Amin Khteit explained months earlier. He said official reasons for using the airport belie its real purpose. "(P)roven reports" say its a "transshipment base" to supply Syrian insurgents with weapons.

On June 10, Haaretz headlined "Netanyahu: Assad slaughtering Syrian civilians with the aid of Iran, Hezbollah," saying:

On Sunday, he accused Assad of carrying out recent massacres. "We see horrid pictures of children and the elderly."

"The massacre is not only carried out by the Syrian government, but is also aided by Iran and Hezbollah. The world must see this axis of evil so everyone would understand in what world we live in."

Like Obama and top US officials, Neyanyahu is a serial liar and war criminal multiple times over.

Earlier Sunday, Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz also pointed fingers at Assad. He accused Russia of arming him. He called for direct military intervention.

Earlier, Israeli officials stayed mostly silent. Going public may prove significant. Hindsight will explain more than now known.

War winds have blown for months. Now they're reaching gale force. Direct intervention could come any time.

On June 11, Press TV headlined "Israel engages in publicity stunt to encourage military intervention in Syria," saying Likud party MK Ayood Kara claimed:

"....(R)ecent reports indicated that the armed groups fighting against the Syrian government have found access to and plan to use chemical weapons, acquired from Libya."

"According to a June 10 report by Russia Today, the armed rebels plan to use the chemical weapons against civilians and then attempt to blame Damascus for the atrocity."

Another same day Press TV report explained that Israeli planes are "smuggling weapons into Iraq's Kurdistan region...." They're transshipped to Syria with Qatari help.

President Massoud Barzani is involved. He's "facilitat(ing) the operations of illegal Israeli firms in the region."

Washington is training Al Qaeda elements in European countries. They're sent to Syria to commit violence.

On Press TV, this writer pointed fingers the right way. America bears full responsibility. At issue is replacing Assad with a pro-Western puppet regime.

US, UK, and other foreign special forces are involved. They're training, arming, funding, and directing insurgent strikes. So are CIA and MI6 operatives. Pro-Assad loyalists are targeted as well as strategic sites. Direct intervention approaches.

On May 27, London Guardian writer Patrick Seale headlined "In Syria, this is no plan for peace," saying:

"After the Houla massacre, it's clear that outside funding of the anti-Assad rebels is undermining efforts to end the conflict."

Unless stopped, Seale predicts "full-scale civil war." Western-sponsored insurgency to topple Assad is more accurate.

War will destroy Syria, he said. It "could destabilize the whole Levant." Assad's waging a battle for survival.

Separately he asked "What Is US Game Plan?" Drone attacks build "fierce anti-American sentiment...." Peace initiatives are sabotaged. Instead of engaging Iran responsibly, confrontational policies continue. Syrian violence increasingly spins more out of control.

"So what is Obama up to?" He adopted Israel's hardline view on most everything. Instead of solving problems, he escalates them. He pays lip service to one thing but does another.

He "embraced the argument of Israeli hawks and American neoconservatives that (toppling Assad) is the best way to weaken and isolate" Iran, "sever its ties to" Hezbollah and "Palestinian resistance movements, and eventually bring about a regime change in Tehran."

Obama, in fact, had these views throughout his tenure. He replicates America's most hardline elements. He's waging more direct and proxy wars than any US president in history.

He itches for more. He abhors peace, calm and stability. Syria is target one, then Iran, followed by other states to be named later. No end game whatever is in sight. Perpetual conflicts continue. So does mass killing and destruction.

It's shocking how few Americans understand what's going on and how it affects them directly.

On June 11, the Mossad DEBKAfile (DF) headlined "Obama speeds up limited air strike, no fly-zones preparations for Syria," saying:

He ordered "the US Navy and Air Force to accelerate preparations for a limited air offensive against the Assad regime and the imposition of no-fly zones over Syria..."

Strategy involves destroying "Assad's central regime and military command centers...."

So-called limited air attacks and no fly zones mean full scale war. Libyan-style mass killing and destruction will follow.

DF also said rebels will be supplied with greater amounts of arms and munitions. Enhanced professional training will be provided. At issue is ousting Assad more quickly.

How Moscow and Beijing react remains unclear. Both countries have vital regional interests. Losing them is unacceptable.

On June 10, Voice of Russia quoted Russian political analyst Georgi Mirsky, saying:

"The rebels are hoping to secure Western air support of their armed campaign against the Syrian government. Safe havens would be established, used by the Free Syrian Army as well as fleeing civilians."

"The Syrian army would have to attack these FSA bases, triggering an opposition appeal to the United Nations. Russia and China, however, would certainly block any intervention motion."

"NATO would probably intervene on its own, launching a massive air campaign. And once started, this new NATO war would draw in Iran."

According to Moscow-based Arab Studies Centre regional expert Boris Dolgov:

"The armed rebels are the main destabilizing force in Syria. During our January visit to that country, we found out that they do not have popular support."

"The majority of the Syrian people support President Assad and his reforms, which include the adoption of a new constitution and the introduction of multiparty democracy."

"Importantly, Syria has already held multiparty elections and formed a broad-based government. The Syrian opposition, however, is after toppling the Assad regime. It continues to stubbornly decline any dialogue with it."

Iran's FARS news agency said insurgents plan using chemical weapons smuggled from Libya. At issue is blaming Assad as a pretext for war.

FARS also reported Qatar's involvement with Israel in transshipping weapons to insurgents. Syrian security forces "discovered a large cache of weapons, explosives and ammunitions piled up and used by terrorist groups."

"(M)aterial is being stockpiled in Damascus, in Idlib near the Turkish border, and in Zabadani on the Lebanese border."

On Al-Manar Satellite channel, Lebanon's Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn said weapons smuggling continues illegally across his country's borders into Syria.

Tripoli is a base. "The armed men, coming from Turkey, Iraq and other parts, running away from Syria inflame Tripoli and Lebanon in general in implementation for premeditated schemes," he added.

Lebanon's army is doing what it can against elements destabilizing the country.

Earlier, Lebanon's navy seized a cargo ship carrying heavy machine guns, artillery shells, rockets, rocket launchers, and other explosives.

Its crew was arrested. It got permission to enter Tripoli. It originated from Libya. En route, it docked at Alexandria, Egypt. Other weapons caches were also interdicted. Large supplies are sent Syrian insurgents regularly.

On June 11, Now Lebanon headlined "Israel says Syria has the world's biggest chemical arsenal," saying:

Israeli General Staff Deputy Chief, Major General Yair Naveh claims Syrian chemical weapons, missiles and rockets can strike "any part of Israeli territory."

His remarks were broadcast Monday over Israeli military radio. He claimed Assad won't be restrained from attacking Israel. He said Syria stockpiled sarin and other nerve gas weapons.

On Sunday, the Syrian National Council (SNC) appointed a new leader. Former head Burhan Ghalioun was forced out.

Kurdish academic Abdelbaset Sayda replaced him. He lived in exile in Sweden. He told reporters at a news conference:

"We will expand and extend the base of the council so it will take on its role as an umbrella under which all the opposition will seek shade."

At issue is enlisting anti-Assad support from Syria's 1.5 million Kurds. Throughout the conflict, they've been largely neutral. He has no links to Syrian Kurds. Neither do most other SNC members. Whether the scheme works remains unclear.

Prominent dissident Fawaz Tello ended his SNC affiliation last year. At issue was Ghalioun's autocratic leadership. He said Syrian Kurds don't support Sayda.

He added that SNC members who resigned consider him weak and ineffective. "They never considered him as a candidate," they said. He doesn't represent Kurds, they claimed.

Ankara-based Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM) Syrian expert Oytun Orhan agreed, saying:

Sayda "does not represent the Kurds in the SNC. He is an independent member." He has no base among Syria's Kurdish population.

He was a compromise choice. One reason he was chosen "was to gain the support of the Kurds. From the very beginning, Kurds did not seriously participate (in) the opposition movement."

Kurdish SNC members dispute openly with other group members over issues vital to them. They deeply resent Sunni Arab SNC dominance. They support interests harming Kurdish interests.

Oytun added that it's hard imagining Kurdish political parties are happy about Sayda's appointment. What he can accomplish seems doubtful.

What's ahead for Syria appears clearer. Obama wants more war intends to get it. More mass killing and destruction will follow. It's how ugly imperialism always works.


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In independent tests, a new world record efficiency of 10.7 percent was achieved for the company's latest tandem organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells ... and 15 percent may be just a few years away.

Organic solar cells are cheaper to produce, lighter and more flexible than traditional silicon-based solar cells, and therefore have a wider range of applications.

Heliatek has set a world record efficiency with its latest organic solar technology

The downside is that the efficiency rate of OPV cells is still much lower than inorganic solar cells, which are around 15 - 20 percent efficient (though that number is growing).

The organic solar tandem cells developed by Heliatek incorporate small organic molecules called oligomers, which are deposited into the thin layers of solar film using a low temperature, roll-to-roll vacuum process.

“This enables us to literally engineer the cell architecture to systematically improve efficiency and lifetime.” Says Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, co-founder and CTO of Heliatek.

In tests conducted by accredited testing facility SGS, the efficiency of the OPV cell was measured in standard testing conditions which resulted in the record 10.7 percent efficiency on 1.1 cm˛.

The technology also performed well in low light and high temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius. The results at low light showed that the OPV cell’s efficiency not only remained constant, but actually increased. The efficiency was 15% higher at an irradiation of 100 W/m˛, compared with the efficiency measured at 1000 W/m˛. The tests also found that when efficiency was measured at high temperatures it remained constant.

These measurements are surprising when compared to inorganic solar cells, which lose 15 to 20 percent efficiency when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Heliatek says these findings add up to a higher harvesting factor under real life conditions than crystalline and thin film solar technologies.

“Thanks to the close cooperation between our research teams in chemistry and physics, we are now on our path to achieving 15 percent efficiency within the next few years,” says CEO of Heliatek, Thibaud Le Séguillon.

The company’s first roll-to-roll manufacturing line in Dresden which is due to go into production in late 2012.

Source: Gizmag - via

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